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Longtime resident at a loss for a favorite sushi place... Kusakabe a disappointment...

Kiss Seafood. Straight forward, delicious omakase. I enjoyed it far more than Kusakabe.

Banh Xeo - SF Dish of the Month May 2013

There is also a Cambodian version of this dish and I am fond of the one at Angkor Borei.

Feeling Italian Today!

Il Borgo's house-made fettuccine or lasagnetta (utterly cheesy restaurant but the noodles are good). Delfina's agnoletti when they have them. La Ciccia's spaghetti with bottarga.

City cracks down on SF restaurant surcharge fraud

As someone that has worked in restaurants and been a benefits manger, the only thing I have to say is: Can we please get back to talking about FOOD? This is getting extremely tedious. At the very least, move this to "Not About Food."

Foie Gras countdown...

Have you ever tried dealing with the Trust? Oy, the headaches, the politics, bureaucracy, the headaches, the incredibly high rent...

Foie Gras countdown...

Actually, not entirely. As someone who has worked on the Presidio for over 6 years, we are not subject to all CA laws and definitely not SF laws such as the payroll tax, sick pay, and the whole healthy SF stuff. If you ask the Trust if even sales tax applies, they simply tell you to consult your own lawyer. There was even an employment case that was dismissed with prejudice because the employer was on federal land.

Any good Asian in the Mission?

Oh, I never thought he was criticizing it. He was spot-on: it's a dive.

Any good Asian in the Mission?

I'm sorry but I love that place. C'mon! Fish curry with an absurd amount of fish for $5.25? The cold noodles with hot pork or chicken? Love it...And I still think their tea leaf salad smacks down Burma Superstar any day of the week.

Trucks have problems

Having ordered in-house catering from 2 of the more popular food trucks, I'd say "Meh..." Neither were very good AT all. Just don't get it.

Beef Pho and Limey Lemonade at Little Vietnam [Inner Richmond, SF]

Ooooooo! Love salted lemon soda but not as much as the salty plum soda. So refreshing when it's hot out (all 3 days in the Richmond).

My SF Trip Recap and Thanks

Whether we agree or disagree, are hurt you took our recommendations or are privately happy you like what one of us said, THANK YOU for reporting back!!! It means more than you think. You get to the point of "Why even bother offering suggestions to visitors if they don't even report back?" And bless Melanie for tying the original request with the response (it helps if they stay tied together). My hat off to you , sir! I had nothing to with your thread but my appreciation that you took the time to offer your opinion and experience you had based on what others took the time to offer means everything. I just wish more people would do the same. I'm glad you enjoyed your trip here and I hope you come back soon.

Arabian Nights + Pakistani Rec (SF)

Also Layaly's

Restaurant ideas in Hayes Valley

I haven't been in years but I once loved Il Borgo. Their homemade fettuccine with Bolognese, lasagnette, gnocchi...We did a Chowdown there like 6 years ago. Here's the link:

Seeking Supper Recommendations Near Balboa & Park Presidio, Richmond Area

Okay, I need to weigh in on this one. As someone who lived 4 years in West Oakland and 3 in the lower Haight, a year in (then known as North Yemen), and 6 on the "wrong" side of the Mission, ARE YOU KIDDING ME? The Richmond is absolutely PLACID in comparison. Little, if nothing, happens
out here, apart from this awesomeness:

Sam Wo closing... help!!!! Where... [San Francisco]

Ha ha ha! See my above post (I posted before reading yours). I wouldn't say I was attractive but he was a big flirt and I was young. Schtick is EXACTLY what I would call it. He was never mean to me, only my dates. However, I DO remember one time he had me help wait and bus tables whilst my date moped.

Sam Wo closing... help!!!! Where... [San Francisco]

Ah, Edsel! He nearly killed me by waltzing me almost over the top of the stairs and made a group of Chinese business men serenade me with "Mona Lisa." Good times... To be in college again. I think his insults were really a schtick. He was a sweetheart (apart from near homicide-by-dancing).

