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Orlando Recommendations?

Are you kidding starbucksbrew about recommending The Crab House or Fulton's in Downtown Disney over High Tide Harry's? Those are tourist joints and the food is not that great at all. We have eaten at High Tide Harry's many times, always had great food and consider it a true local Florida fishouse. I would hate for people visiting here to go to The Crab House and think that is what the locals consider great seafood.

Crab House
811 Dr Martin Luther King Jr St S, Saint Petersburg, FL 33705

High Tide
3754 N Access Rd, Englewood, FL 34224

Apr 07, 2010
PeggyKate in Florida

good oysters in Orlando, near I4 & 482

How about Big Fin Seafood Market in the new Delaggio Plaza on Sand Lake? They have a great bar and their oysters are very good & affordable too.

Apr 07, 2010
PeggyKate in Florida

Suggestions Near JW Marriott - Grande Lakes (no particular cuisine or price - just good food)

Los Generales went out of business a couple of months ago. Down the road in Hunter's Creek there is a great Cuban restaurant, Padrino's. In the same shopping center is a excellent sushi restaurant, Mikado. Both of these places are very affordable. Almost everything else around the area is a chain restaurant.

Feb 26, 2010
PeggyKate in Florida

Delray Beach Area

We vist Delray Beach once a month and these are some of our favorite places:

Breakfast -
Green Owl on Atlantic. This is where the locals go for breakfast. Food & service are great and the prices are good too.
Luna Rosa - this Italian restaurant is also a great place to have breakfast or brunch. It's fun to sit outside and watch the cars and people go by.

Dinner - 5th Avenue Grill. It's an old-fashioned upscale steakhouse. We eat here all the time and have never had a bad meal. The steaks are fabulous and so is the seafood.
32 East - another excellent place. More upscale and they have a interesting menu that is updated frequently.
Dada's - Another fun place to eat outside and the food is great. It's a funky little place. I recommend the black bean dip as appetizer - very yummy.
City Oyster - Great for lunch or dinner. They serve a wonderful lobster roll at lunch that is the best in the area. For dinner, any of the fresh seafood choices are going to be wonderful. Also fun to sit outside and watch the Atlantic Avenue street scene.
Vincent & Angelo's - We just went there for the first time a couple of weeks ago. Great Italian food but a little pricy.

Also if you are coming to Delray you have to go to Boston's. They have an excellent raw bar and the lobster and wings are pretty good too.

Good luck and have a great time!

Nov 21, 2008
PeggyKate in Florida

Ruths Chris Tampa - Disappointed

billreeves, I had a dinner experience at RC very similiar to yours about a year ago. I was dining for my b-day at the one in Orlando/Dr. Phillips and ordered the filet and lobster tail. They brought over a huge bowl of melted butter for the lobster and in serving my dinner proceeded to knock the bowl of butter all over me. The waiter said "Oh, great" and proceeded to run away. The manager came over, brought napkins to try to clean it up, but the evening was ruined for me. There was no way to enjoy anything drenched completely in melted butter.

The waiter delivered our check and it was for the entire meal. I went and found the manager, explained what happened and told him I was not going to pay for a dinner that was ruined. He apologized, comped the check and gave a gift card for an unspecified amount. We have never been back as I still don't think I should have had to search out the manager to get this taken care of correctly.

There is too much competition in this area for us to ever go back again. The food isn't as good as other RC's and there is a Morton's a block down which has much better food IMHO. Plus Morton's is still running their $99 steak & seafood for 2 special.

Nov 14, 2008
PeggyKate in Florida

The Crab House, on 79th St Causeway, Miami - any good?

Why is the Crab House advertising entrees such as Duck, Osso Bucco and Pork and never mentions any kind of seafood? I'm not going to go to the Crab House to order duck - I would want and expect seafood. The Crab House used to have on their menu all different types of crab - blue crabs, dungeness, snow & king plus they used to make a great lobster stuffed with crab. What happened?

Great Enchiladas in Orlando?

bkhuna - thanks for the tip about Beto's on OBT. I just checked out their menu and it does look very good. I appreciate the tip from a fellow ex-Southern CA chowhound. You are very lucky to have someone at home who knows how to make authentic enchiladas. We have tried and they always come out mushy. Any tricks?

Oct 23, 2008
PeggyKate in Florida

Chops Lobster Bar Review

Thanks for the review Winechic. We have been to Chops in Atlanta and we will have to try the one in Boca. The Lobster tail sounds fabulous!

Oct 22, 2008
PeggyKate in Florida

Great Enchiladas in Orlando?

Thanks BBVL & Winechic - I will definitely try Chilangos and let you know what we thought of the food. The menu looks great - especially the tacos!

Oct 22, 2008
PeggyKate in Florida

Jockamo's in Orlando Still Open?

Well, Jockamo's is gone! My husband drove down there at lunchtime and he said the place is all cleared out and completely empty. What a shame - that was a fun, family run restaurant. I will miss the crawfish boils they had every year.

Thanks for the tip about Crooked Bayou. I checked out their website and the menu looks great. Next time we go downtown we will have to check it out.

Aug 29, 2008
PeggyKate in Florida

Jockamo's in Orlando Still Open?

Does anyone know if Jockamo's on Sand Lake in Orlando has closed? I tried to call today and their phone seems to be out of order. Also, their website is gone.

This was one of our favorite places and it would be a shame if it was gone. Is there any other place in Orlando that serves New Orleans style food?


Aug 28, 2008
PeggyKate in Florida

Great Enchiladas in Orlando?

