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Morels 2015

Saw them at Loblaws on lower Jarvis as well.

Diwan at the Aga Khan Museum

Well the thing is the space is empty as the museum is closed in the evening after 6 PM most days. The place is just deserted. When I dined at Diwan they had an event (some private event probably a wedding from what i could tell) in the event space area otherwise other than the security there was no one to be found. I just want to get the details down pat as otherwise will just show up for dinner. Ah well will follow up next week if I don't hear back.

Diwan at the Aga Khan Museum

Has anyone received confirmation for the special event?
Cutting it a bit close now.

Marben: One of the Best brunches in Toronto?

Thanks for your kind words. I highly doubt that any restaurant will put in the effort required to make this Omelette. Le Mere Poulard is reportedly charging 75 Euro for a single serving according to Wikipedia (Gasp!)
Marben was even off with the dessert as the ice cream they served with the dessert was rock hard couldn't even be cut with a knife. When we asked it to be fixed the server came back saying that they messed up and we could have another item as the ice cream would need to thaw a lot more. Unfortunately we were catching a movie nearby so couldn't wait anymore.
While the main server was quite good I was surprised by the initial off putting comments by the host and thus will take my business elsewhere.

Marben: One of the Best brunches in Toronto?

Well you have to make it like a souffle.
Preheat oven to 375F if you like cooked through. 350F if you like it runny like Le Mere Poulard
This recipe is for 6 People I use a 12 inch pan
Dozen Eggs separated (I use organic eggs from CostCo)
Clarified butter (I use Ghee) 3 Table Spoons
Preheat pan on medium low with clarified butter/ghee
Whisk Eggs whites till the peaks hold (7-10 min with an electric hand mixer)
Whisk the egg yolks so they are blended then slowly while whisking add them in the eggs whites. You have to be careful here not to over mix and let the air out.
Pour in the pan then cook for 4-5 min on stove
Then finish the baking process in the oven for 15 min
Top with the salt and pepper to your liking.
I serve them Boursin Cheese to be used as butter on bread :)
Usually with a side of Oyster mushrooms and shallots.
Here are some other attempts.
Didn't like Marben from the Get Go the host was already
pushing us to leave from the moment we walked in (had reservations not a walk in) The burger was OK I think Harbord Room is better so is the one at Richmond Station.
I won't be back for brunch

Marben: One of the Best brunches in Toronto?

Agree on the Wait time at School just ridiculous I didn't try the omelette though did try the french toast and pan cakes found both to be sub par.
Though I am spoiled by the technique of La Mère Poulard for omelette and now turn a very close version of it at home. I doubt any restaurant will replicate it as with the amount of labor required (over 25 min) it will be cost prohibitive. Meantime here is a pic for everyone to enjoy.
Trying Marben tonight depending on the experience might go back for brunch again.
The 1st one is La Mère Poulard Version
The second one is the one I did with my twist on it

Singapore Style Chicken Satay 'a la Prima Taste'

Charles I have used their Chilli Crab Mix and it turned out very well. Here is a pic of the effort

Le Select

Bigtigger I am not sure the Gallic attitudes will fly in NA. Despite the notorious attitude Parisian servers are known for they are trained to anticipate your needs and not chit chat and be friendly like the people in food industry here (kind of expected here) as I later learned. I have seen that cause a lot of trouble for the people who are not used to the "snooty" attitude. Even witnessed my father come down on a Garçon when he kept walking/ignoring while my father was asking him for something in Paris. Needless to say the place that was our breakfast haunt started giving us exemplary service after the incident. The Manager would come out and greet us and check on use regularly whenever we dined there.

Le Select

I agree with you YLSF. I haven't enjoyed my meals there nor the service has been anything to write home about. Yet I still end up going there once in a while especially in winter because its quite close to home and their ambiance is good for late night bottle of wine or two with friends. Their prix fix was enticing at the beginning but the chocolate mousse is abhorrent and the steak is just OK.

Where can I find fresh Crawfish for a traditional boil?

Reviving an old thread but passed by Big Daddy's Bourbon street and they were advertising a crawfish boil on May 28th. Says on the board they are taking reservations.

Diwan at the Aga Khan Museum

Oh darn they said I am booked for Saturday though someone from the museum is supposed to get back from me for the details as it entails a visit to the gallery beforehand.
YLSF I did get a call back for my reservation request that I made initially.

Diwan at the Aga Khan Museum

I am booked to attend the dinner with the visiting chef. Sounds decent though when I called back to check the details they mentioned that they still don't know them as they will give out those once the chef is here.
Here are the details for this event

The Costco Thread - Ontario - 2015 - April to June

Today's trip to the Etobicoke was uneventful in terms of exciting new products.
I did spot the following and ended up picking one
Beef Ribs from Moishes of Montreal. I am a sucker for Beef Ribs and try them out whenever I see them in a dining establishment. 15$ for q 800 gm package.
Also saw organic Sweet potato fries (on sale)
organic mozerrala cheese (seems to be a regular item at this spot)
Organic butter
They had local mascrapone for 6$ a tub (not a regular item as they usually have the imported one)
Even though I feel Etobicoke has a lot health focused items (organic) The selection to fruit is not as good as the other spots. They didn't have Bosc pears which I luv to use for desserts.
Also tried the road show for pasta stand forgot their name. Picked up a a cheese manacotti though wish had also picked up the veal version of lasagne or manacotti as don't see them much.

