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Newly ENGAGED!! Please recommend best, well-priced caterer in Rhode Island ....

We love Narragansett, so we'll have it there. But quaint and small means limited venue options for our family and friends next year, and there's no reason to wait until 2012. Coastalgypsy, you're right, I've waited for awhile for this happiness, and plus, we are older people and want to get on with our lives. I greatly appreciate the advice about Westbay and will keep looking for a couple other caterers. I work with lots of vendors and always like to get 3 quotes if possible. Having a big party doesn't mean breaking the bank! Thanks, all.

If we take a drive to Rhode Island.....

I love the lobster rolls at Champlains, by Point Judith, and the stuffed lobster at Matunuck Oyster Bar, in Matunuck.

If we take a drive to Rhode Island.....

Champlains, by Point Judith.
Matunuck Oyster Bar, in Matunuck.

Newly ENGAGED!! Please recommend best, well-priced caterer in Rhode Island ....

Barfly, thanks for your advice! Your reception sounds like what we have in mind for ours. How many tastings would you recommend?

Newly ENGAGED!! Please recommend best, well-priced caterer in Rhode Island ....

Hi, my fiance and I got engaged this weekend! We're holding our reception at the Towers in Narragansett, RI in April 2011. Would you have feedback on the caterers on the Towers' approved vendor list? Vendors are: Atomic, Blackstone, Blue Rocks, Catering Collaborative, Chelo's, Coastal Gourmet, Glorious Affairs, Pinella Marra,Plantation, Pranzi, Shelter Harbor Inn, Simply Devine, Tom's Market, Westbury Gourmet and West Valley Inn.

We want to share our favorite foods with our friends and plan on passed finger food and food stations. We'd like a raw bar (hopefully provided by Matunuck Oyster Bar) and other New England-style seafood, perhaps lobster if the price point is still low; a Korean/Japanese station with Korean bbq, sushi, maybe lettuce wraps and spinach/chicken dumplings; a Tuscan station; maybe a Big Sky Country station with elk, trout, bison (representing our last big trip!).

Of course, we are considering costs. We don't want to skimp on the food experience though and I would say we're interested in value (rather than budget). It'd be great if the caterer would let us bring our own alcohol but would provide bartenders, for example, so we could have some nicer wines for a lower cost. We are also ok with having some comfort food with a twist to keep costs down -- e.g., passed sliders with gruyere, puff pastries filled with Jamaican curried chicken.

Thanks in advance for your feedback!

Friday lunch, UES/SpaHa - something inexpensive & exciting

Yes, check out Itzocan -- the duck quesadillas are wonderful! Or try Cipolla Rossa for delightful, authentic Tuscan, inexpensive BYOB. It's on 1st Avenue and 91st Street.

Jul 29, 2009
uppereastsidechic in Manhattan

New hood- 69th & 1st- Good eats? Bagels?

Run to Mediterraneo for fresh handcut pastas and delightful carpaccio, and a bustling scene both indoors and out. Inexpensive and located on 2nd Avenue and 66th Street.

Btw, I didn't find the 61st Street Cipolla Rossa matches the quality of the 89th (90th?) Street location (which is to die for!) on my first try, but reading these reviews, I'll give it another shot. Maybe they were experiencing growing pains in its first month, when I tried it.

Sushi Suzu (1st Avenue and 59th Street) serves fresh sushi at fair prices. They don't have a huge selection and the pieces are a little large, but their fish is consistently fresh (must've eaten there 50-60 times by now) and they make a killer spicy salmon roll.

For Chinese, try the place on 1st Avenue btw 69th-70th Streets located on the east side of the Avenue. The name escapes me, but it delivers good dim sum by attentive wait staff. Avoid China Fun and Asia Grill at all costs -- you can smell their cooking oil a block away.

Also stay away from 879-Taco on 1st Avenue and ?66th Street. Mexican food by claim only.

For healthy, "fast food" check out Lenny's on 1st Avenue and 68th Street. I'm also a Melange fan -- they have not only falafel, desserts and cheese, but fresh, savory soups and salads. A very good deal and much better than the new falafel place next door at its 68th Street location (Nanoosh?).

No large market in that area beats Agata Valentina on 1st Avenue and 79th Street -- it's worth the trek to bypass Gourmet Garage and Food Emporium Bridge Market. Yuck.

I've heard good reviews from friends of Accademia del Vino, though I haven't tried it yet.

Jul 07, 2009
uppereastsidechic in Manhattan

east-side outdoor seating, solo diner, good cheap dinner

Vermicelli, Vietnamese place with outdoor seating on 2nd Avenue in the East 80s. Not spectacular but not bad, but you've got everything else you want, east side, inexpensive, awning, streetside, comfortable. It's uncrowded but allows for people watching, thus good for one.

Jul 07, 2009
uppereastsidechic in Manhattan