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Tres Leches Cake

I made this cake this weekend for a "tres de mayo" party. It was very simple and the results were spectacular. For the cake I did everything exactly as the recipe stated. I did have to bake it for a few extra minutes. I toasted the coconut- ( I find sweetened coconut to be too sticky sweet but toasting eliminated that problem-). I doubled the whipped cream with only half of the sugar- I was thinking maybe of adding more rum to the cream next time but I personally think that would take away from the other flavors- I plated slices individually w/ a generous amount of cream and coconut on top- BIG HIT!! I would highly recommend this cake! Thank you for the recipe!

May 04, 2008
pcktbks in Recipes

30th Birthday Dinner and after....

So, it's a 30th Birthday dinner and the girls are looking for a really cool and trendy atmosphere with really good food for dinner- We're probably going to be driving around in a limo and would love recs for an after dinner cocktail establishment also- it will be on a saturday night ...

Thanks in advance for your help!!!!

Jan 16, 2008
pcktbks in Greater Boston Area

Harvest Party Food Ideas/Recipes Please

I need some help :)

Every year I have a Harvest Party. This year I want it to be really simple (Probably 8 people). I was considering just making pumpkin soup from scratch served in pumpkin bowls? From my past experience this it is time consuming.

In the past I've made pork tenderloin and two sides with cocktails and hors d'oeuvres, rustic apple tart for dessert and food favors too... But to say the least it was a lot of work and the party was a little disappointing. So this year I want to "down-size".

I thought of making it a cocktail party but making little hors d'oeuvres can be even more time consuming and I don't have a lot of room for mingling. So being that we're going to have to sit around the table - I figured something easy for dinner would be good. Maybe serve cocktails before dinner- with one "snack"? then salad and something "pre-made"?

I want to simplify things so maybe something that I can make ahead and not make myself crazy preparing. A Harvest pasta bake? A Hearty Harvest Soup made earlier, warming on the stove? I really would like it to be scrumptious :) but not a "stay home all day slaving" dish. Something simple and rustic- updated Harvest Food.

Any ideas? Anything at all will be greatly appreciated!!!

Sep 23, 2007
pcktbks in Home Cooking

End Vowel Ommission in NJ Italian Restaurants

There is no way I could read through all of these. I'm not sure if anyone has said this yet but I have a good one.
In Rhode Island I have heard this:

CaH-vaH-Ti = Cavatelli (pasta)

I always laugh (to myself of course when I hear this) Also, I wonder if I say Cavatelli, will they know what I want- Usually not. Funny :) Not funny in a making fun sort of way though- Funny in an interesting way!

Sep 22, 2007
pcktbks in Not About Food

HELP! Where can a foodie can eat in Allentown, PA?

Thank you ALL for your help I really appreciate it!!!!

Sep 22, 2007
pcktbks in Pennsylvania

HELP! Where can a foodie can eat in Allentown, PA?

Please help.
We need a place for a nice meal on a Friday night. Don't care what the price is as long as it's good-
We'll be traveling for many hours and then would like to have a good meal without cream or loaded with mozzarella cheese :)
Easy parking would be appreciated too...
Not asking for much right?

Sep 19, 2007
pcktbks in Pennsylvania

Sushi in Rhode Island

I vote for Tokyo. I wish it was cleaner in there - but the sushi is the best around RI that's for sure!

recs near gramercy park- dinner

thanks everyone. we're off today...i've taken down your recs. we've been to casa mono twice and enjoyed it so we may go back ... depends. the hostess was very rude last time we went...
we may try the new restuarant in the gramercy park hotel. i'll let you know what we think :)

Aug 13, 2007
pcktbks in Manhattan

recs near gramercy park- dinner

we'll be in the city for business and want good food, fun atmosphere- not over the top prices- near gramercy park.

Aug 12, 2007
pcktbks in Manhattan

Where to go in Providence if Chez pascal is closed?

i heard the same thing. new location where india was in EG.

Providence Restaurant Week: Where would you go?

I have been hearing great things about Local 121.
Siena would be another choice.

Where is everyone else going???

I had a great meal at XO recently. (and it wasn't steak- not sure what their rest. week menu is though)

I do wish that more restaurants were on OPEN TABLE- then we could all be earning points to eat out more!

