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The Best Holiday Seasonal Beers of 2010

Others to seek out:
Ninkasi Slayer, Elysian Bifrost, Hop Urban Abominable, Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale

Dec 22, 2010
pacafechef in Features

Best Meat Pie in Australia?

The best meat pies in Aussie are in WA- period.
#1 - Curry Beef from Brunswick Bakery.
#2 - Satay Chicken from Continental Meats, Hamilton Hill just outside of Freo.
#3 - Butter Chicken from the same.
The pies out east just don't match up.

Food in Las Cruces, NM (long)

Sorry to read that the "Hacienda" has changed hands. I used to work in Las Cruces about twice a year back in the late 80's and early 90's, and the Hacienda rocked!
Best French toast I've ever had. RIP

Aug 23, 2009
pacafechef in Southwest