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Charred Eggplant Salad

I really loved this recipe and it's delicious on baguette, but here are my thoughts on how it could be improved even further....

(1) While I loved the simplicity of simply plopping two whole eggplants on the grill and waiting for them to "collapse," I think next time I would halve them in order to get a bit more of that grill-erific flavor in there.

(2) Instead of using one whole red onion next time, I will choose the amount of red onion to the proportion of the eggplants. My two eggplants were on the smaller side, so one whole onion was a bit much (and I have the breath to prove it).

(3) A splash of olive oil makes this dish extra baguette-friendly.

(4) This is definitely one of those dishes that you'll want to let sit for a few hours to let the flavors comingle.

This dish pairs well with grilled chicken thighs, marinated in olive oil and mint (either fresh or dried). Just before eating the chicken, finish it off with a squeeze of lemon.

Sep 16, 2009
shanfrancisco in Recipes