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Artisan Bread in 5: the pizza disaster

@Bryan Pepperseed: Rather than using parchment under your pizza and burning it you should invest in a Super Peel. You can top your pizzas directly on unfloured countertops and it will pick them up and drop them on your stone without ever sticking. They are fabulous and a great compliment to ABin5 and other bread or pie crust recipes.

May 02, 2010
baschwar in Home Cooking

One dinner in Spokane - Latah Bistro, Vin Rouge or Mizuna?

Mizuna would be the only one within walking distance. We've always like Vin Rouge, great service and atmospshere. (They have a nice patio). Also, Vin Rouge has a great wine and dessert selection. We've never tried Latah, but we were just chatting about trying it. Another choice that is very close would be Moxie. He was the former head chef at the Davenport. Very good fusion food.

Aug 26, 2009
baschwar in Pacific Northwest