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Truly authentic Sichuan food in N.J.

Grand Sichuan in Jersey City

Oct 31, 2013
imprylfsh in New Jersey

A week in Panama City - where to eat?

I'm spending a week in Panama city, both the old part of town and the new. Looking for some yummy recs - at least one nice meal (something romantic, nice view, good service). Other than that would love to know local favorites (fine going to some tiny side street for a hidden gem). We love all cuisines, so while we definitely want to try the local specialties we are open to anything that's good - money isn't too much of an issue, again we are looking for a range, both nice and inexpensive. The most important thing is it tastes good! Many thanks in advance!

lunch recs - the modern

The Dining Room

May 25, 2010
imprylfsh in Manhattan

lunch recs - the modern


Anyone been there recently? I'm going on Thursday for lunch and was wondering whether anyone has recs for some must have dishes. Many thanks in advance.

May 24, 2010
imprylfsh in Manhattan

ISO smoked chicken wing recipe

For an upcoming halloween party I was thinking "smoked bat wings" would be a nice party dish - problem is I've never tried smoking anything before and don't really have any tried and true recipes to fall back on. Any hounds have a good recipe for me? Oh and the darker the wings come out the better. I can smoke on the stove top or with a charcoal grill - but obviously don't have a smoker - so instruction on setting up the "smoker" would be much appreciated.

many thanks!

Oct 27, 2009
imprylfsh in Home Cooking

Oranges with olive oil and garlic

my Italian grandfather used to make a similar salad - oranges, walnuts, salt, pepper and olive oil. I've added in parsley and red onions sometimes - always delicious

Sep 30, 2009
imprylfsh in Home Cooking

Good Sushi Place for Loud Out of Town Friends

blue ribbon sushi

Aug 28, 2009
imprylfsh in Manhattan

What's The One Thing You Can't Eat, even for money.

raw bananas - i can't stand them... fried or otherwise cooked are fine, but raw just makes me nauseous

Dec 15, 2008
imprylfsh in General Topics

ISO - Spanish Ham

Anyone know where I could buy sliced Spanish ham around Manhattan or the boroughs? Thanks in advance.

Oct 27, 2008
imprylfsh in Manhattan

Pizza Fridays Flatiron delivery suggestions

I second Maffei's - when my office was located in the Flatiron district we always ordered from them - Grandma's pie was a favorite

Jun 30, 2007
imprylfsh in Manhattan