We are native Southern CA who moved to Orlando a couple of years ago and we are missing great cheese enchiladas. We can't seem to find a place that has a great red chile sauce, Recently we've been to Taquitos Jalisco and Los Generales, Both had great food but not the type of enchiladas we are looking for. Anyone know of a place that serves California style enchiladas? We live in Dr. Phillips but are willing to drive to find these.


Aug 06, 2008
PeggyKate in Florida

Lunch at Urban Flats - Disappointing

We were in Winter Garden today and were looking for a place to eat lunch and found Urban Flats in the new Winter Garden Village. Cute place, great bar area and the servers seemed welcoming at the beginning.

We ordered and split an Asian salad and then ordered a Fajita flatbread to split. The salad was great, split into 2 portions in the kitchen. Light and crispy, it was really good. Then we waited and waited and waited for our flatbread. 25 minutes after we ordered the flatbread finally comes out of the kitchen piping hot. It looked delicious, but after 1 bite all we could taste was the overwhelming cumin flavor that was on the red bell peppers. You could not taste the cheese, the chicken or the crust - just cumin.

Our server seemed to disappear and we had to wait a very long time for drink refills and for our check. The staff seems to hang out in back by the kitchen expediting area and never check much to see what's going on in the dining room.

We were disappointed in our experience as we had found out from the manager who seated us that an Urban Flats is coming in the new plaza at Sand Lake and Apopka-Vineland in Dr. Phillips. We need more affordable restaurants in Dr. Phillips and were hoping that Urban Flats would be a good choice, but I have my doubts now. When they open here, we will give them one more try, but I can't say I would recommend the flatbread.

Jun 28, 2008
PeggyKate in Florida

Review: The Village Tavern (Orlando)

We have eaten at Village Tavern for dinner several times and it's been great. I love their hanger steak with frites and my husband lover their short ribs. It does get crowded later on, we try to get there before 7 (6:30 on the weekends). We also love the 1/2 carafe of wine that you can order. Last time we had a Cakebread Chenin Blanc for $24 that was fabulous.

I think what's nice about this restaurant is that you can have dinner for under a $100 for 2 people. We live in Dr. Phillips very close to Restaurant Row and it seems that most of the restaurants there are $100 a person. Sure there's Press 101 and Carerira's, but if you want a nice dinner at Morton's, Ruth Chris, Moon Fish, or Roy's, you are paying $100 a person.

Mar 25, 2008
PeggyKate in Florida

Orlando Recommendations - Universal Studios Visit

I agree that Tchoup Tchoup is nothing special as far as the food goes. It's a beautiful restaurant, but the food isn't as good as Emeril's at CityWalk in my opnion.

Since it's so close by, you might enjoy Seasons 52. It's only about 5 minutes from Universal, the food is great and it's not expensive. They have an amazing wine list.

I've also enjoyed the Oceanaire Seafood Room if you're in the mood for fish. The service was outstanding there and I had a delicious meal.

Jan 25, 2008
PeggyKate in Florida

Stone Crabs in Orlando

I would love to find a restaurant that serves them rather then order them. We have had Joe's ship to our house, and it is very good. I love their mustard sauce.

Thanks for the info on Shula's & Lombardi's! I will definitely check them out.

Oct 16, 2007
PeggyKate in Florida

Stone Crabs in Orlando

Now that it's Stone Crab season, where is the best place to get stone crabs at a decent price in Orlando? We love stone crabs and would love to find a place close by - we live in Dr. Phillips - but we will drive anywhere in the area. I wish Joe's would put in a location up here!

Oct 15, 2007
PeggyKate in Florida

Great Chinese - Dr. Phillips area?

Thanks for all the suggestions - I appreciate it! We've made a list and plan on trying several of the restaurants mentioned. Rice Paper sounds great and we've wondered about Vines. I've not into Steak Tartare, but it looks like a cute place. I think we'll try that instead of Seasons 52 the next time we go out.

We've discovered that if we arrive before 7 at Seasons 52 we can get in without a reservation during the week. They have just changed over to their fall menu. I had a snapper with curry sauce that was fabulous last week.

Sep 25, 2007
PeggyKate in Florida

Great Chinese - Dr. Phillips area?

Hi, we just moved into the Dr. Phillips area of Orlando and are looking for a great Chinese restaurant in the area. Any suggestions? I did a search and the Magic Wok came up. Can you eat-in there? I'd love to find a restaurant that serves Peking Duck. Thanks for the help!

Sep 12, 2007
PeggyKate in Florida

large area restaurant in Delray for a reunion

How about Gol! It's a Brazilian steakhouse on Atlantic Ave, right next door to the Colony? They have great food and great service and I think could accomodate your party of 80.

Jul 27, 2007
PeggyKate in Florida

Two New Food Network Shows

I watched Simply Delicioso for the first time yesterday also and I couldn't believe how terrible it was. When did tamale pie made with Jiffy cornbread mix become Latin food? And jello shots, excuse me "Chica Shots"? What is the FN thinking?

Jul 16, 2007
PeggyKate in Food Media & News

Local favorites in Orlando, FL

Comparing Tijuana Flats to Taco Bell is silly. I think Tijuana Flats is comparable in quality to Baja Fresh, the food is freshly prepared and in my opinion, very good.

If you are looking for good seafood at a reasonable price in Orlando, I would recommend High Tide Harry's on Semoran and Colonial. A dozen oysters are $8.00, crab legs are around $15.

Since you are staying around Disney, Raglan Road has great food and a fun atmosphere. It's also very close to where you are staying as it's in Downtown Disney.

Jul 02, 2007
PeggyKate in Florida