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Good Asian downtown TO

I'd recommend Spadina Garden....easily one of my fav Chinese restaurants in the city. They're ironically, not on Spadina at all, but at Bay and Dundas.

Dishes there that I like:

- Spicy peanut chicken (amazing! it's their signature dish!
)- Sweet and sour shrimp
- Hunan beef
- Crispy beef
- Shanghai noodle with chicken and shrimp
- Beef spring rolls

Hope that helps! :)

Marche Adonis coming to Mississauga?

I wonder where they are opening up in Mississauga? It seems as if they're associated with the Metro chain, so, my guess might be an old Metro location?? I know the one at Creditview and Eglinton closed down...perhaps that might be the spot?? At one point, Arz Bakery was supposed to open up in Heartland...not sure what's going on with that. This Marche Adonis spot sounds like it's awesome!

Indian in Brampton

Hey answer your question, yeah, Avani is definitely more on the upscale side. They also do an Executive Lunch which is decent value for the money. I forget how much that costs, though.

I do like Karachi Kitchen as well, but find it can be hit or miss. As an FYI, I believe the prices at the Dixie and Burnhamthorpe Karachi Kitchen are a bit cheaper than the KK at Winston Churchill and Battleford. For Pakistani take-out, I also like Silver Spoon (multiple locations in Brampton, Mississauga, and Milton). They can be hit or miss, though...but, do a decent biryani, nihari, and fish pakora (made with basa). For bihari kebabs, I like Cafe De Khan (goes great with a tandoori naan)...more of a casual environment, and small portions for what you pay...but, the food is zesty.

Indian in Brampton

Next time if you decide to venture south a bit, check out either Nirvana or Avani in Mississauga. (the latter I have been to in the past year, and their tandoori wings were awesome)

Hakka cuisine in Toronto?

Yeah, that's the same owner as the Airport Road "China Garden". Although, I do find a bit of a difference between their location and the other one. For example, the Manchurian Vegetable Pakora (with gravy) is pretty different, and better at the original location. The original China Garden is still my favourite for Chili Chicken. Other places I do enjoy are Tangerine out in Marham (garlic shrimp are awesome), Faley's at Islington/Woodbine (honey garlic chicken = more awesomeness), and Eddie's Wok N Roll at Erin Mills and Millcreek (love the Sweet n Sour Manchurian chicken).

Best butter chicken in the Toronto area

I love the Butter Chicken roti at Gandhi's. You can tell how they use freshly ground spices, and it has a certain zestiness that many other butter chickens lack.

As for Moti Mahal, I find their butter chicken to be pretty standard as to what you find in most places.

Best butter chicken in the Toronto area

Like most places, definitely depends on the dish. I'm sure there are ones that aren't quite stand-outs by any means, but definitely has the best butter chicken for sure. It's the sauce....even after you're done with the chicken pieces, you're still eating it. The owner's actually really nice as well. We had mentioned to him a concern we had one time, because our vegetarian friend couldn't enjoy the sauce, so, he tinkered around and brought back a paneer makhani/ shahi paneer type of dish which has now found its way to the menu. I'm with Food Face on this one!

Best butter chicken in the Toronto area

Bar none, Lahore Tikka House has the best butter chicken! I don't know if they put crack in the sauce or not, but it's just awesome!! It's located in Little India/Gerard India Bazaar. I'd also recommend a butter till naan to go with it. The caveat here is that yes, it's gonna be a lil oily, but that's part of the butter chickeny goodness!!

Best Masala Dosa in Toronto?

In Mississauga area, I like Guru's across from Erin Mills Town Centre...right off of Erin Centre Blvd. I actually like the tea here better than the madras coffee. Saravana Bhavan is solid too, but I think it's a lil overrated, and the portions seem to get smaller each time I go there.

Out east, I prefer Madras Palace (Ellesemere between Midland and Brimley).

If you're down in Little India aka Gerard India Bazaar, I'd hit up Udupi.

Good eats in Toronto, Chinatown

I normally don't deviate too much from Swatow's. I used go to a spot called "Excellence", because they had some appealing Dinner for Four deals...and it sounded great after a late night out 'n about. At Swatow's, I like the Sweet and Sour chicken (tastes like candy), and the black bean sauce beef. They do try to rush you out at times in order to increase turnover...I wasn't a huge fan of that part of it.

The Real Jerk?

I've found the Potluck locations usually have white meat. Haven't really tried too many jerk chicken spots aside from the, but they're great for a standard order of white meat jerk chicken, rice and peas, great coleslaw, and of course, oxtail gravy over the rice. I find it's not crazy hot for my taste, though, but still good.