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Help Me Choose please

My wife and I are taking our first trip to Chicago in October and are trying to figure out our second restaurant choice (we are already booked at Blackbird).

I would love to try 42 Grams - but just deciding if we want to go to that expense.

Others we are considering are Goosefoot, Moto, and Next. I have heard great things about Goosefoot, but cannot find any info on their current pricing or their current menu. With respect to Next, I think their Tapas menu ends before we get to Chicago in late October and can't seem to find pricing on their next menu. Any help or advice would be appreciated

My other question is, if 42 Grams is tax + tip included and is a BYOB is it really going to be that much more expensive than Goosefoot or Moto, or Next?

Aug 31, 2015
Chillax in Chicago Area

Dress codes

Hello all,

I was wondering if there were dress codes at spotted pig or momofuku ssam bar? They both look pretty casual just wondering if jeans and a dress shirt would be fine for both? Or can I go even more casual?

Also, heading to Le Bernardin which requires a jacket for dinner - is tie optional or should one also wear a tie?

Cheers all

Aug 22, 2012
Chillax in Manhattan

Decisions Decisions

Thank you for the replies - thus far - lots of homework to do :)

Also - just to Confirm Le Bernardin only takes reservations 30 days out - correct? And as for SSam Bar and Spotted Pig - it looks like neither take reservations - is this correct?


Jul 18, 2012
Chillax in Manhattan

Decisions Decisions

Hello all,

My wife and I are making our second trip to NYC and are looking to plan 3 dinners (one high end two kind of mid priced) - last time we were there we went to Eleven Madison Park and loved it, but would like to try something different. For the high end meal - we are looking to be below $400 with tax, tip and drinks (we don't drink a ton - maybe a bottle of wine or maybe just a few cocktails between us). For the mid-priced looking for under $200 with tax and tip for the both of us.

For high end we were looking at Le Bernardin - we love seafood and have heard great things. Any other suggestions? We like all kinds of food - so it does not have to be seafood. I was thinking Per Se - but to get out of there for $400 would be next to impossible IMO.

For the mid-price we were looking at Spotted Pig and Momofuku Ssam Bar - thoughts?

We are staying in SoHo - but are willing to subway + walk to get where we need to.

Cheers all

Jul 17, 2012
Chillax in Manhattan

Eleven Madison

My wife and I just went to EMP on Friday July 10th for our anniversary (See my NYC review I posted yesterday).

We had the three course I had the Hawaiian Prawns, the Elysian Field Lamb and the Tahitian Vanilla Souffle and have to say it was all fantastic. My wife had the Gnocchi, the Suckling Pig and the Sympony No. 2 Chocolate tart and she also thought it was fantastic.

So basically what I am saying is that I don't really think you can go wrong . . . order what suits your tastes but do try the Tahitian Vanilla Souffle for dessert.

Have a great time, EMP is an amazing restaurant

Jul 16, 2009
Chillax in Manhattan

My NYC Review . . . some good some bad

Hello all,

Let me start by saying thanks to everyone that gave advice and helped me pick out some good food.

I will only review the dinner spots we went to, as the lunches were not super eventful . . .

Friday July 10 Dinner - Eleven Madison Park
This was our first night in NYC and was planned as our best meal/anniversary celebration meal. We went to Eleven Madison Park and I have to say the meal, service and overall experience was spectacular.

The service alone made the choice of EMP well worth it, we had informed them it was our anniversary and when we sat down we were congratulated by the wait staff and at the top of our menus they had specially written Happy Anniversary (I thought a nice touch). After our greeting and little surprise on the menu they delivered an unexpected appetizer consisting of Foie Gras, sweet breads, and a clam quiche tart all very delicious and a nice way to start. This was followed by an amuse bouche of Lobster and Carrot bisque which was fantastic.

Dinner and our ordered appetizers were perfectly cooked and flawless in presentation and taste - I had the Hawaiian Prawns and the Lamb and my wife had the Gnocchi and the pork. My lamb dish consisting of lamb tenderloin, sweetbreads and lamb stuffed vegetables was out of this world good - the lamb was tender and well seasoned/prepared, the appetizer prawns were subtle yet still very flavorful and very clean on the pallette.

