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Blue Cheese and Chive Compound Butter

You add the salt because a little sea salt make for a better overall product than the harsh iodized tabel salt. If you're not the type to notice or care, then you probably shouldn't waste time making compound butter or grilling your corn. Just boil, slather with butter and chow down.

Jul 19, 2012
wilko in Recipes

Guy Fieri seen at Angela's, and Cutty's

Problem is everyone wants their local places to serve the freshest, high-caliber food at decent prices, and always be 'not too busy' when they want to stop in. Great for the patrons, but hard on the owners. Love him or hate him, Guy's show is more about the businesses he's visiting than about his own brooding, pretentious opinions about the state of society. The more publicity the better to help independents survive in my opinion. Of course, to agree you'd have to be a little more concerned with other peoples needs than your own. It may make your weekend outing less pleasurable, but if it helps make someone a success, that's a good thing.

May 21, 2012
wilko in Greater Boston Area

best corned beef to buy?

There's a brand sold at the WIndham IGA called 'Reuben' that is very good. It's not salty and hase very good flavor to it. It's a Tyson foods product, so it may not pass the standards of the indie/local foods crowd. I've cooked a couple in the last year and find it to be superior to Hummel. Less salty, more tender and better flavor. Carlos and Son in East Lyme also sells a great corned beef that's unbranded. Very fresh- to the point it looks uncured. It's great but it costs about 2-3 times what the cryovac grocery store brands do.

Mar 16, 2012
wilko in Southern New England

Oven-Smoked Bacon

Blitherypoop- you ask a good questions. For some it's bragging rights (I'm hipper than you) but for others it's that they take pride in learning a new skill and creating something good to enjoy or share. It may not be better, and it may even be worse, but it can feel good to make something yourself to share with people you love. My mother-in-law knits and has made some nice sweaters and blankets for her grandshild. When compared with a $10 sweater from Walmart or a $50 one from Lands End, you could say it's not as good(imperfections in color, maybe a stitch error, or not perfectly semetrical) and took much longer in terms of effort. Yet, it's better sense we know who made it and that they did it to make us happy.

Oct 20, 2011
wilko in Recipes

The Butcher Shop, Dorchester

I hear what you're saying, just don't agree. I'm sure there are cheese makers in this country and in other parts of the world who don't know either of those cheeses. I spent 2-days in Tennesee trying to find Guyere at numerous local and chain grocery stores one time- with no luck. Many people learn artisnal food skills from previous generations and stick to what they know. I'd be there are some great pasta makers in the cities of the world(maybe even in Boston) that don't know Udon or Soba noodles by name, but could make me a good version if i gave a description. Not sure that makes them any less of a noodle maker or means they're overselling themselves when they tell you they're a noodle-maker by trade.

Mar 26, 2010
wilko in Greater Boston Area

The Butcher Shop, Dorchester

Never been in the shop- but I'd like to defend his lack of knowledge of andouille or boudin. They are regional Louisianna based sausages that are really only popular becasue of the recent foodie cultures popularity. Growing up in the mid-west and south I knew several great sausage makers in the German and southern-pork styles. They knew nothing of soprasetta, andouille, chicken sausages, chaurice , chorizo(and many still don't). Just as in southern illinois they make an amazing sausage called salameat/slamini that is almost unknown outside fo that region- but in that region it's more common at cookouts than brats. This guy might spend his time cutting meat, not watching the food channel and reading foodie websites. Go and enjoy what he's good at. It's small specialists that bring the food world to life. If you want one-stop shopping then swing by the mega-marts.

Mar 26, 2010
wilko in Greater Boston Area

Best Dishes in NE List

Whole wheat linguine and clams w/ red sauce- Paul's Pasta, Groton CT
Prime Rib Grinder- Carlos and Son's, E. Lyme CT
Duck Confit- Chez Pascals, Providence RI
Nachos- Brick Alley pub, Newport, RI
Lobster Bisque- Brick Alley Pub, Newport, RI
White Clam Pizza- Pepe's, New Haven(call for takeout and eat on the street)
Beef Ribs- Chester's BBQ, Groton, CT
Hazelnut Chicken- DPI, Mystic, CT(possibly one of the best things I've ever eaten)
Tongue Taco- Garibaldi's, Willimantic, CT(closed, but it was great)
Muscles in cream sauce- The Fisherman, Groton Long Point, CT
BBQ Swordfish w/ Linguine- Elizabeth;s Newport, RI

Jan 05, 2010
wilko in Southern New England

Sealed vs non-sealed burners

They are out there- but cheap really means under $500. The Premier line is at AJ Madison. Google them. If you decide to get rid of the one at the beach house- or the viking- I'll take it.

Jun 28, 2009
wilko in Cookware