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Alexandria Cupcakery, Redrocks Pizza in Old Town, Alexandria

Every time I decide to hoof it down to Old Town's King Street, I keep seeing new public notice signs of food establishments applying for permits. First, it was Pizzeria Paradiso. Most recently, I saw signs for an "Alexandria Cupcakery," and Redrocks Pizza. Anyone have the latest scoop on these places?

Pizzeria Paradiso coming to Old Town?

Walking around the Old Town neighborhood today, we saw an 11/09 public hearing notification for an application for Pizzeria Paradiso (where the Discovery store used to be)! If it all comes to pass, we will finally have decent pizza with decent beer in the Old Town proper, and a good alternative to Rustico. Very exciting!

Where to get DogFishHead Punkin Ale?

I've seen it in multiple Whole Foods locations in the area. I saw today that Total Wine also has Dogfish's Punkin Ale, and many other kinds of pumpkin ales.

Any place to find MACARONS (French pastry/cookie) ??

Top 5 Most Overrated in Manhattan

I am not from the area but when I and the hubbie go on one of our NYC urban hikes (like this weekend), we stop by and get the pork belly steamed buns. The first night after coming home, I literally dreamed about the buns - SO GOOD!!! Drool on my pillow. And, please, if there are other foodstuffs akin to these steamed buns out there in NYC that is as good or better, I would love to know for our next hike!

Aug 17, 2009
msarap in Manhattan

Joyce Chen shears?

Is Oyamel good?

I had a bite of my husband's grasshopper taco...he liked it, but I thought it was just okay (preferred my baby pig confit taco). WestIndianArchie's observation is spot on. The night we had it, they made the taco really tangy...too much. I was fine just having that one bite, wouldn't want to have it again.

Food Gifts from the area

There's a Virginia-centered store in Old Town: The store had Virginia peanuts the las t time I was there, but not sure if they were the brand you are looking for. We have brought Berger Cookies (MD fave) with us when visiting friends and relatives, and we've always had good responses. I've also brought them Firehook's (VA bakery) Presidential, Sweet Dreams, and Espresso cookies.

Has anyone been to the new cheese shop in OT, Alexandria? La Fromagerie

I thought that the shop owners were friendly enough, although admittedly they are not as salesmansy as the folks at the Butcher Block. Lately, La Fromagerie has been our go-to place for prosciutto, guanciale, fresh mozz, french bread and beer (have a fair offering and price, according to my husband who is a beer freak). We had a bad experience with milk there, though, it went bad within two days. They do have less items for sale than Butcher Block (it doesn't have yummy sandwiches like BB, for example; or pork belly (!)), but we have not encountered the unhelpful staff that others have been talking about. When we asked them questions or asked for help, I don't sense a reluctance to answer or offer help.

Where to buy ginger beer?

I have bought ginger beer at Total WIne & More stores.

Old Town Alexandria For Lunch

Hmmm, footlong chili dog...I should get that back in my Hard Times food cycle. I used to have the kid-size of the 3-way every time I go, but not since I discovered the chili-lime grilled chicken wings (.40 on Wed.) and not since they got rid of the kid-size version of the 3-way...the big, grown-up size is just too much for me.

Berger Cookies in Northern Virginia?

whoo-hoo -- very exciting! although it's probably not good to have them so easily accessible. Thanks for the info!

Old Town Alexandria For Lunch

Good deals and good food at Restaurant Eve's Lickety Split lunch (bar area only) and Majestic's Royal Pick (also at the bar). Different type of lunch altogether but I like the grilled chicken wings at Hard Times (I think it's fried and then grilled), Eammon's fish and chips (partial to the grouper -- I think it's a bigger than the cod), Bittersweet for the cranberry lemonade.

Berger Cookies in Northern Virginia?

I was at the Italian Store just this weekend, and they had plenty of Berger Cookies in stock. Also, Rocklands Barbeque in Alexandria occassionally has them (suggest calling ahead for this one).

The Italian Store
3123 Lee Highway
Arlington, VA
(703) 528-6266

Rocklands Barbecue
25 S. Quaker Lane
Alexandria, Va
(703) 778-9663

falls church...running out of ideas

I third Hong Kong Palace for Szechuan Chinese; Raaga for their buffet; Meaza for Ethiopian; Bamian for Afghan.


Thanks a bunch! Can't wait to return and get that, sounds delicious!


The hubbie and I went to Honey Pig last Sunday afternoon -- our first Korean BBQ experience! -- and we really enjoyed it! We did wish that we had done our homework, like we usually do, before we went because we didn't have a clue as to what was going on. In any event, just taking our cue from the folks around us, I think we managed to work our way through the spicy pork belly and bulgogi without embarrassing ourselves too much! a question about the rice and/or fried rice: so this is something one has to specifically ask for? We didn't get any, and I couldn't see from our vantage point if the others had rice automatically brought to them. We would like to go back soon, and not miss anything the second time around.