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What Is America's Worst Restaurant Chain?

Sorry, I'm from California, where we have *real* hamburgers. And I'm not just talking about In-N-Out (which is still good, but not even the best around here).

about 2 hours ago
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What Is America's Worst Restaurant Chain?

There are a couple of Pioneer Chicken locations still in operation in the Los Angeles area. Gizzards and all!

about 2 hours ago
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What Is America's Worst Restaurant Chain?

Pizza Hut. Though I guess their greasy sponge crust doesn't exactly qualify as an actual "pizza." I would rather have Domino's than Greasy Sponge Crust Hut. At least the crust at Domino's resembles actual bread.

about 3 hours ago
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Little Jewel

Yes it is, park at the Culver City Expo Line station.

about 3 hours ago
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Donut Summit! Who's going?

The winners are listed on the website.

Donut Summit! Who's going?

This event was pretty cool, well-organized and real fun! I think they had like almost 50 donut shops represented. Some unique ones like the applesauce donuts from Angel Food Donuts in Long Beach. So what if the donut shops didn't donate any, we all supported our local businesses, right?

Filipino Food in Historic Filipinotown?

There's also a new Filipino BBQ joint opening in Historic Filipinotown in the near future - The Park's Finest, on Temple & Edgeware, look for it!

Filipino Food in Historic Filipinotown?

Only two restaurants in HFT worth recommending: Kapistahan on Temple and Salakot on Beverly. Both are kind of a trade-off:

Kapistahan: Excellent food, but service sucks.

Salakot: Food is arite, but service is excellent.

So the choice is yours, whether you value food or service.

Avoid Bahay Kubo like the plague, unless you want to get the runs.

Bahay Kubo Restaurant
2330 W Temple St, Los Angeles, CA 90026

Is it just me, or is Galco's really gross?

I loved the sandwiches there, I think they're the most underrated part of the store...I don't really drink sodas anymore, but the selection at Galco's is neat to look at. The beer selection is great too, but somehow they don't have all the foreign brands that I'm looking for (mostly Australian).

Favorite foodie ethnic neighborhoods?

Gotta be Thai Town/Little Armenia in East Hollywood. They're right next to each other, they even overlap. For Thai, my favorites are Jitlada, Spicy BBQ, Thailand Plaza, Ord Noodle, BKT sweets shop. For Armenian, it's Carousel, (the original) Zankou, Falafel Arax. Plus the area in general is so diverse, you even have great non-Thai/Armenian restaurants. There's some Mexican, Guatemalan, Salvadoran, Indian and other restaurants as well.

5233 1/2 W Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90027

Thailand Plaza
5321 Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90027

Ord Noodles
5401 Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90027

Spicy BBQ
5101 Santa Monica Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90029

Falafel Arax
5101 Santa Monica Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90029

Looks like a Kogi truck, but it's not...


Kogi knockoffs are the new Fro-Yo! :)

Los Angeles, CA, Los Angeles, CA

SGV Cajun Asian -- help me make a list so I can do a comparison

New Orleans was (and still is) a major port city; there have been generations of Chinese, Filipino and Vietnamese communities living in Louisiana. The Spanish Galleons brought Filipinos in, Chinese shipping vessels came into port, especially after the Panama Canal opened, and Vietnamese, like Louisianans, share a common French colonial history.All of the three main Asian groups in Louisiana started with fishing/shrimping villages.

Non-profit Restaurants

Homegirl Cafe is GREAT. Food's wonderful, service is awesome.

Non-profit Restaurants

And the same items at Chichen Itza in MLP are more affordable than in their MacArthur Park location!

Hot Donuts? Timing is everything.

I second the 10-second microwave tip. I do it all the time, especially for anything glazed.

SACRILEGE: I don't actually enjoy the Hollywood FM.

If you're in the Hollywood area and dig the smaller FM feel, go to Barnsdall Park in East Hollywood on Wednesdays. They have a new farmer's market run by Kaiser Hospital (the operator is the one that does the La Cienega FM) that opened on June 24 and happens every Wednesday from 12 noon to 6pm. It's located in the street level parking lot on 4800 Hollywood Blvd.

