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Soft Pretzel Rolls

Dingdingding! The winner! Man, these are terrific! I first heard about Pretzel rolls on one of those Food Network shows that visit legendary local restaurants all over the country. The host was raving about a restaurant's use of Pretzel rolls as hamburger buns, and my search for a good recipe led me here. I'll definitely use this recipe often. I followed the directions exactly and they came out just right.

I'd say the size of the individual rolls is just right to be used as dinner rolls, but I'd want them a little bigger to use for sandwiches or hamburger buns. Also, add in the baking soda slowly and make sure your saucepan is big enough to handle the initial foam up--I didn't do either and today I'll spend some time cleaning my cooktop.

Jul 05, 2009
goodmoodfood in Recipes