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Any update on Flash's Space?

liquor license was sold. landlord is weighing options.

Dinner at Pastoral Tonight

we've been. the pizza was not excellent by any standards. it was underdone. perhaps ask for it to be well done. we did enjoy the house salad, the sausage knots were delish and the bolognese was also tasty.

service was miserable but they're new. and the lighting was so bright. def not a date spot.

Best place for fried seafood/fisherman's platter?

there's a fish shop in the south end called Morse Fish. Zero frills, plastic chairs and silverwear, but legit for fried seafood. No ressies required.

Favorite restaurants in Chinatown?

your inclination is correct-- cold tea is infact NA beer. perhaps pre menino, it may have been real alcohol, but for past 20 years or so, it is non- alcoholic.

The Unbearable Classiness of Nick Varano

I believe the original "50 shade" ads were paid for by the realtor, boston urban.

February 2014 Openings and Closings

We hear

Lox & Bagels

I can't believe I'm admitting to this, but on special occasions we order the scotch cured nova from zabars and have it shipped. it's like $50 for shipping and $50lb, but there's nothing like it.

a good whipped cream cheese and you're in business.

Restaurant for Anniversary Dinner

how about les zigomates? walking from south station.

or prezza in the north end?

Looking for Prime Bone-In Thick Cut Ribeye or Portehouse Steaks

many wholefoods will either have those cuts "outback" or can bring it in for you.

Where should I go for lunch tomorrow?

try commonwealth. great pastrami, bahn mis, etc. a bar to boot.

Al Wadi Serves Up RIchly Flavored Lebanese Food in Lovely Surroundings

we love al wadi. their tabouli is fantastic. so lemony and lots of parsley. it's delicious.

Kitchen recently?

I'm not sure why anyone would ever eat at forum. the food is mediocre at best and the service is lackluster.

I think kitchen is a nice intimate space-- perfect for Xmas eve and a bonus with 7fishes.

South End bars with a tv

new owner. perhaps a new m.o?

Hey, Where's our Team Spirit? Ribelle Gets FOUR STARS!!****

in response to toro lover.

is that seriously your response?!? tim mas can't price his food similarly to b. lynch because he doesn't have as many accolades?

I haven't been wowed by b. lynch in years... have not been to menton. that isn't to say her food isn't respectable. but Maslow is using interesting, new, creative ingredients and he should charge whatever is necessary to make a profit.

not for nothing, the rents in Brookline are likely similar to south end and likely higher than fort point.

Schlesinger back to Cambridge?

isn't Schlesinger the landlord of lord hobo? Either way it doesn't bode well for lanigan.

Coppa: Fun Diverse Brunch Today

oh, so if I say MAYBE infront of any slight, I can stand back and say I was just testing the tepid waters? come on, you're the "opinionatedchef". perhaps you should have more faith in your own sense of how a restaurant runs and stand behind your pithy sobriquet.

as for oysters, there are fortunately many preparations that do not require ice cold temps. escabeche, crudo, fried rockefeller, etc. the horror of just thinking they should arrive only on ice.

Coppa: Fun Diverse Brunch Today

it is a frequent presentation of oysters to be served on a mound of salt/egg whites. many places do that because they do not have a crushed ice machine and it's a beautiful presentation. a horror is a overstatement. additionally, since you've only been to coppa 3x, you may be out of line staying that Chef Jamie is rarely there. we go to coppa weekly and more often than not, he is present.

Rami's & allergies.

usually a big fan of rami's despite the expense. today we were tasked to bring rami's to a friend's house with a peanut allergy. we asked the guys at the restaurant whether or not they uses peanuts/peanut oil to fry the falafel and the entire group had no idea! so surprising for a kosher place (eg one that is sensitive to dietary restrictions). it really is just surprising that in this day and age that a restaurant would not have their entire staff trained on what items contain popular allergens.

Help! Need recommendations for dining with a toddler in Cambridge

so many restos are well behaved kid friendly these days. why not try west bridge? food is excellent and the staff is very accommodating. many interesting things for your kid to eat as well. we also love Helmand. same story.

Recommend Waterfront Dining(casual)

second sam's. the "new" chef is talented and the view is great. only truly independent spot in that neighborhood

Fresh Padron Peppers locally?

just bought some at Siena farms stand at Copley.

Craigie on Main question

they absolutely will be accommodating. it's a fantastic restaurant. if you are super concerned, when making your reservation, let them know. you will have a wonderful birthday dinner.

September 2013 Openings and Closings

we hear sib rivalry is going to be another outpost of barcelona wine bar.

Best pub food?

good thing since all restaurants seem to be doing that food these days.

Washington sq tavern
green street
Matt Murphy's


The best frozen, mixed berries in an area grocery chain?

you need to read the fine print in recalls, as they are state specific. Massachusetts is not included in that-- only 8 states are.

Schöfferhofer Hefeweizen Grapefruit

urban grape carries it.

Nightmare at Average Joe's Needham.

nightmare sounds a little extreme. your 15 minute wait turned into 25+, not a catastrophe. you didn't get food poisoning, you didn't have rude service, your fish wasn't under done. hostesses aren't magicians. they can't magically have tables appear. sounds like the mistake was taking two hungry kids out to dinner and demanding it to go smoothly. sounds like an inconvenience, not a nightmare.

dress code at Craigie's on?

yes, you will be fine! who wants to enjoy a meal in slacks anyway?!? the bar is our favorite place to eat there. let the board know if you need other recommendations.

Johnathans on Needham street

family definitely owns the building. sounds like spin. too bad though; less than a year.

Easter bruch

slim- not sure if you know this, but boston chefs only promotes restaurants that pay them for advertising, job placement etc. there are many worthy restaurants that deserve shutouts that don't pay to play.