I also did not enjoy a visit to Gracie's last year. I thought it was just a bit much and the food was good- but overall experience was not worth the money.

I know a few people going to Waterman Grille for the rest week menu-

Anyone been anywhere yet?

Vacation in Newport, RI - any suggestions

i lived in newport for a while and can say my favorite restaurant is Puerini's Restaurant.
i have never been there when the ac wasn't working. must have been an off night. The food is great- the atmosphere is very bistro-ish- and you can sit outside if you wish...

I don't know how long you'll be in nwpt so I'm going to give you a few recs for different price ranges. If you go to you can get a list of places and maybe even google for the menus w/ pricing...

Mama Luisa's just isn't the same. I wouldn't go there- plus a bit of a hike (puerini's is better IMO


Asterisk on Thames has good food (&drinks) and a fun atmosphere. Salvation Cafe also had a good atmosphere-. (though i like the food better at asterisk, Salvation has an outside Tiki bar that can be fun)

If you're looking for something not too expensive try the Thai Cuisine. The food is always good- and it's not too pricey.. It's right on thames so you can walk around after dinner and maybe even down to the wharfs etc...

For a snack... Try Cold Fusion Gelato on thames. they have really yummy stuff!

I also had a pretty good dinner recently at Norey's on Broadway- it's off the beaten path and the wait staff is very friendly. Norey makes the desserts from scratch- yum! (they also have good breakfast there)

For breakfast if you just want something simple...try the Franklin Spa Restaurant- not fancy- locals and tourists go there. Same with Ocean Breeze Cafe -also good -slightly more expensive.

Lots of people will go to The Red Parrot - they have a really big menu- the food isn't anything to write home about but it will be a bit cheaper than say the Mooring.
But at the Mooring you will get a great view if you sit outside. And the "donuts" are really good!- Drinks are good too. you could get apps and drinks and be happy (well I'm dreaming about it anyway :) )

I find Scales and Shells to be WAY over rated- everything is way over-priced and everything is a la carte- It's also VERY loud in there-Plus they only take cash (i believe)

The Black Pearl has outside seating- you can have a hamburger- and look at the boats- (the hamburgers are good- )

One last thing, Cafe Zeldas also has really good food. I have had Sunday brunch and Dinner- not lunch but I bet it will be good- (fri, sat and sunday)

Ok I will stop blabbing on now. Good Luck!
(you will probably find most of the menu's on line) I hope this info helped- I love Newport and hope that you have a wonderful time on your trip!

ps. If by chance you are staying at the Hyatt- they have a great outside bar- Pineapples, great VIEW- be sure to go there-

Good, cheap Restaurant

what about mike's kitchen in cranston, ri? (it's in the VFW post)
the food is really good and it's pretty casual.
i believe i've seen kids in there before.

Providence Restaurant Week

Providence Restaurant Week: where is everyone going?
Just wanted to make sure everyone knows about this so it will keep going every year.

Brunch/Lunch before the Int'l Tennis Hall of Fame (Newport, RI)

Newport has so many places to eat...even if you don't park right near the THOF- you'll still want to walk around after the match...

Please go to Cold Fusion Gelato on thames. easily walkable.

For food- If you want something really close- Griswolds- I have never been there - it's close and sort of "al fresco".
Also close- is Puerini's but you may have to wait for dinner- The food there is GREAT!
Canfield house/ Pat's pub is also really close- As well as the La Forge. I believe "the porch" section overlooks the THOF... could be cool.
Also: the Hotel Viking- which is really close-by has an outdoor restaurant area...
The Franklin Spa will offer up diner type breakfast- and Katerina's bakery- Near the Stop and Shop on Bellevue will have sandwiches to go (and maybe a table or two inside?)

Oh what about 22 bowen's they have an outside area by the water as well as the Black Pearl- worth walking just a little bit farther.

Good Luck :)

Newport, RI Dog Friendly Restaurants

what about TUCKERS in Newport? they are on broadway and they have outdoor seating. i believe i have seen a dog or two there before?

Where to go in Providence if Chez pascal is closed?

SIENNA on federal hill is supposed to be really good. I haven't been myself but have heard from numerous people that the food and atmosphere are excellent!

