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Jack Cheese and Grits Soufflé

Stone ground grits without doubt have better flavor, but they'll also add 30 minutes of cooking time to the recipe, maybe more....and quick grits are pretty darn good, especially when lots of flavorful ingredients are added. But never never instant. And if you're looking for some great grits recipes...there's a new book out I hope to get for Xmas, called Glorious Grits.I know it's on Amazon..

Dec 14, 2009
dhamilton in Recipes

El Charro Espanol - decent tapas, terrible service

I've eaten at El Charro several time, and never, ever had anything short of lovely service. I can't imagine it there. The atmosphere is "old school" I looks like a restaurant you would find in Madrid or Barcelona...but I enjoy that. The sangria is first rate, love the shrimps in olive oil, and the paella Valenciana. We had an avocado salad that was just perfect...simple and delicious. It is clearly a local place...not a restaurant that attracts trouists, or seems to want to. They do what they do, but the servers have always been friendly and's a favorite of mine.

Jul 07, 2009
dhamilton in Manhattan

El Charro

We were just at El Charro over the 4th of July weekend. I just love the place. I've been to Spain, and their paella Valenciana is an excellent version(as you know there are many) avocado salad we had was was the sangria. The service is so professional and has become a favorite when we visit NY. And you can tell it's a place where locals go...not tourists in t-shirts and flip flops, not that it is ultra formal. Just NYC.

Jul 07, 2009
dhamilton in Manhattan