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Dinner/Breakfast in Saratoga Springs

Deff. Country Corner for breakfast. Good food and service. Mama Mia on ballston ave. has descent pizza and other dishes.


Gerchak is right it is alot of tex-mex. I read the owners post, about tamales etc...there are NO Tamales or Fish Tacos on the menu. Ordered a Mojito, it was the worst I ever had. The bartender (older woman) had no clue what she was doing, it took @ least 10 min. to make the drink. I may be wrong but aren't Mojitos made w/ MINT not SPEARMINT? & why is a spinach enchilada a dollar more than all others listed (Chicken, beef, cheese)??? My biggest petpeeve was the fact that I had to smell ciggarette smoke while eating, a guy was standing right in the doorway of the bar puffing away, could care less! GROSS!!!