I'm wondering if your hotel has conseirge services, they may be able to get you in a restaurant that is already booked on open table?

XO- I had a good meal there the other night.
Good LUCK!

Providence, RI--Temple Downtown Restaurant?

Oh I'm also dying to know about this as well....

Special occasion dinner in Providence

I just had really great food at XO the other night.

I don't recommend Gracie's, I thought it was a bit much and the parentals may feel that it's over the top. Mill's Tavern - might be ok. but not really that special.

I've heard really great things about Sienna on Federal Hill.
Also heard a few good things about the Waterman Grille (used to be the Gatehouse)

I personally love Newport: Purini's- Great Italian, they have an outside patio. Inside isn't too fancy but really cozy, NY Bistro-ish.... The food is always good.

Spending a few months in Providence - help me look like a local

one more: RED STRIPE>
really fun vibe in there- you can drink 40's (40 ounce beers) out of paper bags... .never done that but it looks fun.
Lunch is a good option there - but dinner isn't too expensive- ... it's in wayland square which is really happening on saturday afternoons- fun to walk around etc...

Spending a few months in Providence - help me look like a local

oh also there is CAV- they have brunch which was pretty good and not so expensive ...

Spending a few months in Providence - help me look like a local

Go to the APSARA (the one on public street- need Navi for that but it's WORTH IT)- YUM- everyone loves it there!!!!!

Tokyo for sushi (on wickenden)

if you're here next week it's restaurant week in providence, great way to try places for a little less $ than usual

I agree w/ dessert at Pastiche

Good Luck!

New eats in South County, RI?

Hi Bivalve88- I went to Valuna twice. Once was really great- intimate, quiet, great food. Other time, not so great. The wait-staff wasn't good, the food was not great and the hostess allowed a child to run around unattended banging chairs up and down.
I have heard that they now have an out-door deck though- not sure what it's over looking?????

I am EAGERLY awaiting the opening of the Cheeky Monkey in Narragansett (next to Salon Sante across from Narragansett Beach).
I had (one of) the BEST meal(s) EVER at the cheeky last summer when they were in Newport.
I'd say keep checking on their opening- It will be something new and refreshing for the area- Worth the bbysttr fortune!

Other than that, SC is not really a night on the town- spend a babysitters fortune- kind of town. I'd say: go to Newport (it's only 20 min away) Specifically: Purini's, Asterisk, Thai Cuisine (casual but good!)- then get gelato at Cold Fusion (they have the BEST stuff there)- There are so many really good places that are good- Rhumbline is also really good -they are in the point- It's always good to go off the beaten path!
Finally, make it a full night and catch a movie at the Jane Pickens- they always have something interesting playing!
Good Luck!

Bolo or Cafe Noir or Public House

Making a reservation for a Saturday Night:
Have a big day of business the next day. Looking for something that has good food, good atmosphere- all around enjoyable experience to put us in a good mood for the Fancy Food Show the next day.
Who has tried what - Which should I chose?

All help is appreciated!
Thank you !!!!!

Jul 05, 2007
pcktbks in Manhattan

anyone been to cafe noir?


Jul 05, 2007
pcktbks in Manhattan

whats the name of the rest w/ everything american?

thank you both so much. i actually finally remembered the name: public house.
has anyone been there?
thanks again!

Jul 05, 2007
pcktbks in Manhattan

anyone been to cafe noir?

trying to decide - seems really relaxed but i'm wondering what the vibe is like and how the food is????
Thanks in advance !

Jul 05, 2007
pcktbks in Manhattan

whats the name of the rest w/ everything american?

I know it's not bar americain. The webpage looked really funky - the menu was all red white and blue-

Jul 05, 2007
pcktbks in Manhattan

Help! Need quick omlets near E42nd @grandcentral

thanks bacon bits ... i just checked out Cipriani Le Specialita website - they are only open monday through friday ... so i won't be able to report back- it sounds like it would have been perfect though. Thank you for the idea!

Jul 04, 2007
pcktbks in Manhattan

Help! Need quick omlets near E42nd @grandcentral

thank you
all suggestions are greatly appreciated.
she's looking for something on the quick-side and not breaking the bank-
thank you thank you... i'm very stressed about finding something that my boss will like...

Jul 04, 2007
pcktbks in Manhattan