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Any Chinatown-ish Little Saigon-ish area?

Vietnamese would be Garland or Carrollton, but I don't spend any time in Arlington. Bistro B will have the biggest crowd and huge menu but the smaller restaurants will be better at specific dishes. These days I mostly visit Pho Bac or Pho Bang for pho or bun. Other names to lookup La'Me, Nam Hua, D'Vegan, Houng Nam

Chinese is scattered across Richardson, Plano, and Carrollton. Personally I've liked North China in Plano but that's, uh, northern Chinese focused. Maybe Lucky City or one of the First Chinese BBQ locations

PS. Try to avoid driving on 635 between 75 and I35 at any time of day. Heavy construction and traffic.

Whole Cow Processing?

Ye Ole Butcher Shoppe in Plano processes large game

All you can eat sushi places in DFW?

This place opened next to the H-Mart shopping complex

It's about $25 for lunch and $30 for dinner or you can order ala carte off the menu. Decent quality for AYCE, sushi and rolls are made by chefs (not buffet), rice portions ok, standard selection of rolls, Korean staff. Way better than Tokyo One, Japan House or Osaka... More like the old Miyoshi in Plano.

Signature Dallas Food

You should specifically ask for moist/fatty brisket imo, or a mix. Most places will give you lean if you don't specify. I prefer Lockharts in Dallas.

Best meal in Grapevine, TX?

Mi Dia has an interesting Tex Mex menu.

Mindblowingly delicious cake in Dallas/Plano?

You might try the bakery inside 99 ranch. Asian desserts tend to be less sugar loaded

Salt and pepper shrimp at Jeng Chi

Senmiya has a sign that says they are temporarily closed for construction. No ETA

Where to find Singaporean, Malaysian, Southern Cantonese, Nonya cuisine in DFW?

Some more specifics would be useful. List some of the places that were recommended. What dishes are you interested in trying and making?

Lion City Chinese Cafe @ Custer and Parker in Plano
Asian Delights Cafe @ Custer and Parker in Plano

Same intersection, two choices. Check the hours before you drive out. Lion City is more spartan, self serve water, cash only.

H Mart Plano

Seemed more settled down today. The food court off to the side is a bit of a mess. You can walk around the stalls and look at the food and menus but there is a centralized ordering area to the left. It's mostly the same as the Carrollton location otherwise.

They have $5.99 / lb live lobster. Saw many people walking out with very large bags of them.

Conference at the Anatole

FT33, Oak, Meddlesome Moth, Pakpao Thai, Offsite Kitchen...

H Mart Plano

I just received a flyer: Grand Opening Friday Nov 8. Opens at 9:30AM

New Here

I don't turn down Cantonese style cuisine, and I particularly enjoy Chinese BBQ meats, but I'd normally rather have something like North China or a Sichuan place.

I'd probably visit First Chinese as my main Cantonese choice. Also had a couple good meals at 369 Chinese BBQ, I like their spicy condiment. When it was still there I liked Joy Luck BBQ since they had a better selection of meats than most places.

New Here

I've tried Lucky City three times and have decided it's not my thing.

I'm steadily working my way through the North China menu. After several dozen I still haven't found a bad item on the menu. Lots of unique dishes I don't usually see at any Chinese restaurant and I've stayed away completely from the Americanized items.

Pictures of the menu here:

Sichuan King is better than Sichuanese imo. I've tried quite a bit of Sichuanese's offerings and although the menu is smaller at Sichuan King I really like the food there better.

The Latin Pig

I went recently and they took the pupusas off the menu. I preferred Jimmy's cuban sandwich.

Frisco Help

Marianas Taco Shop might be worth a visit.

What are the best bakeries in Dallas?

I like the bread at Empire, especially the baguette which is the best I've had in the area.

Village Bakery has the best pastries I've enjoyed in the area, specifically the croissant and vanilla kouign amann. I took a bite of the kouign amann and immediately went back in and bought a couple more :) Baguette was alright (ok flavor, crumb a little small/even, not enough crust) but Empire is better.

I loved the crusty white bread from Constantin's (now closed) but I think his bread still shows up at some markets ('ve seen it at Jimmy's in the past).

Ravelin is worth a visit to Denton try pretty good quality pastries with a broader selection. I'd check their hours ahead of a visit.

I also like the white chocolate apricot bread at Central Market and their breakfast bread.

The Asian bakeries have some pretty interesting selections for sweet/savory pastries. I don't particularly like the savory ones but I love the sweet taro pastries I've tried. The bakery inside 99 Ranch is my favorite and their french bread is pretty great when you can get ahold of it. The one inside H-Mart is pretty good as are the various Cafe Mozart's scattered around.

I go to Fiesta to get some plain bolillo's on occasion... make for the best chewy hoagie style sandwich bread. Also get their filled churros, like them better than donuts.

Asia World Market (and Central Legacy Plaza in general)

RE: North China. I am having the best time eating through the many dishes I don't see on the menu at other Chinese restaurants. I haven't had a bad thing there yet and I really like most of the dishes.

Current favorites are Shredded Pork with Bean Jelly, Shredded Pork with Edible Fungus and Leek Flower, Northern Style Noodle Soup, Braised Beef Noodle Soup (think Korean ramen), Mixed Vegetable & Bean Jelly with Sesame Sauce.

The lunch special selection is more limited but they'll make most things off the main menu if you ask.

Blue Ginger (Malaysian) is back

I've eaten most of the menu that I've wanted to try so thought I would write an update. Never had Malaysian food before so just ended up trying a lot.

