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LAX or Nearby?

I liked my brunch at Suzanne Tracht’s Jar (steakhouse) restaurant in Hollywood. I heard they opened an LAX Terminal concept called Tracht’s. I haven’t been yet though.

Jan 28, 2010
spicy_tofu in Los Angeles Area

Rehearsal Luncheon in South Bay

The nicer fares I know of near the Torrance/PV border are H.T. Grill, Chez Melange and Christine's. I know, they’re not “perfect”.

Jan 28, 2010
spicy_tofu in Los Angeles Area

I have to lose some pounds what's a foodie to do?

I think every person has their choice. When I want to lose weight I try to avoid temptation, and go for lighter fare. In the South Bay, that entails:

Santouka for Ramen
I-Naba for Soba
Baja Fresh for their salads (yes, I was that desperate)
Cho-Dang Tofu for Bi-Bim Bop (yay for lots of small side dishes)
Pho-Hana for their Bun/Pho/Rolls
Shin for their Yaki (ordering a handful of little things)

Jan 28, 2010
spicy_tofu in Los Angeles Area

Seeking EL SEGUNDO restaurants for dinner w/ east coaster

2nd City is aight. Wouldn't say it is much better than average though.

Salt Creek Grille - for Americana
Fleming's is aight (bit pricey).

Is there a target $$$ figure?

Jan 21, 2010
spicy_tofu in Los Angeles Area

Dinner at Jar

their sunday brunch prices/portions were a good intro to the menu imho.

Sep 18, 2009
spicy_tofu in Los Angeles Area


I searched, and couldn't find it. Can someone link the Providence Restaurant (on Melrose) review?

I admit, I saw the restaurant mentioned on the last episode of Top Chef, when Michael Cimarusti was "backstabbed" by another executive chef.

Is their website.

Yelp had ridiculously rapt reviews, as did Open Table. Can someone give a review that doesn't sound like they're "getting some" under the table?

Jul 23, 2009
spicy_tofu in Los Angeles Area

Rec: South Bay Japanese Steakhouse?

Does anyone have any recommendations on Japanese Steakhouses in the South Bay/Torrance area?

3 of us are looking for a mid-price range, but still enjoyable meal.

Jul 09, 2009
spicy_tofu in Los Angeles Area