They're also working with the vendors to extend the hours to 7pm during the Summer in case you're commuting after work.

Hollywood Thaitown

I'm a local who lives within walking distance to Thai Town and my answer is Jitlada, Jitlada, Jitlada...

Don't forget it's not pronounced "jit-LAH-da" but "jit-luh-DAH"

True story - A friend of mine recently called me told me he was eating at "jit-LAH-da."
I asked him, "Which gelato place are you going to?"

Hollywood Thaitown

Palm Thai's food is rather bland. But Thai Elvis is always fun.

Just moved to LA from Canada! help!

Sorry, you can't find poutine here.

Thai Songkran Curry Festival Winner

I serve on the Board of Directors of the nonprofit that organizes the Curry Festival (Thai CDC). I'm glad you all enjoyed it and had fun at this year's Songkran! Thanks for participating and making the event another mainstay of the festival!

Best time to eat Pink's?

Tuesday night seems to be the least busiest night on average...

The Golden State on Fairfax

Scoops moved from East Hollywood to Silver Lake? When did this happen?

Aussie Meat/Seafood Pies In Los Angeles?

Mojo Pies has a cafe in Redondo Beach that sells Aussie-style meat pies. I just got back from Sydney on Friday and I'm hankerin for some!

Mojo Pies & Coffee House
420 N Pacific Coast Hwy, Redondo Beach, CA 90277

Two Boots Pizza?

The contents are on their menu website:

A real mufaletta does not have lettuce and mayo and is mainly olive spread. But I guess that's the "po boy" part.

authentic thai food in burbank

Skip Burbank and go to nearby North Hollywood. A lot of great Thai eateries there.

Two Boots Pizza?

In Echo Park, on Sunset Blvd between Alvarado and Echo Park Ave. If you're familiar with the club The Echo, it's right next door.

I think it's great. Is it the best, most "authentic" pizza in town? WHO CARES!
I dig the cornmeal crust.
I also tried the "Central Grocery" po'boy, which is sort of a contradiction since Central Grocery is known for Italian mufulettas, and not Creole po'boys. It's essentially a mufuletta-po'boy hybrid. Is it an authentic po'boy? No way, but who cares, it's a good sandwich.

Los Angeles Chowhounder visiting Sydney in March

Well I'd like to try anything uniquely "Australian," and that would include any fusion or version of Asian or European fare. Here in the US, our only knowledge of Australian cuisine is vegemite (and I haven't even tried that either), but I'm sure there's more to it than that! So that's what I wanna find out.

I understand that Sydney is a rather diverse city with a lot of cultural influence from European and Asian immigrant groups. Los Angeles is similar, our city has a similar sized population (4 million). The most prominent cuisines here are Mexican/Latin American, Asian and Middle Eastern.

but one Asian cuisine that's not very common here in the US is Singaporean food. I've been to Singapore and love the food there. So I'm sure Australia's relative proximity to Singapore might yield some places.

And don't worry, I'll stay away from the Mexican food in Australia :) Even if it were good (hypothetically speaking of course), I'm sure it would be ridiculously overpriced anyway Generally the rule here is that Mexican food from any state in the US that does not border Mexico isn't worth it.

Los Angeles Chowhounder visiting Sydney in March

I'm going on vacation to Sydney in the latter half of March and would like to know any places I can check out some great food...especially any sort of cuisine I can't find here in the US. Send me some tips so I can check em out during my visit!

Square One- Short Review

I live in East Hollywood, in fact just 2 blocks from Square One...I hardly go there, not because of the quality (it is quite good) but because of the price :)
I did overhear from my neighbors that the ownership had changed recently. Does anyone who goes there frequently know if there had been any significant changes?

What makes Tito's so good

I think the reason for Tito's appeal is that it's on the Westside. You know, because Westsiders don't ever venture east of the 405/LaCienega/La Brea/etc, so for them this is the best Mexican food ever.