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Garlic Bread recipes?

Hi there, I take Italian whole loaf of bread, cut in inhalf long way. Put the two halfs in a pan with sides, slice thru not all the way though into thick slices. I have a small pot of I cant believe its not butter mixed with olive oil or real butter with lots of pressed fresh garlic cloves heated and married for a while.
I brush this on the top ot the two bread halfs and add some granulated garlic sprinkled all over then add my favorite ZATAR seasoning with some parmesan cheese (the type in the green can) . I put it in a 475 broiler settings with the oven shelf half way down like in the middle and then brown it for about 5 mins etc, til its brown and heated through. Watch carefully that you dont leave it there to long as the Zatar seasoning can burn easily.
This is darn good.
Have fun with it and tweak as you like.

Oct 16, 2009
Carol Jean in Home Cooking