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One Bay Leaf Question

OK, I'm drooling over that custard recipe. Gonna have to make it soon!

Oct 16, 2010
Nickyboy in Home Cooking

One Bay Leaf Question

Brooks Brothers has it.

Oct 08, 2010
Nickyboy in Home Cooking

One Bay Leaf Question

I've got three bay trees that I keep in big terracotta pots here in New England. I love bay leaf fresh as well as dried.
How many of you have had a Tuscan grilled steak? That interesting flavor was from the coals, which traditionally uses dried bay tree wood. Since harvesting wood from my little trees would mean killing them (aag!) I have come up with a servicable substitution: Ask your butcher to cut you a steak about 1.5" thick. Season it liberally with sea salt and black pepper. Then dust it well on both sides with a good amount of bay leaf powder (if you don't have a bag of powder, grind up the dried leaves in a coffee grinder). Grill it over very hot coals. The bay powder will burn off and give a wonderful flavor to the meat and the juices that accumulate in the plate while it rests after grilling.

Oct 08, 2010
Nickyboy in Home Cooking

M.J Dukes Famous Philly Style Cheesesteaks Opens First Location Wallingford Conn.Route 5

as a transplanted Phillyboy, I am going to have to check this out. Lots of places here in New England come very close to a true Philly cheesesteak (yeah, folks! By the way, it's a "cheesesteak" NOT a "steak and cheese". Lol) but I think the thing that is missing is the bread. It just isn't the same roll. Must be something in the Philadelphia water supply.

Feb 20, 2010
Nickyboy in Southern New England

Middle eastern markets around Providence?

The Middle Eastern Market on Reservoir Ave is closed. It's now a Japanese market.

@ awurrlu: Rolfe Square is the intersection on Park Ave across from the Cranston Town Hall (about 2 blocks east of Reservoir ave).

And I can also recommend Sam's Bakery on Flint Street in Fall River. Tiny little place, but they make the best fresh pitas, spinach and feta pies, and meat pies (all on pitas from their brick oven). Also a fridge with nice cheeses, and a shelf of Lebanese spices, olive oil, grape leaves etc. They are closed on Mondays, and open every other day from 5am to 1:30pm.

Thanks for the tips on the stores in Norwood. I am definitely going to check those out.

Feb 14, 2010
Nickyboy in Southern New England

Where to eat near the Providence Place Mall

Ri Ra Irish pub is across the street. So is Union Station Brew Pub. Both are great.

Feb 12, 2010
Nickyboy in Southern New England

Romantic type lunch in Newport, RI??

Has the Black Pearl opened up again for the season? Give them a call. Otherwise you can go to the Mooring. It can be pricey if you don't order carefully. The Barking Crab is open now too and has good seafood at decent prices. You're not right on the water there, but you can see it across America's Cup Avenue! There is also a restaurant out on Goat Island that sits right on the water in the middle of the marina. I forget what it is called...the Bluefin? something like that. Do a google search for Newport restaurants and it will show up.

Feb 12, 2010
Nickyboy in Southern New England

Good and Inexpensive Restaurants in Munich?

My wife and I will be in Munich next week and are looking for some recommendations for restaurants serving a good meal at a fair price. I am thinking along the lines of $20 each (not including wine). We are staying in the city center right across the street from the Hofbrau Haus, so that will be one meal. Any suggestions? Any little hole-in-the-wall that you know of that is just so unbelievably good you can't imagine why everyone doesn't go there?


Which Are Some of the Greatest German Cuisine Restaurants in Germany?

I can't speak for Stuttgart proper but there is restaurant (can't remember the name) in nearby Ludwigsburg on the east side of main square where I had the best meal of my lifetime (rabbit with lingon berry sauce and hazelnut spaetzle!).

In Berlin for authentic try "Zur Letzer Instanz" near the Alexander Platz. It's the oldest restaurant in Berlin and about as authentic as it gets. You can also take the S-bahn out to the Nikolassee neighborhood and eat at the Blockhaus Nikolskoe for more German food served outdoors on the patio above the lake.

Good, cheap eats near Twin Rivers, Lincoln, RI

I recently had lunch at the Euro Cafe and it was very good and inexpensive

Euro Cafe
645 Douglas Pike
Smithfield Rhode Island 02917-1809

Mango Chutney and ?

We make a grilled ham and muenster cheese sandwich on sourdough bread with mango chutney spread between the ham and muenster. They are also good when made as pressed panini.

Aug 14, 2009
Nickyboy in General Topics

Easy Vanilla Pudding

but..but...pudding skin is the best part of making pudding!

Aug 14, 2009
Nickyboy in Recipes

Breakfast in Newport

For diner-style breakfast with a big selection and delicious food, try the Atlantic Grill in Middletown. For a fancier sit-down brunch, try the Wyndham-Bay Voyager Inn in Jamestown for a fantastic Sunday brunch (about $30).