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REALLY spicy food in the Bay Area?

thanks for the info! I figure I'll take him to most of these places at one point or another, but I think the 911 challenge would be a fun birthday thing just because it'll give him a chance to be all macho-man and get a shirt and we can cheer him on. The other stuff sounds more delicious but less exciting as a social outing.

Thanks everyone for the great responses!

REALLY spicy food in the Bay Area?

I actually discovered that after asking, and it looks like what I'm going to take him for. I just need to decide whether to go to the one in San Jose or the one in Santa Clara.

REALLY spicy food in the Bay Area?

So my boyfriend's birthday is on Monday, and he LOVES spicy food. Our fridge always has fresh habaneros and our cupboard is stocked with Dave's Insanity and Mad Dog additives. This is a guy who can handle a lot of heat, and moreover, loves the different tastes of hot peppers. I want find him something truly SPICY to munch on for his birthday dinner.

I looked through some other spicy-related posts, but they were all a few years old. Ideally I want to find a place that is gleefully aware of the spice content of the food and will kick it up a notch for my boyfriend! We live in the South Bay, but suggestions from other areas in the greater Bay are welcomed.

Also, it would be great if habaneros or something different like the naga jolokia is incorporated into some of the food. Any spice 'challenges' where eating some spicy menu item is a rite of passage would be friggin perfect. I'm reading about Prince of Wales pub and that would have been just the ticket, but they're closed.

Thanks so much!