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Just bought tuna from WF, can I leave it raw inside?

We got a beautiful tuna steak at Costco in K of P, PA last Thursday night. Friday night we ate miso soup, sliced cucumbers, and shredded radish for dinner. I was initially a bit nervous but the taste was incredible! (Low sodium soy, wasabi, & instant miso with the addition of some spinach) I forgot about the miso paste I have in the fridge!

P.S. what happened to Costco's Sumatra?????

Nov 01, 2010
Dezygnher35 in Home Cooking

Free range or best turkey in Bucks?

Try Bob & Karen Carr on Stump Rd; in Pipersville, PA they raise Duck, Turkey, and Pork. We got a 36lb Turkey there two weeks ago. Last year we purchased a pig in the fall and it was butchered in the spring.

Oct 24, 2010
Dezygnher35 in Philadelphia

Must-Have Spices

Nothing like fresh ground nutmeg, or the more exotic coriander, cardemon!!! Grow what you can fresh in the summer for salads, marinade, and cooking in general. Its more than worth the cost of a seed packet.

Jun 26, 2010
Dezygnher35 in Features

Chinese food quest in the suburbs

Dinner at a place that I have been very curious about.

Finally tasty authentic quality Asian cuisine in the suburbs…reasonably priced!!! Thursday evening 6/24/10 I took someone out for a birthday celebration. The Jasmine Cafe 3140 West Ridge Pike, Eagleville, PA‎ is hidden near the intersection of Eagle Stream Drive & West Mt Kirk Avenue, nearby a Firehouse, Genuardi's & Salter's Ski Shop.

The interior is not red & gold. The decor is tasteful with black and white photos of Asian life/culture in times gone by. Black panel rises to a light chair rail, topped with a rich cinnabar wall.

Dinner for 2, including 2 apps, a family style soup (could feed 4 people), & 2 entrees was approximate fifty five dollars. Each of the plates ordered had a distinctive flavor. I warn that the Seafood hot & sour soup was a bit spicy for my taste, but a drop of sesame oil cut the heat. The Duck rolls were a great change of pace! The vegetables were fresh, and I was most impressed by the Chilean Sea Bass in a Garlic Sauce.

The Jasmine Cafe offers an early bird special, for $7.99, and coupons are
available on their website as well as It is a BYOB establishment.

…Much better than “Ms. Margaret’s" food!!! This place beats “YM” in many ways!

Jun 26, 2010
Dezygnher35 in Philadelphia

Roasted Pistachio Ice Cream

I got a 4 quart maker at "W" for 10 dollars a few years ago! Note: buy it in the fall for next season! I made a wonderful coconut ice cream last weekend! Next VDB wants strawberry rhubarb!

Jun 22, 2010
Dezygnher35 in Recipes

Purple Cabbage Necco Wafers

The last chocolate package i purchased was lacking any cocoa kick.

Oct 31, 2009
Dezygnher35 in Features

Keffir / Kefir Lime Leaves???

FYI...I bought a "kaffir" lime plant/tree on Washington Avenue between 15th and 16th! Froze my homemade green curry paste and am pretty happy with the results.

Oct 03, 2009
Dezygnher35 in Pennsylvania

Cream Cheese and Olive Sandwich Nostalgia

I always associte Cream Cheese and Olive Spread with my grandmon's sunday morning lox and bagel breakfast in the Philly suburb of Yeadon and my Uncle Paul (he now lives in Baltimore area)???

Jul 22, 2009
Dezygnher35 in Features

Manhatten on a budget...

Make a romatic picnic lunch in central park near the Alice in Wonderland sculpture, Location: East 74th Street, north of Conservatory Water, The boat pond, Location : Conservatory Water, east side between 72nd and 75th Streets or eat on the grounds of the being in Tuscany, The Cloisters
Fort Tyron Park
New York, NY 10040
(212) 923-3700

Also an unoften shared tip the Metropolitan Museum policy is
Pay what you can"

Jul 22, 2009
Dezygnher35 in Manhattan

Keffir / Kefir Lime Leaves???

N/A at Whole Foods, Devon, The owner/waiter and his wife at Myuree said Wahington Avenue. Did not find at Alessi but communication was an issuez/

Jul 22, 2009
Dezygnher35 in Pennsylvania

Keffir / Kefir Lime Leaves???

I am in the Philly suburbs near Wayne and King of Prussia. I have visited several local Asian grocers (even the big one in Lansdale) and cannot find Keffir / Kefir Lime leaves for my Thai cooking. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I know I may buy on line frozen. I got a suggestion of a store near Penn in West Phila but would rather not have to drive into town. I tried to buy a tree on line but the places I found were sold out of their Kefir Lime trees.

So...where in the Western Philly suburbs might I find Keffir / Kefir Lime leaves? Thanks

Jul 10, 2009
Dezygnher35 in Pennsylvania