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Battersby Chef's Table

just feel obliged to defend battersby a bit; i went there for my birthday dinner in april and was really blown away by the whole experience. as far as the fish/pasta realm, at the time they had an uni spaghetti dish on the menu that i thought was really delicious and unique (spiked with lots of chile and lemon, perfectly al dente). considering that they are really trying to put together an elevated dining experience (service was great across the board, btw), i think the pricing is incredibly fair, especially when compared with manhattan. (i've spent at least $50 more for dinner at hearth, for example, and wasn't nearly as impressed with the food or service). we are going back to do the spontaneous tasting menu for our anniversary next week and when i emailed about a reservation, i got a very prompt and polite response.

Tacis Beyti – Turkish in Brooklyn

was successful in dragging the gf out from prospect heights tonight. quite an amazing meal (and incredibly easy commute, provided one is close to the q/b train). i've been staring at that picture of the karisik pide for some time now, and finally ordered it tonight. really excellent stuff - amazingly complex spicing from the variety of meats.

we also ordered the ezme, which was wonderful and refreshing (turkish gazpacho?), and wanted to give a shout out to the stuffed eggplant appetizer, which may have been one of the better eggplant-related things that has ever gone down my gullet.

though we brought our own wine , there is a new-ish seeming liquor store across the street with it's own parking lot and lots of 'merican flags everwhere.

Buffalo Chicken Tenders with Blue Cheese Coleslaw


Apr 15, 2007
the brooklyn pilsner in Recipes

Our car was stolen-along w/Thanksgiving plan! Any ideas for restaurants for Thanksgiving?

yikes! so sorry about the car.

i think chestnut is open -- it doesn't say anything about it on the website, but they (and a few other places) are open tonight according to this article:

hope you have a great thankgiving after all.....

Is any "ethnic" food in Manhattan worth the trip from Queens??

how does skyway (manhattan) compare to malaysian restaurants in queens?

Skyway Malaysian (On Allen and Canal)

just ate there last night and wanted to echo the comments of others. this place is really, really, really good.

i don't have much of a reference for what good, authentic malaysian tastes like, but this was miles beyond anything i've had in new york and even the once-good penang in boston.

g/f and i had:

-- roti canai, vibrant and rich curry sauce with a large bony chunk of chicken (presumably for flavor, not so much to eat), and a slightly thicker, crispier roti... totally superior to any other renditions i've had

-- beef sate, just outstanding. well grilled and marinated, great peanut sauce

-- singapore rice noodles -- these were very thin and pan-fried with onions, chinese sausage and shrimp and were incredible. very complex spicing with sweetness from the sausage...

-- kangkung belachan, water spinach stir fried with shrimp paste . normally i'm a little leary of overly fishy dishes (i'm not an anchovy fan and try though i might, can't get into the really fish sauce intensive thai dishes), but this was subtle, savory and just incredible.

total with a bowl of coconut rice and 2 beers came to $28

overall i was suprised at the subtle spiciness of the dishes, probably expecting something more like thai food. chilies were present didn't really stand out over all the other flavors. everything was very complex and vibrant and the ingredients seemed very high quality.

is it OK to think of this place as the sripraphai of NYC malaysian restaurants???