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What Food Souveniers should I bring back from Istanbul?

Just a help to remind names
-Dried raisins: Kuru uzum
-Pistachio: fistik (Antep fistigi: pistachio from the city Antep)
-Pomegranate molasses: Nar pekmezi (mostly to dress salads for sour taste)
-Grape molasses: uzum pekmezi (very sweety, almost Anatolian equivalent of maple syrup)
-Molases: Pekmez (can be made of mullberry, locust, grapes, pomegranate)

Sep 24, 2009
ACOZ in Europe

Dolmathes with Avgolemono

In Turkish version (my mom's and grnadma's style) use any rice that is similar to arborio in grain size but less stracy type, what we call is BALDO rice. Add choped parsley, black pepper and cumin(as desired) into the ingredients. You may add any fresh herbs to create your own taste, the original is parsley. Add finely cohpped tomatoes as well.
We normally do not use with egg-lemon sauce, instead we put garlic yogurth sauce on top right before serving. To make that sauce, whisk 250gr natural yougurt with salt and finely pureed garlic (2 gloves).
As said by other friends above there are numerious versions around Middle East and Greece, especially in Turkish cusine.
The word "dolma" in Turkish means "stuffed" as this comes from verb "dolmak" which is "to stuff".
This recipe may be used to stuff zucchini, aubergine, tomatoes, large green/yellow/red peppers, chard leaves, collard leaves etc.
Afiyet olsun (Bon Appetite)

Sep 03, 2009
ACOZ in Recipes

food in istanbul

Just to add, I am not a high-end addict. And Istanbul is full off different tasting experiences for any kind of budget.

Jul 09, 2009
ACOZ in Europe

food in istanbul

dear antman, you might be right for some but belive me no-body can beat BEYTI's meat. So, it worths. It is not an everyday eating. If you haven't tried yet, pls. do. If tried and saying so, something wrong.

Jul 09, 2009
ACOZ in Europe

food in istanbul

Most of the suggestions here are all budgetary. There are also mid-end and high-end tasting experiences in İstanbul. Fish restaurants, try Yeşilköy area (close to the Atatürk Airport) one of my favorite is OGÜN Restraurant. Very typical fish meyhane in a very narrow street next to a church. The other possibility is Balıkçı Sabahattin in Cankurtaran (walking distance to Sultanahmet). Those selections are a bit expensive meze-fish-drink(liquor) -sweet/fruit-coffee 70-100 USD per person.
For meat/kebab, again Florya coastal area (again very close to the Atatürk Airport) is very rich in meat restaurants. Emmim, Kasaba, Ziya, Uludağ are some. The best is BEYTİ in Florya. Again those are about 50-100 USD per person.

Jul 03, 2009
ACOZ in Europe

Best of Northeastern Turkish cuisine

You must try breakfast in Van. There are several restaurants serving breakfast. You do not need to choose sthg from the menu (I doubt if there is a menu) just ask the waiter to fill the table. It is served like "meze" several local cheeses, olives, butter, bread, milk, tea. Probably you cannot find filtered coffee. For a traditional experience, try hot milk or tea.

Jul 03, 2009
ACOZ in Europe

Has Le Vieux Bistro closed?

had the same experience in May

seems it is not alive anymore

Jun 27, 2009
ACOZ in France