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If you want terrible service this is your place to go. Went for take out and nobody wanted to cash me out. They don't let the waiters handle money. The lady (I think owner sister) just sat at the table doing her own thing. I'm standing there waiting waiting waiting. Finally I just left. Terrible customer service!!!!!!!!! If you want that kind of service this is your place.

Dec 07, 2013
Asianfoodlover23 in Chicago Area

Frozen Dim Sum

Thanks Charles for telling us about this place. The xio long baos and pot stickers were excellent quality and with lots of soup. I just wish the wrappers were a bit thinner, but none the less I would highly recommend it. I will definitly pick up more when I come back to Toronto.

Frozen Dim Sum

What's the price of the pot stickers and how many in one bag?

Early Bird Dim Sum

Will be in TO next month. Can someone give an update on early bird dim sum places? Are prices still the same? Any new places? Thanks!

Ichimoto In richmond Hill

Can someone please give a brief review on the food and the AYCE prices for lunch and dinner? I've been searching but they don't have a website set up. Thanks in advance!

Early Bird Dim Sum

Thanks Caitlink! One more ? regarding Full House. Is that price ($1.80 - $2.00) limited to certain hours or is it good all day? Is it good on weekends too? Will be in TO next month so please let me know. Thanks

Full House Restaurant
328 7 Hwy E, Richmond Hill, ON L4B3P7, CA

HK style Dining Over Here: Poor and Mediocre in Quality

I don't live in LA, but I would agree with your analysis that Toronto is a mecca for excellent chinese food of every style. I go to Toronto at least 3x's a year just to eat chinese food.

Early Bird Dim Sum

Caitlink - Is the Full House ur talking about the same one listed on the site located on Hwy 7 in Richmound Hill? I did a search on Google and I couldn't find the Full House on Midland and Finch. Do you have an exact address?

Full House Restaurant
328 7 Hwy E, Richmond Hill, ON L4B3P7, CA

Chinese Bakery in Pickering or nearby

Coming to TO and staying in the Pickering area. Are there any chinese barkeries in the area or close by where I can get breakfast in the morning? Please list street and address. Thank you!

Sake Sauce

Anyone know where I can pick up Sake Sauce? I can't seem to find it anywhere. Thanks for your help.

Markham Peking House

Located on hwy 7 at the First Markham mall. I read somewhere that this rest. has this true?

How is the Honey and Garlic Rest. in Markham

The name sounds so good. Always wanted to try this rest. out but never had the chance to. Has anyone been there? What is your opinion of their food?

wonton noodle search continues

Thanks Charles! Big Joy in Chalmers - Where is this located? Sorry, but I'm not from toronto can you provide the exact location?

Recommendation for some great chinese food


I live in Chicago and I often drive up to Toronto 2 to 3 times a year for the great chinese food. There are so many chinese rest. in toronto and I would like to try some new places on my next trip. Can some of the locals recommend some places for dim sum, bbq (chinese kind), soup noodles, bakery (buns), milk tea, and dinner. You guys are sooooo lucky to live there! I would put on weight so easily if I live there with all the great chinese food. BTW I'm an american born chinese (juk-sing).

Some of the places I've been to already are:
- Best Friends in Mississauga for dinner (its in the little chinese strip mall on Dundas). The satay shrimp fun-see hot pot is the best I've had. Also been to the Big rest. (forgot name but in the same mall) for the dim sum.
- Ginger & Onion (outside of pacific mall)
- Markham Peking House - Great Peking duck and oyster hot pot. This is one of my favorites rest..
- Magic Wok
- Jim Chi Kee - for wontons
- Backyard Garden (Steeles and Warden?)
- Ding Tai Fung - Best Pot Sticker and Hot Sour soup
- Spring Villa for dim sum
- Forgot name but the rest. in Time Square located upstairs for dim sum
- Richmond Court for BBQ
- Congee Wong for congee. Also went for congee in the First Markham mall
- Golden Noodles (in old chinatown)

wonton noodle search continues

I'm live in the states but head up to Toronto at least 2 or 3 times a year for the great chinese food. I usually go to Jim Chi Kee (across from Time Square) for the wontons but want to try HK Noodles the next time I'm in town. Is HK Noodles in Markham or Brampton? Thanks a lot guys!