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Detroit and Michigan traditions?

There's a bunch of famous local products. BetterMaid Potato Chips, Faygo Pop (its not called soda haha), Vernors Ginger Ale, Sander's products (including their hot fudge), Mackinac Island Fudge, things with fresh cherries (Michigan 4-berry pie from Achatz Pies won nation's best pie contest on Food Network).

We have our own style of Pizza, usually called Detroit-Style which is square deep dish pizza with burnt, cheesy, and crispy crust. Buddy's, Loui's, and Shield's are the most famous pizza stores.

Of course Coney Islands were invented in Detroit! Specfic dogs (snap casing), chili, onions, and mustard on a bun. Coney Islands were invented by the Greeks after going to Nathan's in NYC, thus we also have a lot of greek food.

Slider's are a Michigan (and more broadly a mid-western) tradition. Telway's, White Castle, Hunter House.

Dearborn offers some of the best middle-eastern food in the country. Mexican-town in Detroit has awesome mexican. Greek Town, Italian downriver, Polish in Hamtramck.

Nov 09, 2009
coolmanwc4 in Great Lakes

Looking for a bakery to buy fruitcake for Christmas in the Detroit area

Hey everyone,

So Christmas time is creeping upon us and I decided that I'm going to buy some fruitcake for the festivities. But I can't seem to find any place, at least from searching online, that carries it. I know there's mail order options, but I'd prefer to try a local place. Can anyone help me out?

Nov 09, 2009
coolmanwc4 in Great Lakes