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Food in Fiction [moved from Not About Food board]

This book "The Last Chinese Chef" by Nicole Mones was mentioned by someone and I concur that it is a fun read, and adventurous with descriptions of food being prepared in unique settings.

Jul 11, 2009
EmyLouie in Food Media & News

How do I move a post or delete.

Put post in wrong place, started new post but meant to reply, How do I move my post or take it off. Can I do that?

Jul 11, 2009
EmyLouie in Site Talk

Does The Vessel You Drink From Matter?

Ah… the vessel…

There are many glass art galleries in my neighborhood, many vessels never meant to hold anything it seems, they are never filled. Not filled because the glass is more valuable then whatever it would contain. But the vessel shape, it’s a symbol in itself. The shell, the womb etc. Some people devote their lives to glass…Dale Chihuly as an example.
(see Art, food it’s all about passion and passion involves the senses.

Drinking wine is ritualistic. In rituals the implements are always symbolic and significant. Our bodies are vehicles/vessels for our souls. The glass is a vessel.

I especially love to drink my rotten grape juice in a pair of glasses given as a gift that has some gold leaf in the glass. Possibly it makes me feel special. Of course it matters what you put your rotten grape juice in! Gold is the best.

Plastic does have a scent that I can pick up at times that must mingle and interfere with the wine smells. Petrol products put off chemical fumes, I’ve read that the fumes can ruin clothing. Plus wine drinking is sensual. Putting plastic in the mouth feels different then putting glass on the lips. Supporting the weight of a delicate stem feels different then grabbing my fingers around a plastic cup. Stems are slinky and curvy.

Not only does plastic smell funny but it’s like a sippy cup. Isn’t being a connoisseur all about finding something special, doing something special, having something special. At least it’s an aspect. The psychology behind it is of social status. Just like all the fuss women put into picking out clothes.

My gypsy Grandmother gave me a thick antique lavender goblet that I had when I was a young woman, every sip out of that thing took on mystical properties. The cup was old, weird, beautiful and my grandmother was mysterious. The right accoutrements create an ambience. The whole experience can transport a person to a different time and place, like opening theater curtains to watch a story unfold. Dimming the lights.

It’s just like all the fuss about picking the right tea cup. It must feel right in the hand and look right to the eyes. Touch, sight, smell, taste, sound. Glass even sounds melodious, especially wine cups the shape is an upside-down bell. Who knows maybe on a molecular level the glass reverberates in the same way that our cells vibrate.

Get the biggest, baddest, sexiest cup you can find and flaunt it.

Jul 11, 2009
EmyLouie in Wine

New Orleans top 5 dishes

Now, ok, the way you describe that hazelhurst sounds quite edible. Maybe even yummy. Braised in fat until a rich dark color and stewed with wine and broth. I could eat that.. I think.

Jul 11, 2009
EmyLouie in New Orleans

New Orleans top 5 dishes


I found a photo:

Jul 11, 2009
EmyLouie in New Orleans

New Orleans top 5 dishes

What's Daube Glacee?
Wikipedia needs a page on this, couldn't find it.

Jul 10, 2009
EmyLouie in New Orleans

Last meal on earth in New Orleans

I suppose a good intro to an all New Orleans style meal is what I'm looking for. So when people talk about New Orleans food I will know what they are talkin about.

Jul 09, 2009
EmyLouie in New Orleans

Last meal on earth in New Orleans

I'm more of a casual type. It's a road trip and I'm probably not packing any impressive clothing. I won’t be staying in town, just passing through this time. Once I get into town I would be using a cab or preferably just walking or biking around if that is possible.

Well, on second thought if I must get dressed up in order to get access to the good food then I will bring my best dress. Wait a minute, I don't have a dress...

It sounds like there is probably great food everywhere in NO. I'm from Seattle and we just don't have that kind of stuff up here.

Well, I will write down a list before I set out, and then when I get there if I walk past anything on my list I will just go for it.

Ideally I would take a huge spoon with me and sneak in through the back of the kitchens of every restaurant and taste everything double dipping my spoon along the way! Otherwise I'm tempted to eat until I pop.


Jul 09, 2009
EmyLouie in New Orleans

Last meal on earth in New Orleans

I only have one day to visit New Orleans.

The cuisine is pretty new to me (I made chicken sausage shrimp okra gumbo for the first time ever a few nights ago!) I loved it. I made the roux in the oven.

If I can only have one single meal in New Orleans what would it be and where would I go to get it? Then afterwards...shall I go to Preservation Hall...

Any recommendations for how to spend a great day would be much appreciated!

Jul 08, 2009
EmyLouie in New Orleans

One Day to Live in Austin

I've got only one day in Austin. Sort of like ONE DAY TO LIVE in Austin.

What are the most charming or authentic, down to earth, casual but nice places to eat that are also close to places to see/ things to do?

I guess the question is what would be the perfect day in Austin? A day that includes eating in between every place to see! Or I guess what would be the most relaxing kick back fun day in Austin if I don't want to run around like a crazy tourist yet still feel like I experienced the real Austin? Sometimes doing less is better, but if less then what...

Best Country music?
Best place to get a beer?
Most beautiful place/park in Austin?
If I could only have one meal in Austin what would it be?

Any recommendations would be much appreciated.

~Emma from Seattle Washington

Jul 08, 2009
EmyLouie in Austin