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I went with an open mind.... [Mundo Trattoria]

Unfortunately everything disappointed. So many things were wrong, it wasn't even funny

-- How can an Italian restaurant serve overcooked pasta on the same level as a chain restaurant.
-- Why label something on your menu as burrata when it is mozzarella?
-- Over salty limp fried zucchini
-- 90s food presentation with smears and over sized plated

The worst part was not even the food, but the Italian banquet hall atmosphere. A group celebrating a 40th birthday high jacked the restaurant with conga lines, cliche wedding songs and overly loud atmosphere. Could not complain to the owner since he was participating. No respect for any other clients that night.

There has to be better options in the West Island that this overpriced "Italian".

Mundo Trattoria
17003 Rte Transcanadienne, Kirkland, QC H9J, CA

Nov 27, 2011
coalex in Quebec (inc. Montreal)

Indian in Montreal.

Had a great meel last night at Masala Palace on Queen Mary. Service was spot on and the food was fresh. Highlights included their butter chicken, mushroom basmanti and their sauces in general. Definately will be back. Adding it to my Indian go-to's in Montreal.

Queen Mary Restaurant
5504 Ch Queen-Mary, Montreal, QC H3X1V6, CA

Feb 20, 2011
coalex in Quebec (inc. Montreal)

Culinary Buenos Aires off The Tourist Trail: latest and the historic

We had mixed feelings with Tegui. Atmosphere and service was amazing. But when the veal chop is tough in Argentina, there is a problem. Asked for a steak knife, waiter went back to the kitchen to return telling us they don not have any. On the plus side, the burrata with peaches was an entree hit and my fish was delicious. Very trendy atmosphere.
Also agree about Arkakao....the chocolate was the best I have ever had.

Just back from Buenos Aires

Just came back from a great 10 day stay in this amazing city. Like every major city there are a lot of pluses and a lot of minuses, but all in all a destination I would definitely return to.

Generally speaking you have to love meat, salt, dulce de leche and ice cream. If you are vegetarian you will be hard pressed to eat a lot of variety.

Oviendo (Recoleta) -- one of my favorites. Classic Argentine with a twist. One of the few places that actually had fresh fish and did it well. The atmosphere is high end bistro. Great night out.

Resto (Recoleta) -- Another winner within the Architecture Society building. Good clean flavors. The best sweetbreads were had here.

La Parrilla Pena (Centro) -- Hole in the wall Parrilla. Nothing fancy, but sometimes that is what is called for. Everything we tasted was delicious with exceptional meat.

Sarkis (Just north of Palermo Soho) -- Some of the best tasting Middle Eastern food I have tasted. Fresh flavors. Not fancy. A great spot for lunch after shopping in Palermo Soho.

El Sanjuanino (Recoleta location) -- Best empanadas on this holiday. Stick with the empanadas and you will not be disappointed.

Cabrera Norte (Palermo Soho) -- Yes, it is full of tourists. But what they do they do it well. A great evening well spent. Although their estimated time for our table was about 1 hr less than the actual. They gave us bottle of Chandon as a sorry. Nice touch.

Chez Nous (Recoleta) -- Classic Argentine with a French twist. Very expensive for Argentine standards, but the meal could have rivaled ones I have had in NYC or London. A beautiful dining room as well.

Random thoughts--
Have a Choripan in Puerto Madero along the Costanera. You will notice one place across the street with a glass enclosure. Most locals were going there and I can vouch that it was delicious.

Best chocolates were at Vasalissa (a few locations).

Best ice cream was at Volta (various locations) + Arkakao (Recoleta)

Have a coffee at La Biela...more for being there outside that the actual coffee

Milion(Recoleta) -- go to the second floor bar or outside patio for pre-dinner drinks.

Chomedey/Laval Reccomendations

Look out for when it opens this fall at Dix30. They plan to open in Montreal after that. I think it will be the closest we will have to Whole Foods yet...

May 03, 2010
coalex in Quebec (inc. Montreal)


Had a very memorable meal at Maria Bonita over the weekend. Normally go to Guadeloupe Mexicaine, but decided to try something different. Glad we did. Really enjoyed the "tapas-style" dining. We had 6 different dishes between the two of us. Highlights were the Rajas Con Crema & Conchinita Pibil. Warm atmosphere and overall very friendly service.
Still prefer the Sopa Azteca & Margaritas over at Guadeloupe, but will definately return.

Feb 08, 2010
coalex in Quebec (inc. Montreal)

From Greece with Love

Any thoughts on La Cave Beauvau. Recent visits? It would be for a Saturday dinner.

Dec 03, 2009
coalex in France

From Greece with Love

Merci John, Je vais les examiner.

Dec 02, 2009
coalex in France

From Greece with Love

Will be traveling again to Paris for a 2 night stay, but this time will have my cousin with me from Greece. She is not a traveler and not accustomed to food outside the Greek cuisine. I want her to have a couple of great meals while in Paris. I made reservations for KGB and need something for night #2. Maybe more traditional? I tried Frenchie, but they are full. Paul Bert? Itineraires? Benoit? Too many to choose....Any guidance would be appreciated.

Dec 02, 2009
coalex in France

Thai Ice Tea in MTL?

La Thailande on Bernard also has the original Thai iced tea.

Oct 24, 2009
coalex in Quebec (inc. Montreal)

Indian in Montreal.

Try it and you too will see that it is now the best in Montreal. The decor and service are also tops....very worth it. Until Mirchi came around, was resigned to the fact that I would have to eat my Indian food in less than stellar surroundings.

Jun 28, 2009
coalex in Quebec (inc. Montreal)