The wine list is extensive and offers something for everyonne, they have a great Cotes-de-Rhone and chateauneuf de pape selection as well as a wide slection from California and Southa America. Dessert was fantastic and was followed up by complimentary macaroons and cognac.

We were also visited by head chef Daniel Humm which was a treat in itself, he is extremely engaging and very humble.

Overall the whole experience was amazing. I have had several great meals before and this ranks very near if not at the top but what really seperates this meal was the service - it was impeccable from start to finish, the attention to detail and the attention lavished on us made us feel very special. I cannot recommend this restaurant enough - if you have not been please go NOW!

Dinner Saturday July 11 - DB Bistro Moderne
Let me start by saying that any dinner after EMP save a trip to Per Se or Jean Georges etc. would not compare to dinner on Friday. We chose DB Bistro because we were catching a show (In The Heights) later that evening and were interested in trying out one of Daniel's restaurants.

The food was decent - I had the flank steak which was well prepared and a mozzarella/tomato salad - again well prepared. Overall the food was good but not spectacular and for the taste a little overpriced.

What I didn't like about the restaurant was the hurried and rushed feeling the entire time (I understand it is in the theatre district and maybe that is how service is there) but I felt the entire time that the food was not the focus rather they were focused on getting as many customers through the door as possible. IT almost seemed they weren't looking to gain repeat customers but rather looking to cash in on first time/only time customers and move them through as fast as possible. The service was lacking and our waitress messed up two tables orders beside us - we were not affected but it still showed that the service was wanting.

Overall an ok experience, I would not return and would not recommend it.

Dinner Sunday July 12 - Barolo (in Soho)
We were looking for something casual and relaxed and it was suggested we check out Barolo by our concierge at the NY Palace. The atmosphere was nice and relaxed sitting in the back patio area, it was quite busy and loud but in a good way.

The food again was nothing spectacular but was overall satisfying - I had a smoked salmon and asparagus pasta and a nice mushroom. strawberry and almond salad to start. The service was decent nothing fancy but not really lacking. Like I said the atmosphere was good and relaxing.

The food was a little pricey for the quality but overall a decent experience. I am sure there are better italian restaurants to go to, but we just left Sunday dinner wide open because we did not know what kind of mood we would be in. So relying on a recommendation from the hotel we gave it a shot, overall it was a decent meal - I would not encourage others to go,but if you went it would probabkly be an alright experience.

As a quick note we had good lunches at Square Meal in the upper east side and at Diner in Williamsburg in Brooklyn.

Overall I would say that everyone should try EMP, that you should probably pass on DB Bistro and that Barolo was a toss up.

Again thanks for all the help

Cheers all

Jul 15, 2009
Chillax in Manhattan

Need help for Anniversary Dinner

Funny enough we booked Daniel's DB Bistro Moderne this morning shortly after my post today. We thought it was worth the gamble.

So for dinner's we are hitting up EMP and DB Bistro on Friday and Saturday, and leaving Sunday as is for now. And for lunches we are going to hit up Jean Georges and Diner (in Brooklyn).

Thanks so much for your help thus far everyone and I will post up some thoughts when we return.


Jul 08, 2009
Chillax in Manhattan

Need help for Anniversary Dinner

Thanks for the feedback everyone.

We ended up booking EMP, although it was a tough choice across the board as all 4 look great. BUt we figure we can check out JG and Daniel for lunches possibly.

Now all I need is a restaurant in the theatre district for Saturday night (we have tickets for In The Heights) - any thoughts?

Cheers all

Jul 08, 2009
Chillax in Manhattan

Need help for Anniversary Dinner

Hello all,

I am running out of time and am going crazy trying to decide between 4 restaurants. My wife and I are headed to NYC this weekend July 10-13 and want to have at least one memorable/special dinner for our wedding anniversary. The four we are looking at are as follows:

Adour by Alain Ducasse
Jean Georges

We are looking to spend roughly $120-150 per person.

They all look great and I just can;t decide, at this point it may be where I can get a reservation. But any thoughts on which one is best/most memorable would be appreciated.

Cheers all

Jul 07, 2009
Chillax in Manhattan