Seeking Supper Recommendations Near Balboa & Park Presidio, Richmond Area

Yep, stick with the tofu stews, and you can't go wrong! You can pick your level of spiciness.

Seeking Supper Recommendations Near Balboa & Park Presidio, Richmond Area

Miki (Japanese restaurant), on Balboa, between 37th and 38th Ave. It's a little far (1.4 miles) but you can take the Balboa bus so it's a straight shot. Really good ramen with several choices for broth. You can add pork belly (so good)! Their large selection of dinner specials up on 2 white boards have never failed to please me. Stick with the specials, the menu is rather generic (but still decent). It's a small place so get there early. Service will completely depend on the waiter working that lunch or dinner: ranges anywhere from warm and fast to nonexistent. I have no idea why this board doesn't give this place any love.

Katia's Russian Tea Room (corner of 5th and Balboa) is actually a full restaurant serving lunch and dinner. I'm pretty fond of their pelmeni (both sauteed and in broth), piroshki, salade Olivier, vinaigrette, vareniki...heck! Even their Stroganoff is good. Cheery, quaint place, sweet owner. The portions are large so I would recommend sharing to keep the costs down. An order of sauteed pelmeni, vareniki, salad, a few piroshkis, and an entree are infinitely shareable for 4 and well under your budget.

I'll second Han Il Kwan, and throw in My Tofu House on Geary between 10th and 11th. I always get the soft tofu stew with dumplings. Not the greatest Korean place in the world but it satisfies.

Lunch today near Palace of Fine Arts

Not a huge fan of Lil's only because I think they are pricey for what they are but MAN! I love their mac 'n cheese.

Okinawan Tonkotsu Ramen and Kotteri Garlic Ramen at Ramen Tenma in San Jose

No love for Miki? I love the pork belly option.

Quick Richmond lunch- Shanghai Dumpling King or Genki Ramen?

Miki on Balboa for ramen! Add the pork good.

Red Tavern's pelmeni [San Francisco]

I just need to say, Red Tavern's pelmeni, Pork Schnitzel, and grilled tongue are amazing. It's a funky menu (lobster mac n' cheese is Russian?) and I didn't like their take on Stroganoff, but the dumplings!!!

Red Tavern
2224 Clement St, San Francisco, CA 94121

Have I been banned from replying?

I have been trying to reply to posts for a while. When I hit reply, it bounces back to my list of previous replies. What's going on?

Aug 10, 2011
chaddict in Site Talk

ken ken ramen? in the mission [SF]

Not Delfina AGAIN.

Totally believe you. Just that the chef said he and Cosentino are responsible. Maybe bottarga specifically from Sardinia? Dunno? Who cares? Ghana!!!!!!!!!!!!

Not Delfina AGAIN.

According to La Ciccia's chef, it took him and Chris Cosentino to get bottarga imported into this country. Before them, niente!

La Ciccia
291 30th Street, San Francisco, CA 94131

Haltun - traditional Mayan cuisine [SF]

Well, I made the ex walk down the street and check. New owners. He said even the burrito counter is a little different. He said the chicken was different (his burrito of choice) but not necessarily bad.

Cheap eats in San Francisco

According to the menu online, there isn't a dosa or uttapam for under $10. In my book, that does not qualify as cheap eats. Single digits, please....

World Cup 2010 Watching and Eating Venues?

Oddly, no eats and not open early but Trad'r Sam was a GREAT place to watch the US game. Grabbed seriously cheap breakfast from Joe's 2 doors down and you can eat at the bar. NO ONE thinks of a Tiki bar as a place to go so only 6 people there. Great!!!

Trad'r Sam
6150 Geary Blvd, San Francisco, CA 94121

Cheap eats in San Francisco

Do you really consider Dosa to be cheap eats? Just curious...