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Bento boxes and supplies

Status report: I went to 3 locations last weekend looking for plastic bento boxes suitable for a kids lunch - like the ones found here:

Miyamoto 382 Victoria - bust. But beautiful teapots and great Japanese food supplies.
Toyama 370 Vicoria - bust. They are closed on Sundays. But I looked through the window and I would be highly surprised if they stocked plastic bentos. Most of their goods are pottery.
Bonzai 2120 Decarie Blvd. - bust. Banzai did have lacquered bento boxes, plastic ones with very loose fitting and some little plastic snack containers. But no luck with the tight lidded plastic ones with multiple compartments that I was looking for.

So...I guess I'm looking at trying a few more. *sigh*

Thanks for your help.

Bento boxes and supplies

You folks ROCK! Thanks so much for all the recommendations. I'm going on the excursion today and will let you know what I find and where. Thanks again.

Bento boxes and supplies

I'm looking to find somewhere that sells Japanese style bento boxes for lunches as well as the small items like food picks, tiny sauce bottles, egg presses etc. that go with them. Similar to the items found here:

I've checked Kim Phat on Jarry and there's nothing. Any suggestions?

The non-sushi Japanese food scene

Tokyo Sushi on Ste-Catherine at St-Mathieu near the Fauburg is new-ish. They are all you can eat sushi BUT their menu also had yakitori, udon, gyoza, tempura and a lot of other things besides sushi. There's a review on Google that says the service was terrible, but when I went it was very good.