The Roti Canai is a terrific flatbread and served with a curry dipping sauce. Simple and addictive. Youtube videos of Murtabak are mouthwatering. The served up product is good but didn't quite meet my mental expectations from watching the videos.

Flavors are strong but the Chicken Satay was a little skimpy. The Tofu Satay is a different beast. It's a small block of tofu that's been stuffed with bean sprouts. The peanut sauce helps but it's very messy and the flavors are watered down.

Wish the Curry Puff dough had a little more character but are good. Spring Rolls were average. I liked the Tarik Tea.


4 Vegetable Sambal Belacan is my winner. I love the flavor of the Sambal Belacan paste, it's a little spicy, and the textures of the veggies are great (eggplant, okra, green beans, lotus root?).

Bean Sprouts with Salted Fish was alright but I would make it with more spice and leave the sprouts crunchier. Mango Fried Tofu is quite sweet, more than I cared for. Was not a fan of Golden Tofu, was hoping the homemade fried tofu part would really appeal to me but the sauce didn't work for me.

Fried Noodles:

Enjoyed KL Hokkien Noodles, Singapore Rice Noodles, and Indian Mee Goreng. The portions are bigger at Lion City but both are pretty good to my palate. I think the Creamy Egg Sauce dishes are Hor Fun which isn't my favorite so I haven't tried them here (I have at Lion City across the street).

Noodle Soups:

I didn't care too much for the Hokkien Lor Mee but I did like the Curry Laska. Note that the chicken meat is with bones, generally the case at the better Asian places. Penang Asam Laska is very sour (from the tamarind) and pretty spicy. I think the noodles aren't very inspired, basically thick spaghetti noodles. Haven't decided if I like it or not but it may be growing on me.


Wasn't really taken with Nasi Lemak with Beef Rendang. It feels like an odd mishmash of leftovers. L liked the coconut milk rice but the peanuts, dried fish and other food just didn't work for me.

House Crispy Chicken is a monstrous pile of food. Several pieces of fried chicken under a mound of veggies that were doused in sweet chili sauce. I ended up liking it although I'm not a fan of sweet chili sauce.

Hainanese chicken, poached chicken cooled w/ soy sauce, is much better at Lion City imo.

The traffic at the place is a little slow. I hope they get enough to stick around. Lion City sometimes gets completely packed in contrast.

Spicy Latin Food

I had some homemade Peruvian lomo saltado (way better than the restaurants around here) and the peppers were keeping my mouth quite lively with the heat. Just the perfect amount of heat for me which I like more than most.

State Fair of Texas Fried Food & Cooking Contests

Fletcher's is genuinely good imo... I like the Jalapeno version.

The rest of the fried offerings usually end up being mostly greasy batter with some sort of gimmicky flavoring. After a couple of them they all end up tasting the same and making you feel queasy in my experience.

Be very careful where you park. The towing services allegedly engage in some shady things with fake signs.

Blue Ginger (Malaysian) is back

A couple links to descriptions of Malaysian dishes with some pictures.

Lion City Chinese Cafe across the street to the north has some of the same dishes (with a more Chinese take?)

Blue Ginger (Malaysian) is back

Menu pictures

Blue Ginger (Malaysian) is back

So far I thought the Roti Canai and 4 Vegetable Sambal Belacan were great. Murtabak was lacking something. KL Hokkien Noodles and Nasi Lemak were alright but didn't really grab me. Portions are all designed for sharing imo. Curry Laska was pretty good although, as typical, getting to the meat is a bit of work.

Pho Bang Downhill?

I'd speak to someone and hope they fix things.

A while back I noticed a place using parsley instead of cilantro. I mentioned it every visit until it was corrected.

[DFW] Best Mom and Pop/Hole in The Wall Ethnic Places [DFW]

Thank you for this rec. I thought the spicy beef noodles was the best version I've had in Dallas. Much preferred over King's Noodles for me. Plenty of Chinese traffic when I was there for lunch.

Asia World Market (and Central Legacy Plaza in general)

I like most of Umeko's Chinese dishes. I'd definitely stay away from the Japanese there.

Little Sichaun is pretty solid although I slightly favor Royal Sichuan.

The bakery inside 99 Ranch one block south is great.

Taqueria El Fuego closed for good?

Awww, I'm kind of pissed. All my coworkers had the same expression of disbelief when I told them.

Pho in Dallas?

Hopefully Pho Bang won't be randomly closed on the day you decide to visit. It's also filled with smoking but the pho is as good as everyone says in my opinion.

Pho Bang Restaurant
3565 W Walnut St Ste A, Garland, TX 75042

Looking for South Dallas / Duncanville / Desoto Recs

I think Rudy's Chicken is well worth checking out if you're in the mood for that. I didn't really like it but Sweet Georgia Brown is worth a look if you've never been.

Rudy's Chicken
3115 S Lancaster Rd, Dallas, TX 75216

San Diegan coming to Addison/Dallas for the weekend, need your hidden gem recommendations!

Eh, the problem with Addison is that it's just drowned in chains and mediocre places. I've enjoyed Constantin's, La Spiga, Mi Piaci ,Ferrori's, Fogo de Chao, Chamberlain's, Momo's , Pastazio's , Smashburger , Zuzu's, and more. No, not generally what I'd want if this was a special trip to Dallas but perfectly fine to eat and spend your money at.

Mi Piaci
14854 Montfort, Dallas, TX 75254

4980 Belt Line Rd, Dallas, TX 75254