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Origin North - Anyone been?

I am late to this thread but I came on board to see what others were saying about Origin North.

I went yesterday for a team lunch and have to say that while it may have been one of the most beautiful spaces, it was overall a huge letdown.

It certainly is a nice place, open, roomy, lots of natural light, woody rustic modern. It was a little odd that they set our table up really close to a wall only to tell us that we have to pull our chairs in because the space behind the chairs and the wall was a walkway.

Service was so so, the waitress was nice but there were gaps in her skills. She didn't ask what size wine my colleagues wanted, she took orders for half the table and walked away. What happened was that people on the other side of the table couldn't hear her and she couldn't hear them so she assumed they wanted nothing. There were gaps in the delivery of food so some sat without food for over 5 mins while others that had food waited to eat out of courtesy.

The menu is quite small but with seemingly interesting items and varying degrees of success.
I had a caramelized vegetable sandwich. I think it had eggplant, a lump of mozza, caramelized onions and pesto. Pesto and caramelized onions, blech. Onions were so sweet that they overpowered everything else. I stopped eating after a few bites.

Other items: spring rolls, ok but not worth $9 for 3, deviled eggs, I heard they were nice (fyi - 3 doesn't mean 3 eggs, it means 3 halves), calamari on mango salad, good, spicy spanish fries, very nice.

Salad Nicoise - ok, overdressed
Curry Shrimp - tasty, small $17, maybe 5 or 6 shrimp
Corned Beef Sandwich - good, not great
Grilled Chicken - good
Grilled Fish - good

I think we will not be back for now. Over priced, bad to ok food.

Groceries in walking distance from Sheraton Eau Claire?

thanks Everyone! I will map all these places out.
If I can finish work at a decent time, I'll venture to as many as possible. It'll help me get to know more of my surroundings. The last time that I was there it was pretty much hotel-office-hotel-office.
makan2, I guess I should say almond beverage like Almond Breeze. I have a strange addiction to it.

Aug 23, 2011
tricia_g_c in Prairie Provinces

Groceries in walking distance from Sheraton Eau Claire?


Am heading back to Calgary for a work trip in September. Will be there for a week and am wondering if there is a place within a few minutes walking distance from the Sheraton Eau Claire on Barclay Parade SW where I can get some groceries like almond "milk", yogurt, fresh fruit etc. I was on the Eau Claire Market website and I see an Island Foods listed but the website is dead. Is it still there?

Aug 21, 2011
tricia_g_c in Prairie Provinces

how about the worst burgers in T.O?

Hero Burger was probably the biggest burger disappointment I've ever had due to their overhyping of the gourmet factor.

At least if I go to Johnny's I know I'm getting a bargain burger. They aren't trying to be anything more.

Hero was a big, tough, dry patty that scraped me going down and coming out. No amount of condiments can fix that.

Chinese Bakery in TO that sells steamed buns?

There is a supermarket at Alton Towers, McCowan one light south of Steeles, where my folks got the most huge-mongous buns I've ever seen. The ones they got had an egg, meat, were a little sweet. The name of the store is, ?Taiko?.

Haka (Manchurian) style restaurants in the GTA?

The Royal Chinese Seafood Restaurant at Middlefield and McNicoll in Scarborough is very good.
My parents and their friends love it. We are in love with the chili chicken In our opinion, much better than Tangerine).
And they have things that make me think of my Japo and Popo.....stuffed steamed tofu, yam and pork, stuffed bitter melon..........

New Lindt Warehouse Outlet Store!!

Markham and Finch in the SW corner. I haven't been there but know about it because of the large signage, I don't think you could miss it.

Bahn Mi North of Finch?

Hi goodmom8,

Can you post after you've tried it to let us know how it is? I might try to make it there next week and will post my review.


Cootie Call

Oh, heck to the no. I'd give her my patented stare. The expressionless dead fish eye look.

Oct 17, 2007
tricia_g_c in Features

Turning the Tables

When my friends and I want to enjoy post dinner conversation, we take it to a coffeehouse/bar/lounge.

I hate having people who are waiting for a table train their laser beam vision on us.

Unless you reserved two time slots, be considerate of others who have also waited/are waiting to enjoy a meal.

Oct 17, 2007
tricia_g_c in Features

Wow, You Eat a Lot

Maybe she was just tired of hearing you repeat yourself over and over and over and......over.

