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Top Cheap Eats of Montreal?

Restaurant Nilufar, 1923 St-Catherine West (514) 846-1947 Cafeteria type of place and very small menu but sooo goood and very inexpensive. Homemade lebanese cuisine. Pita falafel is $1.29 Shish taouk plate is around $6.00 Kafta kebab plate is $5.49 , and they also have Shawarma plate or pita sand and the plates are served with basmati rice, a small portion of salad of your choice , hummus and a pita bread, can't beat that...

Wok cafe, 1845 St-Catherine West, (514) 938-1882 has a variety of combo dishes served with a soup and prices are around $10.00 and the portions are very generous, the food looks, smells and taste good and it is one of the very few chinese restaurant where I am not afraid to eat (II've been working in the restaurant business for the last 30 years and I am cautious...) Buon appetito!