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How to Make Fish Baked in Parchment

I think this is actually steaming the fish, not baking it.

Aug 12, 2010
DavidPD88 in Features

Onion Soup Les Halles

While this looks good, I have to say that the best French Onion Soup I have ever made was from Cook's Illustrated. Their 'Best French Onion Soup" recipe is so easy, bit takes a LONG time to make. It is worth it and very, very delicious.

Jan 21, 2010
DavidPD88 in Recipes

Beef Kalbi

I think this is missing grated Asian Pears. A Korean cook said they are the secret ingredient in Kalbi, he also said they act as a tenderizer.

Jan 20, 2010
DavidPD88 in Recipes

Basic Popcorn Balls

Sounds good! I will probably add some cinnamon.

Oct 30, 2009
DavidPD88 in Recipes