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Tonite: Thai Food Hell's Kitchen

Unfortunately tonight has passed for you several days ago, but just to add to the discussion --

I am a big fan of Chili Thai on 9th between 48th and 49th. The food is fresh and I found the prep decent. Minimal ambiance as it is very small, but not a "take out only" atmosphere either. Entrees run around $10, which is great for a casual neighborhood place. It's not Michelin three star food, but for a local spot serving the Thai stuff you'd expect, I think highly of it.

Jul 12, 2009
CarGuy in Manhattan

Aquavit Dining Room for RW?

I did the RW prix fixe lunch in the dining room last year at Aquavit and it was marvelous. Plan on going back this year.

CityKid mentioned rushed service. I was lucky enough to have a very laid back waiter -- if anything, it was too long of a meal for midday lunch.

Jul 05, 2009
CarGuy in Manhattan

What's your fave 6th st Indian place

I just tried Brick Lane recently after whining like a brat in another thread that there were no "good" Indian restaurants in Manhattan.

I was happy to be so wrong. Brick lane is very good, entrees are $15-$20 which is a little more than I would like to spend, but that's because I'm cheap. And used to eating indian from Hicksville on LI, where good Indian entrees are closer to $10.

In any case, I can speak highly of Brick Lane as a real American/English Indian restaurant. That means chicken tikka masala is top notch there, plus other good dishes.

Don't fall for the Phaal Curry challenge, though. They say it's the hottest curry variety in the world, and many believe that Brick Lane's phaal is the hottest dish in Manhattan regardless of cuisine. Since I have macho issues, I ordered it and finished it and now have a certificate. But it's not especially good tasting, so skip it.

Jul 19, 2008
CarGuy in Manhattan

Favorite Restaurants on W46th Restaurant Row?

I am probably in the minority but I like Becco - for certain times. The all you can eat 3 pasta tableside deal is a nice price ($22, including a caesar or antipasto) and I am fond of the pastas, though usually only 2 out of the 3 are actually home made pasta. Sauces range from good to excellent for a reasonably priced manhattan restaurant, in my opinion.

Rest of becco's stuff is just adequate at best. I agree with what others have said about tight seating, bad noise, and frequently inattentive service. Best time to go is a weeknight for dinner - weekend nights, forget about it. The once kept my girlfriend and I waiting 1hr + for an 8pm reservation we had made a week in advance with no apology.

Jul 07, 2008
CarGuy in Manhattan

Why is it impossible to find really good food on the UWS?

I'm inclined to agree with what most have said. Just moved to UWS for the summer from Queens and I find myself really looking.

Frankly I think it is almost impossible to get a top notch Indian meal in Manhattan, aside from possibly some decent fast food style spots in the Wall Street area (though I believe those are more driven by the value than the quality being astronomical). Generally the Indian restaurants I have been to on the UWS and elsewhere - which are always packed, inexplicably to me - are Bangladeshi run and offer sub-par takes on all but breads and tandoor meats. I don't think I've ever had a curry I really loved here.

I did try Malaysia Grill on 104th between Broadway and Amsterdam a few nights ago and was pleasantly surprised with most of my food, aside from the Randeng Beef, the sauce for which may as well have been from a packet.

I am a fan of Hummus place although it's really more about the convenience than it is the food itself, which I think is bettered by a $3 container of Sabra from the market.

Most of the places my friends on the UWS go to eat have been just awful, and many are glorified bars (without even having really good bar food on the menu!). Josie's seems to be not as good as the east side location, and whether they raised prices or I've become cheaper, I can't say, but it was an expensive meal for casual dining ($60 for 2 entrees and 2 sodas).

Any suggestions for good pasta in the UWS? Or am I just better off to hit the subway and head downtown?

Jul 07, 2008
CarGuy in Manhattan

When and where for Heirloom Tomatoes?

This is my first summer in Manhattan ever, and coming from upstate New York I'm totally in love with heirloom tomatoes.

Can anyone help me? My guess is that farmer's markets in Manhattan are the spots to try, especially the one at Union Square. If there are any other thoughts (either stores that are great for them or particular farmer's markets) that would be fantastic.

Also any ideas when I should be on the lookout for them? In upstate NY it was really not until mid July. Different here?

Finally, my understanding of the current tomato salmonella situation is that it is more limited to commercial tomatoes and that since heirloom tend to be small/family farm grown, there is no more risk of salmonella (or anything else) than usual. Can anyone confirm?

Thanks so much!

Jun 27, 2008
CarGuy in Manhattan

Old Chestnut - Where to take fam?

Thanks to both of you for responding. Took a look at some menus online, made some calls - looks like we're headed to Rustic Canyon. I'm stoked. Shall I post a review afterwards?

Jul 01, 2007
CarGuy in Los Angeles Area

Old Chestnut - Where to take fam?

Adult family visiting from out of town, going to dinner Monday night. Have been to LA many times before, but not necessarily all over the foodie scene. The restrictions/interests: upscale (cost is not an issue - anything below the Thomas Keller price range), trendy new or edgy would be nice, will have a vegetarian along so preferably not a steakhouse. Would be anywhere Hollywood or west, really.

My first choice was Hatfields, as I absolutely love it, but unfortunately it's all booked on Monday night. Any other suggestions?

Thank you so much in advance!

Jul 01, 2007
CarGuy in Los Angeles Area