My husband will do that and it makes me crazy. Once, when he first met my cousin who had just paid a ridiculous amount of $$ for a camera battery, my husband talked about it for about 2 hours until I told him ENOUGH! LET IT GO! The horse is dead, ship has sailed, night has fallen, water under the bridge....

I tell him often, "make your point already"

Oct 17, 2007
tricia_g_c in Features

Leftovers: The Career Killer

I am late to this thread but, holy crust! I always thought people who lunch out all the time are either wasteful, impractical or too harried in their lives to bring leftovers. I am NOT impressed with the guy who walks in with takeout bags everyday.

Besides, save money on lunch means more money for other things.

Who'd want to work for a company that is shallow enough to evaluate your potential and worth based on your lunch routine??

Oct 17, 2007
tricia_g_c in Features

None of Your Business

While I generally share recipes, there is one that I do not. It's for lasagne but it's not my recipe. It's the secret recipe of a friend and he wants it kept that way.

My mother always gives the recipe too because she says that is one less thing for her to worry about. People always asking her to make the same things. Here's the recipe, go make it yourself and give me the freedom to make something else.

That said, Cheesed-Off is not entitled to the recipe. When you ask a question, be prepared to here "no". However, the manner in which the request for a recipe rejected is also a factor. I can deal with "family secret".

Oct 17, 2007
tricia_g_c in Features

Sharing the Office Fridge

I used to laugh at stories like this but am hearing of it more and more. It happened to me too and was a regular occurance at my last employer. A half eaten lunch goes missing. My yogurt (which when you're pregnant and having gestational diabetes is NOT funny). A bite out of a sandwich (at least take the whole thing). People treat it like their home fridges. I started to just take a soft side cooler to work so I could keep it at my desk.

Oct 01, 2007
tricia_g_c in Features

My MacGyver Moment

hilarious! you guys are awesome.

Sep 28, 2007
tricia_g_c in Features

How Do They Get a Pear in a Bottle of Eau de Vie?

I just planted a pear tree this year and this fascinates me. I might grow the pear in a bottle just to amuse my son.

Sep 27, 2007
tricia_g_c in Features

Staff Christmas Party in Markham area

Ah! The School......I knew there was something there but my mind kept saying "Magic Wok" and then would go blank.

Remezzo in Scarborough

My not very adventuresome husband used to be addicted to that place but I found the food ok. It wasn't horrible or anything but nothing to make me have "moments". I agree, Restaurant Makeover waiting to happen.

Digital Scale hunting in Toronto

I second Cayne's and HomeOutiftters. But also throw in Golda's Kitchen in Mississauga's Heartland Shopping(Mavis/401) area. They have online shopping if a trip to the west end is not for you.

China Lily Soya Sauce

Good luck, btw, if I see it I will post.

China Lily Soya Sauce

This thread makes me laugh because I had just recently seen a Shopping Bags episode where they were testing soy sauces and China Lily was one of them but it is not one of the "naturally brewed" sauces. But it actually did quite well being the one favoured for overall cooking. And then, I looked it up and read that the owner had died and his wife closed down the business, causing a shortage, but has since reopened. So maybe that's why you are having trouble. Apparently, it's got the magic MSG in it which could explain the fanaitc/nostalgic devotion to it.

Staff Christmas Party in Markham area


In the East Commerce Valley/HWY7 area there are two that may be able to accomodate your party. Not exactly fine dining but mass appeal and decent. Brix Napa Valley and Baton Rouge. Those are the only two I can think of that might meet both requirements of party size and menu options.

Cherry Ice Cream in the York Region?

Chapman's has been the only cherry ice cream that we found in the supermarkets in recent times but we are looking for bordeaux cherry specifically. I did find some in M&M and also Laura Secord in the last couple of days. I do still want to try the Kawartha ice cream, though.

Cherry Ice Cream in the York Region?


New to the board. Looked for previous posts on the topic but didn't see any relevant to the York region.

Looking for cherry (I think it's called Bordeaux Cherry or Black Sweet Cherry) in the York region. This is make my mother so happy that I will have scored enough karma points to last a very long time. It's really hard to find now. Need to be located in York region (ie. Markham, Richmond Hill, Stouffivlle, Uxbridge)....actually, even willing to go into Durham a bit.