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Baumalu copper pots

I picked up one of the 9.5 inch Baumalu hammered 2mm sauteuse pans at TJMaxx for $45 US, but they also had a handful of Baumalu pans that appeared to be less than 1mm thick. A number of those had rolled edges that made it impossible to see a clear cross-section, but the walls felt less than half as thick as the pan I got, despite their overall weight being substantial.

I haven't read any reference anywhere to this thinner line of pans. Too bad, I was very excited about putting a whole set together, but just as well I suppose. This sauteuse will be my intro to copper pans, but if it goes as well as I hope, I'll just save up for a set of the 2.5mm stainless-lined Falk pans. I like their lower maintenance and extra thickness.

Although if I could find a set of these Baumalu pans at this kind of discount, I might start looking for a local re-tinning shop...

Restoring copper bowls?

Has anyone here tried Bon Ami? We always used Bar Keeper's Friend on copper sinks, etc, that we didn't mind scratching, but Bon Ami for any really soft surfaces, like Formica (which it is recommended for). It seems to be barely less efficient than BKF, if at all, and as their label says, "hasn't scratched yet."

I believe that I read that it's recommended for one of the non-polished French copper pan manufacturers, but I'm curious whether anyone has tried it on polished ones.

Jul 07, 2009
ramatsu in Cookware