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Restaurants in Anacortes,Wa ?

I have been to Pita J's three times, picking a different main item each time, they were all good - sausage and egg, falafel, BLT. They have pre-chosen combinations of veggies, house made sauces, and cheese, but they basically let you put on anything you want. Good quick lunch.

Restaurants in Anacortes,Wa ?

The 13 Moons Restaurant upstairs from the casino is quite good, featuring seafood caught and processed by the Swinomish tribe.

Nell Thorn in La Conner is probably the best in Skagit Valley - highly recommended.

In Anacortes, the A'Town Bistro is fine, as is Adrift. Dad's Diner is good for breakfast and lunch, but they are not open for dinner. The Majestic is just ok, but the rooftop bar has a great view.

I live very nearby the Shrimp Shack and I am surprised it gets such praise. To me it is a very average burger and fish n chips joint. In season (now) the boiled coon stripe shrimp by the pound are the only saving grace.

Corner Tavern/Grill/Bistro?

The Corner was bought by Nicole Holbert and her sister who own Adrift in Anacortes. They ran it as is for many months prior to remodel. I would guess that they are aware and respectful of the history and vibe of the place. I think they will try to preserve what they valued and improve the food quality. Just guessing, but Adrift is very good at what they do, hearty, seasonal, local, not fussy.



Shrimp Shack on SR20 near Anacortes - Updates?

They have fried oysters on a bun with grilled onions, cheese, tartar, and lettuce which they call an Oyster Burger.

Shrimp Shack on SR20 near Anacortes - Updates?

I find the burgers and fish and chips to be ok, but not special. The buns are from Avenue Bread in Bellingham.
Seasonally, they cook fresh local shrimp and sell them by the pound to peel and eat. Right now they have medium size Coon Stripe Shrimp. In mid July they will have the large Spot Prawns for a few weeks.
The beer garden is a welcome new addition. Sometimes in the summer they fire up a grill and do oysters.

3 days in Seattle

We have been twice, and would be there much more often if we were not coming from the Anacortes area. Most dynamic and interesting seafood dishes we have enjoyed in Seattle in a long time.

Mar 30, 2014
Fidalgo Burk in Greater Seattle

California Extra Virgin Olive Oil

For various reasons, including illegal mixing scandal in Europe, and desire to buy more locally I am considering switching from the organic Montebello EVO from Italy that I buy at the Skagit Valley Coop to a high quality organic California brand. Suggestions?

Apr 13, 2013
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Is Walrus & Carpenter “the most important” restaurant in Seattle?

Wow, I really like restaurants, and owned a couple in Ballard for 30 plus years, and I have to heartily agree with TheCarrieWatson on this, especially the school lunch part. That is important! Hunger in America is important. Restaurants are interesting and entertaining, not important.

Feb 24, 2013
Fidalgo Burk in Greater Seattle

In Praise of Le Pichet

I know that Greg is a good friend of Skagit River Ranch, but luckily for me he does not get all their organic chicken livers. The members, like me, of their three buyer's clubs are also able to order them. I am not sure about their farm store, but I would assume they are available there as well.


Sep 28, 2012
Fidalgo Burk in Greater Seattle

Western Washington pig farms/co-ops for leaf lard?


I do not know how far you want ot roam, but they usually have it here:

Samish Bay Cheese
Open most days until 3 pm. Call to verify.
Organic cheese, beef and pork.
15115 Bow Hill Road, Bow - (360) 766-6707


Jan 24, 2012
Fidalgo Burk in Greater Seattle

Bellingham restaurants - any great foodie & ambiance recs?

Prospect Street Cafe has been consistently good over six or so visits. Similar vibe as Tivoli, but the food is more adventurous. Downtown, across the street from the Whatcom County Museum. They are only open Wed - Sun for dinner.