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Semishameful Frozen Gyro Does the Job

I don't understand how you can describe the "processed" meat as "low-grade", the tatziki as "bland, creamy mayo" and the overall sandwich as having "NO texture, flavor or fight" but then say it's "pleasant, soothing" and "eminently craveable". GAG. Doesn't sound like something I would serve my dog... Are you being paid in gyros to write this piece of garbage?

Dec 08, 2010
waywardchef in Features

Homemade Amaretto

I don't think would post a recipe if it was going to kill you.

Nov 15, 2010
waywardchef in Recipes

Why Pastry TV Is Boring

nooooomblog, fantastically put. HAAAAHAAAAHAAAAAAAA!!!!!

Oct 11, 2010
waywardchef in Features

Help! My beans don't cook evenly.

I used to have this same problem. I thought I must be a terrible cook if I couldn't even get beans right. But then I splurged and bought myself a nice clay bean pot ( I soak my beans overnight, but when I first add the water - i discard any floaters - then I cook them the next day, nice and slow, in the bean pot and in the same water I soaked them in! I haven't had a problem with unevenly cooked beans since! Clay distributes and defuses heat much better than any type of metal, which, I think makes a substantial difference in bean cookery. Good luck.

Jan 10, 2010
waywardchef in Home Cooking

Your top 5 favorite restaurants in Portland

- Higgins
- Paley's Place
- Cafe Mingo

I'll have to go back to Portland and eat more to come up with two more. Surprised to see Clyde Common on your top 10 list, I found it to be disappointing. Maybe they've worked it out...

Jul 08, 2009
waywardchef in Pacific Northwest