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Trader Joe's simmer sauces--any good?

We like some of them - not spectacular but they make it easy for us to have a big curry meal w/ no skill. Our favorites are the one just called red curry sauce and the green Thai. The flavor varies somewhat from jar to jar. We usually make one curry with thickly sliced onions, green peppers, cauliflower and one with some/all of the same plus chicken. We eat them on Basmati or Jasmine rice and also have a bit of oven-warmed TJ's herb Naan bread w/ some mango or tamarind chutney from elsewhere. Nice meal.

Dec 06, 2012
violet4ever in Chains

Trader Joe's Yea/Nay thread - 1st quarter 2011 [old]

Some yays for my family -
Danish Pancakes - we love these little balls, and no mess. I stick some Olivio inside then dip in a puddle of raspberry syrup.
Rice Pilaf - Sort of buttery and oniony and delicious. Often the best thing on the plate.
Dark chocolate covered Montgomery cherries - the chocolate is a bit waxy but it keeps the tart dried cherries inside delicious.
Dark Chocolate non-Pareils - pretty dark hard chocolate, nice thick candies to munch on
Cat Cookies for People in Low Fat Ginger - These are our must-have every single time we go to TJ's. Like crunchy animal crackers with ginger. Every day snack. Cheap too.
Fresh Greek chicken w/ orzo - Not a lot of chicken but enough for two to each make a wrap with a warmed greek or other flatbread, lettuce, onions and TJ's Tzatziki. The orzo is heavily spiced and I can taste feta and a bit of citrus. Great meal.
Frozen layered bean dip - (Mexican) very nice - we scrape the container
Seasonal unfortunately - Dark Chocolate After Dinner Mint Thins - long box, very thin square shape, delicious chocolate and loose yummy mint

Nay - Dark Chocolate Mint Creams - These used to be great and moist inside. Then they got inconsistent and more often than not the chocolate has gaps and the mint inside is dried out. Got lucky this week and they are good.

Mar 03, 2011
violet4ever in Chains

'50s raisin sandwich cookie?

I miss Sunshine Golden Fruit so much. They were always my favorite snacks. I used to buy 4-5 packs at a time and I know I ate hundreds of packs over the years. I have tried the Garibaldi ones and I was not satisfied. Someone gave me a gift of two packs and I didn't even finish half of the first pack. The biscuit seemed thicker, harder, grittier and less tasty than the thin slightly crispy outsides of Sunshine Fruit. The filling of Garibaldi also has less taste and/or was just too thin to taste much. The overall effect to me with Garibaldi was that I was eating dry biscuit with something barely interesting between the top and bottom biscuit layers. Sunshine Fruit had a perfect balance of biscuit and fruit so that the overall effect was chewy, tasty and satisfying, not dry or gritty.

May 03, 2010
violet4ever in General Topics

Diversity Buffet in Exton?

I am definitely only one poster - violet4ever. My fiance and I really liked the place. We are not used to having a place with a Hibachi grill at all. The sushi was artistic and fresh. And we loved many of the buffet dishes especially Jalapeno Chicken, Pan Chicken, Mongolian beef and the one with shrimp and zucchini. And we especially enjoyed that they had dishes that not only tasted freshly cooked but were different from the usual Chinese buffet fare. HOWEVER, we went last night (2/18/2010) and it is now under new management and will change its name to Grace Buffet. The kimchi is gone, the artistic sushi is replaced with a small selection of normal sushi, the garlic and wine are gone from the Hibachi sauce choices leaving only Soy, Teriaki and hot oil and the fare is more typical of every Chinese buffet (however my fiance says it looked like they were in the process of rearranging the buffet and hibachi so maybe garlic and wine will be back as choices). I still like the atmosphere and it's usually nice and comfy warm in there even on a really cold day, but it is not the same place anymore.

Feb 19, 2010
violet4ever in Pennsylvania

Diversity Buffet in Exton?

My fiance and I enjoy Diversity Buffet a lot. The sushi selection is better at night (more fish ones) but there is a tip jar there so maybe you can ask for specific types any time. The buffet food was only a bit overcooked one time and the rest of the time it tasted pretty freshly cooked with tender meats. I love the Hibachi bar. Not as many selections as a Mongolian barbeque but all of the standard raw meats (including shrimp) and a good selection of raw vegetables are there. Build your own stir fry contents, tell the chef what sauces(s) you want, and stick a dollar in the tip jar when you get it back cooked. But the buffet food is so good I often skip the hibachi feature. BTW - salad bar has super hot Kim Chee. Dessert is fairly standard for Chinese buffets with the addition of scoop-it-yourself ice cream (I am fond of the dark chocolate) and I wish they would get green tea flavor. Two thumbs up from me.

Dec 22, 2009
violet4ever in Pennsylvania

No more Trader Joe's Curry Chick Peas

TJ's currently has a frozen Channa Masala (chick peas in curry). Nicely spicy too.

Dec 22, 2009
violet4ever in Chains

Best Trader Joe's cookies?

We are addicted to the Cat Cookies for People in Low Fat Ginger flavor. They are in round plastic bins, usually above the frozen desserts. We look for the thinnest darkest ones. They are the size of animal crackers but shaped like cats and they are crunchy with a bit of spicy ginger. And recently we tried something new - I don't remember the exact name but it's a rectangular cellophane package containing 6 round cookies that look like peanut brittle but the nuts are cashews and sesame seeds. The cookie base is a thin round rice-look wafer. Fairly low in carbs and very tasty but hard to bite (worth it though)

Aug 18, 2009
violet4ever in Chains

Diversity Buffet in Exton?

Today we went to Diversity's lunch buffet for the first time and we were very pleased. It has an interesting interior and a nice atmosphere. The mostly-Asian foods had a distinctively refreshing taste change from the usual Chinese buffet fare. The meat dishes had the most tender meat I have ever had at a buffet. The vegetables were not overcooked, the shrimp were perfect and crunchy. I tried 5 different chicken dishes, two beef dishes and and the garlic shrimp and each had it own unique fresh flavor. The sushi had some familiar and some unusual choices and was fun. My fiance was pleased with the build-your-own stir fries and I went back for seconds on the chicken, the shrimp and some Mongolian beef that had just been put out. I also much enjoyed the very thin noodles which had a bit of flavor in them. And the kim-chee! I haven't had kim-chee in a while and it was quite hot and delicious. For dessert my fiance enjoyed an ice cream cone and some chocolate dipped marshmallows and I had some lonquats (fruit) and a brownie-like chocolate square. We were thrilled with the food and plan to come back for lunch once a week.

And for all who mentioned the fish tank - it is clean now and the fish were colorful and happy.

Jul 02, 2009
violet4ever in Pennsylvania