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Good Detroit Area Vegetarian (Please don't say Inn Season Cafe)

Gah, I wish I'd seen this post earlier! I ended up at Angelina's Bistro downtown and it was awfully disappointing. I got a gnocchi dish that really tasted like little balls of soggy mashed potatoes, NOT gnocchi. My omnivorous boyfriend got a badly overcooked steak that was awash in capers. He said it was both weird and bad.

And while I'm sure Detroit has awesome Lebanese food, my family is part Lebanese and I'm pretty sure I will always like our versions of things best.

Nov 14, 2010
LOLTofu in Great Lakes

Homemade Tofurkey with Brown Rice Stuffing

This looks nice and I'm always in favor of veg recipes on Chow, but I am not sure this will stack up against my stand-by recipe. I loooove Bryanna's "tofurkey" roast, especially laced with some extra garlic and herbs. Because that recipe uses vital wheat gluten (the key ingredient in seitan), it is incredibly chewy and makes the best leftover "turkey" sammiches.

So Chow, I ask you: what's the texture like on this thing? Is it soft or chewy?

Nov 08, 2010
LOLTofu in Recipes

Good Detroit Area Vegetarian (Please don't say Inn Season Cafe)

Thanks for all these recommendations, everyone. My boyfriend and I are traveling to Detroit to check out some museums this weekend and I came to Chow with this exact question. I've now shortlisted Modern, The Fly Trap, Red Sea, and Diamond Jim Brady's Bistro. I also picked up Traffic Jam and Snug from another thread. Any specific recommendations from that list?

(And one reason I'd agree with Tokyo about not wanting Middle Eastern recommendations is because I feel like I can get great vegetarian Middle Eastern or Indian at home. When I go some place new, I really want to try food that's creative and less standardized.)

Diamond Jim's
210 S Main St Ste 1, Crown Point, IN 46307

Fly Trap Restaurant
22950 Woodward Ave, Ferndale, MI 48220

Sep 13, 2010
LOLTofu in Great Lakes

I Spit on Your Meat-Raising Livelihood

I think the advice about not bringing your own food is a little weak. A lot of people don't even think about the meat ingredients that go into their cooking (meat stock or broth, lard in processed foods, fish sauce, anchovies in caesar dressing, gelatin everywhere) and that starch/vegetable on the table are in no way guaranteed vegetarian fare, particularly at a ranch house. I think bringing something to dinner is both sensible and polite, especially if you're an awesome vegetarian cook and you want to share something delicious with the group. It's a lot more polite than pretending to be smiley as your blood sugar crashes over an empty plate.

Aug 02, 2010
LOLTofu in Features

Where to find excellent Mai Tai?

After reading this thread on my phone, I went on a bit of a Tiki Crawl in search of a great Mai Tai in NYC. I started at The Rusty Knot on all the recommendations I saw here. It was a fun looking bar with really cool, nice, easygoing bartenders, but the crowd was annoying (sort of frat-housey) and the Mai Tais, though tasty mixed drinks, weren't actually Mai Tais. They lacked orgeat completely. HOWEVER: if you go to the Rusty Knot, which I do really recommend, the spiced colada is absolutely fantastic. They also make their own ginger juice for their dark and stormy, so try that, too.

Otto's Shrunken Head came next. Great punk rock tiki atmosphere with a fun crowd, but sam1 isn't kidding about getting the right bartender. I got a different bartender than my two friends, and their Mai Tais were downright passable. Mine was a completely different drink, completely undrinkable. It had grenadine and possibly pineapple rum and it was a horrendous combination of too sweet and clashy flavors. I highly recommend snagging the bartender with the shaggy bleach-blond hair if she's there. If she's not, get a beer.

The Rusty Knot
425 West St, New York, NY 10014

Otto's Shrunken Head
538 E 14th St, New York, NY 10009

Jun 06, 2010
LOLTofu in Manhattan

The Original Mai Tai

This recipe is stellar. I'd only ever had the OJ/rum float type of mai-tai and this one is just in an entire other realm of goodness. Good orgeat was worth the hunt, and I made my own rock candy syrup with raw sugar. Totally delicious and a huge party hit.

May 24, 2010
LOLTofu in Recipes

Spiced Cranberry SangrĂ­a

I made this recipe for my big Thanksgiving party and it was an enormous hit (served it in a punch bowl with a frozen cranberry juice ice ring). However, next time I'd omit the fresh cranberries, as guests didn't really know what to do with them other than drink around them. I think pomegranate seeds would be a better pick for edible macerated fruit with a tart bite.

