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Blackberry Kir Royale

Ok, I don't know a thing about how they do things in France, but I was a bartender at a 4 star hotel for a long time, and remain an avid imbiber, to boot. Wine, in addition to being pretty good all on its own, makes a pretty killer mixer. The idea isn't to cut the creme de Cassis with it, but the other way around. If you don't like it great! Don't do it. If you do, may I also suggest Champagne cocktail (sugar and bitters), Bellini (peach nectar or puree), mimosa (orange juice), or Alimosa (Alizee liqueur, just, wow...). Then there's the French 75, just add a shot of your favorite V.S. cognac to a glass of Champagne, please keep hands inside until tavern comes to a complete stop, etc. ;)

Jul 10, 2009
lcmoomaw in Recipes

Somebody Took My Lunch!

I simply took to stapling a short note to the outside of the bag that said "PLEASE don't take my food. I am a diabetic." Worked like a charm. And putting anything nasty in the food could very well be a felony, not worth it to catch a petty thief, more than likely.

Jul 08, 2009
lcmoomaw in Features