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Searching for great Lobster Roll in Santa Barbara, CA

The restaurant California Grill in Camarillo use to serve fantastic Lobster Rolls, but they are no longer on the menu. This is located in Ventura County, however, I am also more than willing to travel further, like to Santa Barbara area. I am craving a Lobster Roll and a glass of Champagne,

California Grill
67 E Daily Dr, Camarillo, CA 93010

Jun 30, 2010
venturakeys in California

Where can I experience the most authentic Scampi in the Bay area?

i know what you mean, most restaurants do not serve authentic Scampi. However, that is the other character of this dish that made it so very wonderful.

Where can I experience the most authentic Scampi in the Bay area?

About 15 years ago, we resided in the East Bay, and my husband commuted to UC Davis.The delight of our culinary existence was a few times a week, we would meet in Union Square, head to our favorite little restaurant on Geary, near Macy's, and savor their Scampi..Huge scampi, lots of garlic, and a sauce to die for..Even now, our mouths water each time we share those memories.
Unfortunately I think they closed their doors about 1997. I think there were a couple of other restaurants also in the city, by the same name, which I cannot remember. This restaurant had been at it's location a very, very, long time. It was so wonderful, the chef remembered you, and started your dish the minute you arrived.
Now, I want to move back, and I have to have a restaurant that creates those memories and provides the same quality of service and food. I am hoping that someone might help me and recognizes the restaurant of which I am referring to.