Best Dim Sum in Toronto

I would like to give my 2 cents about Luckee as tried it a few weeks ago. Their Dim Sum was quite good (not traditional in any sense) but it was a surprising find, the mains just had an overly sweet finish. We were there for dinner and ordered the dim sum items as apps. They turned to outshine the main by a mile.
Again haven't been to LWH in eons for dim sum as Crown Princess is my go to for the dim sum fix.

What to bring back from Quebec (Montreal, Gatineau, Quebec City)

Foie Gras products. Le Canard Libere is my go to spot.
If you are looking for whole lobe Au Pied De Cochon (yes they do sell whole lobes at a very reasonable price) is my source. Some cheese and wine from CostCo.

Japanese Candy

+1 to J Town and if you ask them nicely they will even order stuff for you. I was addicted to ONIGIRI SENBEI for a bit and could only find them in US. After asking them nicely they ordered a bunch for me a few years ago.

Japanese Candy

These suggestions should cover you for the most part. I would also like to add that the Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre is having the annual Bazaar next Saturday (May 2nd) from Noon till 4 PM. I have seen some unique items there that are not normally sold at stores. Plus I think its good outing for kids.

Healthy Food Downtown

+1 for IQ food. Friends who are into healthy eating swear by it. Even I enjoyed my meal the few times I have tried them.

Mille-feuille... best one?

Patesserie 27 IMO. They assemble it on order!

Australian Diamond Valley 'Wagyu Beef' at Ontario Costco

Unfortunately I don't have access to a charcoal grill. Will wait to see your results.

Australian Diamond Valley 'Wagyu Beef' at Ontario Costco

With the first Summerish day and the BBQ opening up in the building I reside. I trekked all the way to etobicoke and picked up a couple of Australian Wagyus Strip loin Steaks. Mind you I haven't had Kobe Steak in eons but have dabbled in the Wagyu a bit (a cooking classes focused on Aussie kind at LCBO from Oliffe a few years ago) a couple of try's of Japanese Wagyu from Famu (though not this portion size) The marbling is great on both the steaks.
I fired up the grill and cooked my steak to medium rare (a few minutes shorter than I cook my Strip Loins) Let the steak rest and then dug in. First few bites did set them apart from my regular strip loin as the umami taste is quite pronounced. This is a deifiniately a superior product to Costco normal strip loin. I don't buy the dry aged steaks but they will probably cost the same if not a lot more for this portion. So here is my verdict give it a try for sure as at this price point you are paying at chain food steak price to get a product that will cost a lot lot more.
Here are some pics.

Maha-New Egyptian Sandwiches, Sides and Desserts on Greenwood near Gerrard

I tried Maha's on Tuesday. Since was dinning sorta solo (DC didn't want to eat anything). There wasn't much I could try. Had the Po Boy and side of hummus. Hummus and the side of bread were very good. As for the Po Boy decent for what one pays. I did see they offer a sujjuck omellete so will come back to try that for sure as making it at isn't as good anymore due to lack of good sujjuck.

Worst curries tasted in the GTA?!

Matagali butter chicken (don't ask who ordered) was one the bad one's I have had in Toronto.

Cronuts, anyone know if anyone makes them in Canada?

To each his own I suppose I tried them a few weeks back and didn't enjoy them. Not a fan of doughnuts myself perhaps (luv croissants) that's why it didn't do it for moi.

The Costco Thread - Ontario - 2015 - April to June

Saw etobicoke location's garden center open as well.

The Costco Thread - Ontario - 2015 - April to June

Lady Laurier and Saint-Honoré Cheese on clearance at Scarborough location. OKA is also 2$ off this week.

The Costco Thread - Ontario - 2015 - April to June

Not much to report in terms of clearance at the Etobicoke location.
Only standout being the Hot SMoked Salmon Filet for 9.97.
Also a welcome back to Bon Mama Apricot jam.
The place was a mad house yesterday so didn't want to hangout there long.
Also bought up a Monastry Rye Bread 3 pack dimpflmeier bakery as was getting bored of the regular rye I get from them. Will report back after trying.

Uncle Tetsu

I passed by a couple of times and the lineups are insane. Will try it out during the weekdays when hopefully its not so crazy.

Duck confit

I have bought duck confit from trusty old Costco (billy bishop) at an incredible price. That is seasonal though otherwise Loblaws on Jarvis/Queens Quay carries them as well.

The Costco Thread - Ontario - 2015 - January to March

Saw the dried pineapple at North York yesterday as well. Out of curiosity I picked up the blue crab ravioli as well. Hmmm its decent IMO and for what you pay. I did find a few pieces of shell in the meat (acceptable as its blue crab after all and a shell free would be be very hard to achieve).