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Desperately Seeking Aunt Jemima Buckwheat Pancake Mix

When I contacted Aunt Jemima via the website this was the reply:


We're sorry you're upset that Aunt Jemima Buckwheat Pancake Mix was discontinued.
Products are usually discontinued because of low sales volume. Even if a product sells well in a particular store or region, when too many store chains stop carrying it nationally, it becomes difficult to continue making and selling it.
However, please know that I'll share your comments with marketing. We also invite you to view our current Aunt Jemima products at
Thank you for your business and for sharing your product preferences with us.

Quaker Consumer Relations
Ref# 026912963A

Desperately Seeking Aunt Jemima Buckwheat Pancake Mix

I just went on to the Aunt Jemima website. When I did a location search for the Buckwheat pancake mix it said: DISCONTINUED. Can anyone confirm this? I suspect it is true as none of my relatives can find it in California or Washington state. If this is the case, can anyone recommend an alternative buckwheat mix? I live in the Manassas area of Virginia.