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Tu y Yo in Needham?

Has anyone tried this location yet? Curious if the menu/prices are the same as Somerville spot...they haven't updated their site yet to include Needham.

Along those same lines, has anyone tried Restaurant Pomodoro yet? How are the menu/prices?

Pomodoro Name Dispute (Moved from Boston board)

Regardless of name issues, curious if anyone has eaten here yet and what the feedback is? Prices? Menu?

Best pizza in MetroWest 'burbs?

We’re constantly on the lookout for the perfect pizza. Which to us means bubbly, piping hot, thin crust and preferably from a brick oven. Unfortunately we don't yet have an Upper Crust close enough for take out, but what are some of your favorite pizza spots in Needham, Newton, Wellesley, Natick, etc? We happen to love Sweet Tomatoes in Needham. Others?

Coming to Boston 9/3

It sounds like you haven't explored the South End much, which is understandable since the last time your were in Boston it was barely developed! You can easily walk there from Back Bay and there are so many great dining and cocktail spots to choose from. My fave is Stella.

Stella Restaurant
1525 Washington St., Boston, MA 02118

Summer 2009 openings and closings

Hey MCSJB - Sorry if any of this a repeat, but here are some openings for those in the MetroWest ‘burbs...

In Needham, I heard that Pomodoro is opening a 3rd spot soon, in the space where Quince was. Also, Tu y Yo is opening where Pho Pasteur used to be. And Acapulco’s is supposedly moving from their Needham St. location in Newton to where the Ground Round was, right by 128. There is a rumor that Flour bakery is opening in town, too. Finally, Spiga is under new management (not to mention higher prices).

In Wellesley, Bobby's Grille is supposed to open this month, near Newton Lower Falls across from Paparazzi. They say they have a website, but it's not working. It's next to another new pizza joint, Wellesley North End pizza, on a block that has at least 2 others. Tried it a month ago - not bad, not great. I'll stick to Sweet Tomatoes in Needham until Upper Crust smartens up and comes out our way! Also, Somerville bistro The Kebab Factory is planning to open a cafe called Singh’s where Vela was.


ISO Restaurant between W Barnstable & Harwich for Dinner

Check out The Port in Harwichport on 28. We ate there 2 weeks ago, and it was fantastic - a perfect place for good food, wine and long meals.

Best food in Chatham

28 Atlantic at the Wequasett Inn (not in Chatham Center) is one of the best meals - and priciest - we've ever had on the Cape. Quire is good as a bar, but I personally don't think the food is that great. Impudent Oyster is also very good.

Best Restaurants Mid-Cape

Steakhouse - Roo Bar (Chatham & Hyannis) is pretty good. Also check out The Port in Harwichport on 28.
Italian - Garardi's in West Yarmout gets great reviews
Sushi - Inaho in Yarmouthport on 6A
Clam Shack or Kid Friendly Restaurant - Cobie's in Brewster on 6A or Clancy's Beach Bar in Dennisport
High End Place for Night out with Wife - 28 Atlantic at the Wequasett Inn

Top 5 Mid-Cape Italian

This is great! We've been wanting to try both Girardi's (especially since it moved) and Villa Roma. BTW, totally agree about Giardino's.

Sat night date near Pru

Darn fat fingers. ;) Thanks, Bob.

Sat night date near Pru

Tappeo on Newbury is a great date-spot. Quiet, a bit romantic inside or dine outside on the patio, get a pitcher of Sangria and order up tapas. Have fun!

Needham's Dining Scene

Anyone have the latest on the Pomodoro and Tu y Yo openings?