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Anti-Scenester w/in 10 mins of Santana Row?

Campbell Ave has some good options and may be a good antdote to Santana Row. I like La Pizzeria and Olio Cafe.

Santana Row
355 Santana Row, San Jose, CA 95128

La Pizzeria
373 E Campbell Ave, Campbell, CA 95008

Best Bang for the Buck in SF

For lunch if it's a nice day pick up something at Sentinel and eat outside - there are lots of options downtown e.g. the roof of the Crocker Galleria.

Crocker Galleria
360 Degree Gourmet Burrito, San Francisco, CA 94102

3 day food itinerary in San Fran - how does it look?

Great itinerary,
Thurs lunch - for a taste of old San Francisco, go to Sams or Tadich's. If you'd rather go upscale Vietnamese - make a reservation at Slanted Door. If you want to make it quick pick up - sandwiches at Sentinel and go sit outside at the Crocker Galleria.
Thursday dinner - since you're from Chicago - I'd probably go with Chinatown over pizza - R&G Lounge would be my pick.
Friday dinner - Zuni is such a tradition in San Francisco - you should check it out. To me when touristing - eating out is not just about the food and the chef, it's also about the places that give you a feel for the food culture of a city - that's Zuni.
Sat dinner - Aziza is a great pick.

Great SF Lunch Spot - Somewhere between Powell and Embarcadero

For a change of scene I'd suggest Chez Papa or 54 Mint on Mint Plaza

Dessert after Wicked?

For Friday or Sat night Cav would work

Dinner Suggestions and Safe Walking to Golden Gate Theater

Re: safety - I've been a Best of Broadway subscriber for years, so go to lots of shows at the the Golden Gate - you'll be fine walking to and from the Powell Street station.

Before shows I've dined at 54 Mint, Chez Papa, Fish and Farm, Sultan, Farmer Brown and Fifth Floor. I'd happily return to any of them, with FIsh and Farm and 54 Mint being my 2 favorites.
I really enjoyed 54 Mint the 2 times I've been there. Before the show we told the waiter we had an 8 pm curtain -and he got us out in plenty of time.

2010 San Francisco Dine Around Town - feedback

Saw a posting here and just confirmed with the restaurant that DAT isn't over at the Fifth Floor. Having dinner there on Wednesday night.

Delfina, 54 Mint, or Bar Bambino

The good news - you really can't go wrong with any of your choices. The food and atmosphere at all 3 are great. Bar Bambino probably has the most extensive winelist - so if you want to indulge in some high end Italian wine - that's your pick. 54 Mint has a much shorter wine list, and less expensive/well known choices. Have fun!

San Jose wine shops?

Should you be interested in French wine, the French Cellar in Los Gatos is worth a stop.

Best SF restaurant for 25th anniversary dinner

For a romantic special celebration I would go to Boulevard. It's always a wonderful experience - food, atmosphere, service. For a high end dinner with my foody friends where we spend a lot of money on wine and talk about food and wine non stop - I would go to Coi. Congrats on reaching your 25th anniversary.

Bar with TV/sports or sports bar help in SF?.

Try Pete's Tavern on King St across from Pac Bell Park.

Two Tucsonans Staying at the Triton, visiting the Castro

Re: coffee - it doesn't open until 7 am - but I recommend Blue Bottle Cafe @ Mint Plaza, a short walk from the Triton.
The Sentinel opens at 7.30 am, it is take out only but everything they make is amazing and downtown there are lots of plazas to sit in on a nice day and enjoy your breakfast or lunch.

For the romantic dinner - suggest Gitane. Convenient to your hotel, a new restaurant you wouldn't have been to before, great wine list and food and wonderful atmosphere.

Thursday Breakfast near Skyharbor with adult beverages

Have a group of 8 friends flying in at different times in the am for Spring Training. The last arrival is renting a mini-van and will come collect us and drive us to Scottsdale. Looking for a breakfast place to congregate near the airport that at least has a wine/beer license.
We'll be celebrating the first Giants/Dodgers game in the Cactus League. So far Taylor's Cafe seems to be the closest I could fine. Would welcome any other suggestions. Thanks

Feb 24, 2009
Trevallon in Phoenix

DC Hound Seeks Help: 5 nights in SF/Napa?

Given you're coming from DC and there is so much good food there - I'm sticking to places that I think are unique in SF.
With 3 nights of dinners AND knowing you're going to French Laundry - my picks would be Bar Crudo, Aziza and Slanted Door. If the weather is good while you're here, recommend you pick up breakfast or lunch at Sentinel and grab a bench outside to enjoy it. If you're wine tasting in Napa - Taylor's Refreshers is a fun quick lunch. Enjoy!

What would you add or subtract from the Chron Top 100 List?

I would add Gitane. As for Chow - I think they do a great job for delivery quality at that price point.. If this was a quality price ratio listing I'd give them high marks and add Small She Flat Breads in Mill Valley to the list. But for a straight top 100, don't think they belong on the same list as places like Coi.

Help getting started with a visit to Napa

Would agree with teejaymoore that part of the Napa versus Sonoma decision is your price point. If you're ok with Per Se prices and want really fine dining and great wines to celebrate your 40th I would go with Napa.

