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Worst restaurants in Westchester

You didn't mention the food, which is excellent, especially compared to some of the mediocre places in Ridgefield.

Worst restaurants in Westchester

I've been to Insieme three times and the food is GREAT!!! Wonderful experience for my birthday and several meals with friends and family. We didn't know anyone and they were lovely and friendly. It is a small room and you really do need reservations, especially on weekend evenings.

Ross Bread in Ridgefield, CT

I love Ross' challah and have been buying it at the Ridgefield farmers market. I have to say that I stopped in at their new store, and, although I'm thrilled they're there, the cappuccino wasn't so great (and not hot enough). I also prefer Nature's Temptations to the organic place next door....they have a more variety and more food.