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What should I order at Guu Izakaya?

I like Takoyaki and Tako Wasabi.
Ebi is OK not great. Karaage is decent as well. I liked the kabocha korokke as well.

ISO: Pre-made yorkshire puddings

+1 for Loblaws/No Frills. There is also a mix sold where one has to pour in a bit of oil in a ramekin and just bake the mix with little water.

" Roselle's Dessert, King/Parliament " - French pastries worth my drive downtown?

Charles I will take Roselle over Thobors, Ruelo and my perennial fav Rahier for desserts. Its a pity they don't have any espresso based drinks as I would kill two birds with one stone though I can get my espresso fix from Tandem close by.
Here is my take on what I have tried there
. I did a take out ordered a trio with one being chocolate, second being a mango and third being a strawberry offering. All were just right IMO with strawberry followed by chocolate and mango dessert in terms of ranking. Nice ratio of cream to crunch in the chocolate dessert. A bit pricey but worth it IMO.
Tried the Banana ├ęclair on the second visit along with duo of short bread and a mousse dessert.
Mousse was good. Banana ├ęclair has real banana chunks in it. Good but overpriced in IMO. Still better than any eclair I have tried here in TO.
Short bread didn't do it for me though I am not a connoisseur but my opinion was seconded by a person who is. Too creamy in the center.
If these flavor profiles entice you Charles by all means drive over (I venture out to Patisserie 27 just for their croissants and mille feuille' and that's almost the same trek as you to down town)

wondering where I can buy an IR thermometer in Toronto in person?

+1 for ylsf I picked up one from costco a while ago while it was on clearance if I recall it was selling for 14.97$!!!

Uncle Tetsu

Woaah! This is very disturbing.
I recall seeing a similar rating for Taro Fish in the past which put me off them for a while.

Blue Goose at the Harbourfront -- seriously outstanding hamburgers

I saw the crates being removed while walking by a few days ago. They are no longer there but this could due to the darn PanAm games where Ontario Square is going to play a pivotal part.

The Costco Thread - Ontario - 2015 - April to June

I was thinking of buying them when they were sale but didn't like the metal handle. IMO the handle can be slippery when wet which isn't comforting. Didn't get a feel for the weight too as I just held the drilled in sample on display this is a high priority for moi.
Another thing that I realized after reading the box it didn't say where they are manufactured and just says designed in US (read made in China) even though that was a seemingly excellent value I decided to pass.

Where to buy the best steak?

Folks I think you need to give FAMU at J-Town a try (even for non Wagyu) as I was pleasantly surprised by how good it was. Cumbrae's reputation is well deserved and if I can't schlep my way up J-Town for splurge worthy dinner I buy from Cumbrae's.

The Costco Thread - Ontario - 2015 - July to end of September

Think I saw them at Etobicoke on Tuesday. If you have the receipt with the item # you can call any CostCo and have them locate it for you at any location in Ontario.

Morels 2015

Saw much better Morels today at Loblaws on lower Jarvis. Quite plump though they will still need a lot of cleaning.

Help Please - New Bakery King Street East?

Finally got around to trying Roselle Desserts. Results are amazing. Have been back already.
So far I have tried 6 offerings.
Luv the Strawberry and chocolate dessert. Banana Eclair is decent. Cookies were just OK (Earl Grey isn't my flavor of choice though) I wish they offered espresso drinks though with Tandem a shop down one can get the espresso fix there.
Will be back

Toronto Costcos - which steaks do you buy?

That's not true at Sobeys near me (Sobey's Urban Fresh)
Here is the link

Toronto Costcos - which steaks do you buy?

On a separate note Sobeys has the AAA Filet Mignon on sale at a much lower price point than Costco i.e. 15$/lb. Ended up getting a whole filet (one can get an even further discount with 100 Air Miles promo for the 75$ gift card this weekend which equates to 10$ per 75$ spent)

Toronto Costcos - which steaks do you buy?

Charles I have tried Cumbrae a few times for Striploin and Tenderloin. Hmm I don't think their Striploin was better than the Aussie Wagyu sold at Costco (almost the same price point) it is better than the normal strip at Costco. Tenderloin for my palate its hard to tell the difference between the AAA (dry aged or otherwise) as its a lean cut. I just end up topping the Costco Filet with foie gras :) and can justify the $ saved. Cumbrae's Gigantic Tomahawk Steak was disappointing specially the $$$ price tag we paid. Haven't tried Whitehouse for steaks as even though they are close by moi.
It has been a while but in the price range of the butchers you mentioned I would suggest Famu.

Toronto Costcos - which steaks do you buy?

Filet Mignon
Strip Loin
Tried the Australian Wagyu Striploin as well (good if you want to splurge)
Whole Filet trimmed for Beef Wellington. I have tried the cryo pak versions was not worth it for me as getting it trimmed to that level required a lot of effort. A great buy if you are planning a big dinner and want to cut the steaks to your liking.
My Fav are the first two offerings.

Zen News

Was this Omakase fulfilling (in terms of quantity) I am planning to have the sashimi version of the Omakase soon and was wondering will that be enough for one person. Was thinking of ordering some tempura to follow as there will be other diners with me. Will skip on the chawanmushi and dessert option for sure. I recall liking the tempura at the their old location so might as well get my good tempura fix while there.

