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Raspberry Tart Is Just Ridiculously Easy

I love galettes! And I love raspberries so this is perfect. What a rustic cool dessert for 4th of July, maybe sprinkled with blueberries & a side of vanilla ice cream for the red, white & blue!
Ruth is right- tarts don't have that rustic fold over like galettes. A little foodie vocabulary is a good lesson.

Jun 19, 2014
Kerry Stringari in Features

Pavlova with Lemon Curd and Fresh Berries

This recipe is very good. I have chickens so this is a perfect recipe for my fresh eggs. I think my pavlova came out amazing. Don't be surprised if it cracks when it cools, it is covered with the yummy lemon curd cream anyway! I cheated & used Mrs. Dickenson's lemon curd & it came out great. Light & lucious. Have made a few times to rave reviews.

Mar 24, 2013
Kerry Stringari in Recipes

Maple Buttercream

I agree- 2 sticks of butter & 1 cup of maple syrup?!!
May be a typo.
Suggest take own buttercream recipe & flavor with maple syrup or extract. Pretty color with syrup, tho.
How about an orange pumpkin candy on top or ghost marshmallow peep for fun?

Oct 28, 2011
Kerry Stringari in Recipes

Tadich Grill or House of Prime Rib

No contest..Tadich Grill wins hands down! Great martini, crab cakes and any fish. Always fresh. Even the raviolis are like someone's grandma is in the kitchen. Plus cool old San Francisco feel.
My boys are the 4th generation to eat there! ZIVIO! (Cheers in Croatian)