If you're serious on trying specific Napa wines, check out the wineries you're interested and make appointments for tastings when necessary to taste the better wines. For wines you can't taste at the winery - check out restaurant wine lists on line and visit a few wine stores. Calwine has a nice selection 1215 Silverado Trail Napa

Good Margaritas and Mexican food... Mission District? [San Francisco]

San Francisco isn't known for it's Mexican food. It does have the biggest selection of tequila found outside of Mexico and the most consistently good margarita's I have ever encountered at Tommy's. The food... not so much of a draw. But the Carne Asade is good and once you've had 3 Tommy's margarita''re just going to need food to sober up.

quirky, good, sustainable and near Nob Hill?

You're on top of a steep hill at the Fairmont and surrounded by high end restaurants where I wouldn't take an infant. Think the best way to find what you're looking for is to hop in a cab. If you're open to cabbing it - I would suggest Chez Spencer. It's a lovely restaurant that fits all your other criteria - and is very child friendly.

LA Hound's First Time in SF (aka "Help!")

Near the Four Seasons is Amber India, a more refined dressy take on Indian food. Worth checking out.
Agreed with RWOrgange's suggestion of Tadich's - it's a San Francisco classic, other options would be Sam's, or John's Grill.
Also second the suggestion of Aziza for something unique.
Enjoy your visit.

Good place in SF for a nightcap?

Sounds like Liverpool Lils might do the trick. Very cozy, full bar

Liverpool Lil's
2942 Lyon St, San Francisco, CA

Great Dinner at Gitane

A few weeks ago the Chronicle mentioned the proprietor of Cafe Claude had opened a new restaurant on Claude Lane. So Tuesday night I checked out Gitane. The restaurant looks great. It's got a dark supper club kind of atmosphere. On a Tuesday afternoon the restaurant filled up and the bar was hopping by the time we left.....What recession?

Nice wine list. When they bring water they put a carafe on the table -0 which as a heavy water drinker I love. We had a bottle of the Palacios Petalos Bierzo which was lovely. I started with the gazpacho which was more of a puree than the typical chopped soup. It was garnished with a drizzle of basil oil, croutons and cucumber. It was light, fresh, flavorful..exactly what I was looking for. I followed that with the chicken Tajine served with a side of couscous. The presentation is great - in a ceramic tajine. If you take a look at their website you can see the dish on the front page. It was delicious, wonderfully moist and nicely seasoned. For dessert I had the Bavarois au Fruit Rouge. This was a very light fresh layered dessert of fruit mousse, rasperries and what seemed like a cake layer - but was per the menu joconde biscuit.

Service was smooth. The waiter seemed familiar with the menu, the bus boy was attentive and the manager stopped by to see how our meal was.

It's a very nice addtion to downtown dining and I will be back - soon!

Gitane Restaurant & Bar
6 Claude Lane, San Francisco, CA 94108

ISO non-Asian rest. in Outer Richmond

Mescolanza is a charming Italian restaurant I always enjoy for pasta.

A more casual pizza joint is Gaspares

For take out check out John Campbell's Bakery - love their scones and chicken and curry pasties. Also the Blarney Stone Pub next door serves an Irish breakfast Saturday and Sunday.

John Campbell's Irish Bakery
5625 Geary Blvd, San Francisco, CA 94121

Gaspare Pizza House
5546 Geary Blvd, San Francisco, CA 94121

2221 Clement St, San Francisco, CA 94121

Tasting Menu - One Night Only

Best wishes. Here are a couple of other suggestions - not because Michael Mina isn't a good choice - but to give you some different style restaurants and menus.
1. Boulevard - food is less ornate. Building, location, service is great. My favorite special date restaurant
2. Gary Danko - original chef at the Ritz Carlton.
3. Jardiniere - Traci des Jardins restaurant in the Civic Center.

Suggest you check out the menus and select the one that appeals to you the best.

Fish & Farm

I really enjoyed my dinner here. Everything was well prepared, nicely presented and not too fussy. It's a fairly quiet restaurant, easy to talk quite comfortable and as Ruth Lafler indicated low key. The wine list is short but very well selected. I think it's worth checking out

Dinner near the Fillmore Auditorium

My go-to pre-Fillmore show is Pizza Inferno on Fillmore St. Good selection of beer on tap, individual pizzas and a good pre show vibe.

SF - Boulevard or Slanted Door?

Not sure what the occasion is... if this is with spouse/date I would go with Boulevard. The restaurant is beautiful both inside and out. I've always had wonderful evenings here. However I would characterize the food as in general richer than Slanted Door. If you've got a busy food schedule during your visit, you might prefer Slanted Door.

Visiting San Francisco from Ireland for 4 Days

I've been to spots 1-3 on your list -all good choices and all really different from each other.
You'll be near Blue Bottle Coffe in Hayes Valley if you're a coffee drinker - check it out. Also it's a little bit of a hike but won't be too far from Brenda's for breakfast.

Beginning to Panic....!

I agree with some other folks that eating at one location and dancing at another will probably be easier to arrange. You'll be dressed up - the Starlite Room at the Sir Francis Drake would be fun and is walking distance or short cab ride to a lot of restaurants.

Breakfast Near the Ball Park

With Towns End closed, Primo Patio would be my first pick. Second would be South Beach Cafe. Have fun and Go Giants!

Dinner, a Cosmo, and a Movie

I'd suggest Farmer Brown. I haven't had a cosmo there - but the watermelon margarita was great. Casual but lively - the restaurant would not have been out of place in a SF version of Sex and the City.
But...Friday night you'll need a reservation I think.