Diwan at the Aga Khan Museum

Fair enough. BTW you could have attended the Exhibit even if you were late as it was come as you please till 7:30. There were a few guides but no need to join/follow them if you wanted to look around. I think I will hold out till there is good feedback from CH for the next few events.

Diwan at the Aga Khan Museum

Nice write up estufarian. Its hard to find what one would qualify as sophisticated Pakistani cuisine in a restaurant one has to attend a wedding or a meal cooked at home for that IMO. There are some exceptions (The aptly named restaurant Pakistan at Sheraton Karachi comes to my mind don't know if its still around as that was eons ago) otherwise there are restaurants which are known for a specialty dish or two.
I personally think the chef is more trained for a buffet style meal and tried the same approach on a multi course format. Not sure I am going to attend another event/meal at Diwan.

Singapore Style Chicken Satay 'a la Prima Taste'

Picked up the Satay mix on the trip to T&T today. Will report back soon once I have had a chance to try it out. Charles Yu you might want to load up they had the Laksa Mix on special :)
Here is today's version of chilli crab from Prima Mix

Diwan at the Aga Khan Museum

Al right folks here is the verdict
The chef was brought in the main dinning area and explained the menu. Almost all items were familiar for moi being from that region. The chef explained the theme for the dinner being North to South and representative of region. Hmm something didn't feel right as the flow didn't make sense if that was the approach.
I tried the Chamus drink if one can call it that. This was just a gob of apricot pulp and one will need a spoon to eat it IMO. Not familiar with this offering so didn't know what to make of it.
1) Papadums I think this was on the menu due to familiarity to the Western Palate. Spiced well. I am not a fan so my view on them is already biased.
2) Trio of Apps. Very average IMO. The DC who had tried the samosas served as finger food at the reception for the exhibit were much better.
3) Soup. Lots of tumeric in this soup. This one is more suited for the harsh winter I suppose. Didn't enjoy it much either and left it unfinished.
4) Pakistani BBQ Platter. Things improved here a bit. The presentation is puzzling with a tortilla as a base! Tandoori Prawn was good. The chicken and mutton chop were OK. The beef tika was forgetful. Something was off here as they brought the nans when we were almost done with this course.
5) Nargasi Kofte. I was looking forward to this dish as enjoy it quite a bit. Things improved a bit before hand as they had started to serve the biryani which was good. The chef didn't hold back the spices on the biryani. I am glad about that as this one hit the spot.
As for the Nargasi kofte oh why oh why. This one was disappointing. The coating of meat and chickpeas was very dry. The gravy was bland. Both steps make or break this dish IMO. Very disappointed.
6) Desserts. The barfi was quite good though a strange shade of orange. The halwa and Jalebi were forgetful.
The service was decent throughout. I would say 2 stars all said and done once one factors in the price.

Diwan at the Aga Khan Museum

Here are the pics folks will leave feedback tomorrow.

Diwan at the Aga Khan Museum

Well it won't in this case I just like the idea of going in fresh. Its not a regular menu where one can just go in try what others recommend (in which case one is inclined to try what others recommend IMO) We all have different expectations when we eat out as there isn't a standardized palate/budget/experience. That being said there are a few folks whose opinion is respected by moi (Charles Yu for certain cuisines) and if they recommend some items at a spot I am inclined to try them out.

Diwan at the Aga Khan Museum

Thanks for holding off your review. I was dreading someone would post the review and I would go in with a bias. I will post my feedback on Sunday after the meal.

Diwan at the Aga Khan Museum

Oh I am talking about the visiting chef Musa for this event. I already reported back on my experience there for the chef that was/is running the show there.

Diwan at the Aga Khan Museum

Well I put my name down when they put this event up . They just never got around to calling me back as I was way up on the list. Excited to attend this though don't what the menu is and much about the Chef as left eons ago. Will report back after the meal :)

Diwan at the Aga Khan Museum

estufarian, ylsf are any of you attending today? I am still not clear on the tour before the dinner? Would like to get the details whether its worth it and how to go about attending this?

The Costco Thread - Ontario - 2015 - April to June

Luv your blog Nevy and it has become a weekly read for Moi. Sadly I stick to the Costco which are in Toronto (Etobicoke and North York) otherwise I would benefit even more from it.
I think I will still try the Morley's Salmon just to see how it is. Did see the lemonade you mentioned so will try it out next visit.

49th parallel or phil and sebastian

Adding to an old thread. Saw and bought EPIC roast from out of all places Frank & Oak (A clothing store with a cafe in the front) I was surprised but then loaded up on the coffee beans as they had a 30% off promo in conjunction with car2go.
Since they use 49th Parallel at the cafe as well I will be back to try them out as well. They had other blends from 49th Parallel as well.

The Costco Thread - Ontario - 2015 - April to June

Yes they are frozen as KWASS mentioned and individually wrapped.
Hmm as for prep methods this probably belongs in the recipes section. Mainly three methods are used by moi. Pan fried in ghee with the skin side down and then finished in the oven for 5 min with S&P on top. Gives a nice crisp to the skin and doesn't over cook.
Other one is with marinates and just baked straight in a 400F oven (Teriyaki or Satay of your choosing) for 15 min. I prefer not to marinate seafood items over 10 min due to personal preference (the length of marinates is a discussion for another forum :)

ISO organic dried apricots in bulk

Saw these today at Scarborough location. The organic one's I recall were at etobicoke. These were very good as well.