Nov 28, 2009
LOLTofu in Recipes

Braised Belgian Endive

This recipe sounds delicious, but the photo is not the best. Makes the endives look like giant bugs to me.

Nov 19, 2009
LOLTofu in Recipes

So good that you make it over and over again (or at least 3 times!)

Epicurious's Vegetarian Pad Thai:
(I've tweaked the recipe considerably, but wow is it great and I'm thoroughly addicted.


My grandma's meatless meatloaf, which sounds totally improbable from ingredients but tastes faaaabulous

Alton Brown's Old Fashioned Coconut Cake. I have to admit I use some shortcuts (like I don't make my own coconut extract), but it is the most perfect, succulent, and absolutely to-die-for cake I've ever eaten. It even wins over those pesky "I hate coconut" people, as it completely lacks the disgusting flaked supermarket coconut.

Millennium Restaurant's Italian Sausage seitan, which I have also turned into gyros and breakfast sausage.

Oct 01, 2009
LOLTofu in Home Cooking

Eating in Disney (or in the area)...

I don't know the area that well, but I stumbled into a surprisingly delicious tofu noodle bowl at the vaguely-Asian noodle stand in Tomorrowland. It included fresh cilantro, a lime wedge, and they even had bottles of sriracha at the condiment station! Expecting limp pizza and soggy burgers, I found it to be a surprisingly good choice for in-park fare.

Sep 22, 2009
LOLTofu in Florida

Recipes You've Never Heard of Outside Your Family

Oh, it is! I haven't eaten the lamb version in years, but I missed the lamb version for far longer than any other meat dish. Even the vegetarian version is a show stopper. I highly recommend it!

Sep 21, 2009
LOLTofu in Home Cooking

Recipes You've Never Heard of Outside Your Family

My family has a passed down recipe from our Syrian-Lebanese side that I've never heard of any place else. We call it shish butter, but that may be some sort of bastardization. Basically, it's ground lamb with lemon juice, mint, garlic, and allspice folded into wrappers (we use wonton wrappers now), then toasted in a hot, buttered skillet, then simmered in a plain yogurt and butter sauce. We eat it (and its recently developed vegetarian counterpart) over Syrian rice (rice with toasted vermicelli, pine nuts, and allspice). Has anyone else every heard of this, or know its real name?

Sep 17, 2009
LOLTofu in Home Cooking

If It Ain't Dark, It Ain't Chocolate

Anyone who thinks milk chocolate is all on par with Snickers bars hasn't tried Vosges dark milk chocolate bars. Gaawd I could die happily, swimming in a sea of Barcelona Bars.

Jul 28, 2009
LOLTofu in Features

Bill Niman and Nicolette Hahn Niman: Experts in Residence!

Wow, that cheese stat is jaw-dropping. I feel like there is a lot of misinformation out there when it comes to nutritional know-how and the American public. I wonder what strategies could be employed to break down some of the eating myths to which many people cling.

Jul 06, 2009
LOLTofu in General Topics

breakfast/brunch in columbus

I second Northstar and Dragonfly. You may find Dragonfly pretentious, depending on your taste, but the food is unbeatable. It's very high end cuisine, all locally grown and sourced (much of it from the chef's kitchen garden behind the restaurant). Northstar is more casual (they offer brunch on the weekends) with sweet-potato-hash breakfast burritos and ricotta pancakes.

west side columbus, nothing fancy

I don't know how far west you'll be, but this place in central Columbus (they have two locations, but they're not a chain) is one of my favorites:

Lots of fresh, clean-tasting organic food with no fuss and reasonable prices. Feel free to go in wearing your road trip hair.

Banana Leaf - Columbus - great experience

Sooo much agreement. My boyfriend and I LOVE Banana Leaf, and I'm so glad other Cbusites (Cbusonians?) have found it. The chat and buffet is amazing, but if you're ever ordering off the menu, try the Paneer in Cashew Butter. You will die of happiness.

Jul 05, 2009
LOLTofu in Great Lakes

Bill Niman and Nicolette Hahn Niman: Experts in Residence!

What are your opinions about the volume and frequency at which Americans consume meat? Do you think it's responsible, environmentally and health-wise, to promote a "meat at every meal" mentality, and if not, does the conflict of selling a product vs. acting on conscience move this decision at all for sustainable meat farmers?

I'm mostly curious because I'm a vegetarian who isn't morally opposed to humans eating meat, but I have a serious distaste for the meat industry and thoughtless meat consumption. I know that you guys are not exactly the mainstream meat farmers, but I would love to hear discussion and ideas from the omnivorous side of the table.

Jul 05, 2009
LOLTofu in General Topics