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REVIEW: Hygge Bakery, Downtown LA

Hygge bakery only opened its doors on june 30th. Any person should know that a food and beverage business that is newly open does not have everything done properly due to time constrains, manpower, government etc. How can anyone be in sound mind to judge a business based on simply just one walk in? This place is run by real danish people with years and years of experience, not one of the so called "bakers" American-Euros know about. He bakes just as well as any "home baker" in denmark does. As food critics, we must be responsible and state facts, not based on assumptions that this is real and this isn't not. I'm sure even without your two cent worth on how danish people should run their business, they know more than anyone else how to run their own business. is anyone aware of how starbucks and coffee bean awfully roast their coffee beans? Any one who likes Starbucks are not real bakery/coffee lovers. Let's give hygge some time and not pass judgement so quickly.

Any real danish people will know that pastries do not have to be fruit based. American has butchered the real taste of what danish pastries should taste like.

Le Pain Quotidien Isn't an authentic bakery. However, i must applaud them for their PR skills, managing to sell overpriced pastries and non-french food to rich people in Los Angeles who has never tasted real bread before :)

overall, i do agree with you that they have good pastries and bread. it's the most authentic danish bakery one can find in America. someone should try convincing me of a more authentic, better danish bakery than hygge, because nothing can beat hygge for sure.

Jul 04, 2009
cheese123 in Los Angeles Area