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Turkish Food

My husband and I are planning a visit to NY in a few weeks and I wanted to find out if there are any Turkish restaurants you would recommend that serve either kunefe or ekmek kadayif as desserts?


Jul 16, 2008
NewtoID in Manhattan

BEST Mexican Food In Middleton/Caldwell/Nampa???? HELP!!!

I tried Rita's once in Nampa and liked it the best of every place I've tried so far. It's in an old gas station so there's no place to eat there if it's cold outside.

Dec 12, 2007
NewtoID in Pacific Northwest

Boise Restaurants


We just moved to Boise a month ago and would be interested in any recommendations for restaurants here. More specifically though I have heard that there are Bosnian restaurants here which I haven't been able to find from searching on the internet. Anyone know where these are?


Jul 01, 2007
NewtoID in Mountain States