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Cast iron pans leaving black flakes on food

You're wrong. It's improperly bonded seasoning peeling off in little specks. I have this on my skillet. I'm guessing it's because the iron base itself isn't smooth enough to support a perfect seasoned surface, but I don't want to toss the whole skillet so I'm looking for another answer.

Feb 05, 2010
clamnectar in Cookware


I finally tried Pho Pasteur and it is fantastic. The broth is perfect, the quantity of meat is adequate, and it comes with a generous pile of extras. But it's all about the broth. Really great broth.

Ka Chi Korean Restaurant- Shocking, unbelievably rude service!

I'm not a Korean connaisseur, but I had a nice meal at San on Queen

Harlem Underground now open

that's disappointing, but thanks

Harlem Underground now open

on Queen and Palmerston. Anyone been? I've walked by at night a couple times and seen it 95% empty but the menu posted on the door looks amazing.... just curious if the actual food measures up.

ISO: Fresh Tomatillos in dwtn TO

the produce place right across the street from european meats (in kensington market) has them often.


And further:

"How much Glutamate do people consume?

The average American consumes about 11 grams of glutamate per day from natural protein sources and less than 1 gram of glutamate per day from MSG. This amount of added MSG is the same as adding 1 to 1.5 ounces of parmesan cheese. In contrast, the human body creates about 50 grams of glutamate daily for use as a vital component of metabolism."

I'm afraid the health Canada info you posted is merely a hedge because what people claim to experience is not easily dismissed. But there is no scientific basis for the belief that MSG is harmful and causes ill effects.


your anectodal evidence is meaningless. It could be any number of things causing your stomach ache and drowsiness.

Is MSG different from glutamate?

"The human body treats MSG the same as natural glutamate found in food. For instance, the body does not distinguish between free glutamate from tomatoes, cheese or mushrooms and the glutamate from MSG added to foods. Glutamate is glutamate, whether naturally present or from MSG."


MSG doesn't cause headaches. MSG is found in great quantities in aged cheese, ripe tomatoes, and mushrooms among many other foods. MSG is natural, and essential to the body. Artificial MSG is an exact analogue to natural MSG and can be eaten without fear of illness of any kind. Only believing that it affects you will cause you problems.... the placebo effect.

Dessert and Coffee - Dufflet? Dessert Trends? Or -

hero burger poutine -- surprisingly good

I've only been to the one on Queen at Palmerston, but they sell a pretty decent poutine for 4.50. The fries have a nice consistency and flavour, and there's a generous amount of cheese and just the right amount of gravy. Anyone else had it? It may be the solution for those bitter about overpriced sub-par poutine. And they're open until 4 am on friday and saturday.

Caplanskys on College St - impressions?

a more cynical observer might assume that "personality over experience" means finding workers who can be paid the absolute minimum.

Best burrito in the city...

big fat burrito is delicious

Caplanskys on College St - impressions?

"no. 9 pale ale"

Caplanskys on College St - impressions?

went this evening.

me: "how much is the beer?"
waitress: "six or seven dollars, i don't know." (rolling her eyes).
me: "uhhh i guess I'll have the pale ale."
my girlfriend: "i'll have the wheat beer."
waitress: "you do know that's a wheat beer don't you?" uhhhhh yeah, that's what it's called.

then she ID'ed us.

waitress: "sorry, my boss is a nazi" ..... she says in a jewish deli? oy vey.

the smoked meat sandwich was good and came to our table without much delay. the fries were dry and cardboardy -- not good. when asked how everything was, we mentioned this, and they were immediately replaced by more of the same (but hotter). they need to deep fry them quicker. nobody likes fries too tough to stick a fork through.

will go back for the sandwich sometime, i think.

greasy hangover breakfast near queen and bathurst

i've been to sneaky dee's once and it was so disgusting i'll never go back... service was awful too. guy who sat down 20 minutes after me and ordered the same thing i did got his food 20 minutes before me

greasy hangover breakfast near queen and bathurst

thanks all... been to the bellwoods, liked it. haven't been to cowgirl in a while -- forgot about that! good rec. will check out the others one of these post-drinking mornings...

Good meat shops/butchers in the Junction

pork butt goes for $1.50/pound or less at most butchers

greasy hangover breakfast near queen and bathurst

Hi... I'm looking for bacon, eggs, potatoes, toast, on a plate for $5-8. not quality -- quantity! all day! any ideas?

Is there a Toronto (or surrounding area) specialty?

it may suck, but it's definitely a toronto thing... show a little patriotism and eat the shepherd's pie and spring rolls!

Best Bloody Mary in Toronto?

i don't know, but the best caesar i've had here was at the done right inn on west queen west, if that helps. there's a woman who tends bar and she uses red wine and just the right amount of everything --- the best!

Is there a Toronto (or surrounding area) specialty?

you know what's occurred to me.... the casual dining/pub food menus always have staples from indian, thai, caribbean, and japanese cuisine -- all those, and the usual burgers and fries. i think that's a big thing in toronto -- chicken satay, spring rolls, pad thai, butter chicken, roti, edamame, jerk, all on the same menu!

sushi - quality and prices

thanks for the overview. i'm not incredibly picky about sushi. i'm just looking for a good balance of quality and price, and i wasn't sure about price norms here. i got worried when the vibe of a place said 'mediocre' and the price seemed high (ichiban). for reference, my favourite sushi restaurant in vancouver has excellent quality tuna nigiri for 1.75 a piece. if i know i can expect to pay a little less than double, that helps calibrate my expectations.

sushi - quality and prices

hey... I'm fairly new to Toronto and I'm wondering what the lay of the land is like for sushi. My favourite thing is tuna sushi (a single slab of tuna on a single chunk of rice). My question is, what is the average price you expect to pay for that here? And what do you consider the minimum price to get a high quality piece of the aforementioned? I haven't had the time to do my own survey. However, I was shocked when I went to Ichiban on King West and they were asking $3.00 for a single piece. I had a miso soup and quickly left.

Is there a Toronto (or surrounding area) specialty?

really? i find the tap water here tastes far worse than vancouver, where i'm from.

how about the proliferation of west indian food establishments? now that i think about it, there's an absolute ton.

Is there a Toronto (or surrounding area) specialty?

just saying that doesn't distinguish it. my vote's on "peameal bacon"... never seen it anywhere else.

Is there a Toronto (or surrounding area) specialty?

actually that's vancouver

Fantastic Curry Roti - Ghandi on Queen West

it's not good butter chicken, that's why! everything's a matter of opinion, but it's among the most weak-flavoured and oversalted i've had.

Fantastic Curry Roti - Ghandi on Queen West

so, I went back and got the lamb roti this time. way way way better! in fact, delicious! DO NOT get the butter chicken -- it's overpriced and oversalted. DO get the lamb roti!

Fantastic Curry Roti - Ghandi on Queen West

went yesterday.... ordered at the counter, and it took about 15 minutes to get my butter chicken roti. i have to say i was quite disappointed. the portion was large and fresh, true. that's the good part. but the flavours were way off. twice as much salt as it needed, and almost no sweetness or cardamom flavour -- two things i consider key to butter chicken. i'm still going to try it again though. FYI, it says on their door that they're closed on weekends.